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A great man and a better friend. His memory will live on inside me.
- Alexandria Thomson

My first contact with Andrew was through, when he submitted a fan mission review he had written. Upon reading the review I found it to be fair, well thought out and eloquently written, and was impressed by it and by the man who had written it. Over the next few weeks our relationship grew from one purely work based to one of friendship. The Andrew I discovered was very intelligent, creative and understanding. He rarely, if ever, lost his temper, could ignore petty arguments where most people would jump in with both feet and often gave of himself much more than anyone had a right to ask for. In the two years that I knew him he taught me a lot and I will never forget what he gave me.

The Writer

In Work
In the world of Thief, the community in which Andrew and I met, his most acknowledged contributions were his reviews. These reviews, discussed in more detail by GayleSaver, with the benefit of his real-life experience, after many years as a professional reviewer. Andrew’s reviews have sometimes been judged as harsh, but on the whole were considered to be fair and honest opinions - although, of course, not everyone always agreed with them. They were always extremely well planned, structured and presented. In his time reviewing missions for the benefit to the community Andrew produced 17 reviews, all of which can be found in the links to the right.

Order Of The Vine , The
Final Crusade I, The (vGold)
Skull Of Herzeloyde, The
Events in Highrock
Turning the Tables (v1.0)
The Careless Hand
In Creation
Andrew’s talents, however, were not limited to reviewing. In the Thief community he also contributed various other creative works that are less well known. It was Andrew who came up with the Chiodo campaign for The Circle’s fan mission contest. Unfortunately the contest itself never came to fruition, but the ideas behind the campaign remained, and can be seen throughout other works. Although the Ryalla diaries available to read were penned by myself, it was Andrew who came up with the concepts and corrected my work to make them what they are.

In addition Andrew also helped produce several character descriptions for Ranstall Keep and the stalled sequels. A great number of the puzzles to be found in Curse of the Carnival were also conceived by Andrew.

Creative Works

Chiodo Campaign
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3

Ranstall Characters
Provost Hrrsskk
In Friendship
In everything he wrote, including personal e-mails, Andrew was always meticulous, detailed and sure of what he had to say. When he had an argument to make, he first made sure he had facts to back himself up. When he spoke on personal matters he did so with caring and understanding. I would like to share with you a short story he wrote for me about his dog, Bisky.

But of course, the best person to tell you about Andrew’s writing is the man himself. On June 19th he sent me this information on his writing techniques during a discussion on the various ways there are to write.

Personal Writing

Bisky - 18/6/01
How I Write - 19/6/01

The Artist

In Creation
Andrew's art is grounded in the work he once produced for Marvel comics, the details of which, unfortunately, I no longer have. Of the various aspects of Andrew's talents, it is his art which I know least about. He was, as with all his work, a very meticulous artist. First, he would compile a description of what he sought to draw. With that done, he would proceed to rough sketches before moving on to a final pencil sketch. Once satisfied with that, the pencil sketch was detailed and inked to produce the final piece. I have only a handful of examples of his work, but I'm sure you'll agree that they show a man with a keen eye and strong artistic talent.

Lord Dalkstan
Provost Hrrsskk

The Musician

In Work
In the time I knew Andrew, I think it was his music that I came to appreciate most. In the months following his first operation he started to tell me of the stories behind each of his works. One of these pieces was one he made for was Le Grand Portaila. Here is what Andrew had to say about it:

In 1987 I was asked to write and play a piece of music for a Canadian filmplayer, Stéphane Laporte. The rate was OK (though not great) and all I was given as an inspiration was that "it should kinda be like Maurice Ravel's 'Bolero', y'know, a slow buildup with more and more stuff. Depending on my budget, the whole thing can go from 2 minutes to 10. Just come up with something good and I'll do the rest."

So I diddled around for about three weeks and eventually came up with this piece, 99% played by the members of my band QUBE. I was pretty proud of the number but it wasn't played that much, just in some local film festivals.

Then I was told two weeks ago by a friend of mine that the music was being sold to a publisher. Turns out Stéphane (the filmmaker) is a big fan of performer's rights, and when he heard I wanted my music back, he found where I could get it, did all the paperwork (actually fairly little of it) and sent it to me gratis!


Le Grand Portail
Mocha Mood
Aux Palourdes
In Creation
During the time we spent planning both the Chiodo campaign and the continuation of the Ranstall Series, Andrew was inspired to produce a large number of wavs for the two sets of missions. I was always amazed by the way he could take a concept and turn it into a series of sounds of a piece of music that would then portray that concept to the listener. He sent all the work he did for the campaigns to me in a number of zip files, which you will find for download on the right. These zips contain a variety of SFX and music for the game Thief.
Thief Music

Chiodo Campaign
Main Theme
Dark Hills

Ranstall Campaign
Main Theme

Curse of the Carnival
Main Theme
Collection Of SFX and Music
In Friendship
What has to be my favourite piece from the ones Andrew sent to me, is Minuet on the Moors. This particular piece has special meaning to me as it was written by Andrew during his time spent in rehab after his first operation. Here is what he said to me when he sent it:

When I first arrived on rehab early in April or so, I brought one of my guitars with me (an acoustic), just to pass the time. I hadn't played for a while so I was sorta rusty, my fingers soft, but I had few things to do, so I re-acquainted myself with the strings. About a week later, as I was doodling around between arpeggios, a bit of a melody came out and, here and there, I picked around at it here and there -- for some reason, I kept thinking about you while snoodling around with it. When I finally went back home on May 5th, one of the first things I did was to beef up that song. Eventually something that sounds like music came out of it, and here it is, "Minuet of the Moors".
Personal Music

Minuet on the Moors