The Feelings Of A Thief (Part 5)* By- Xerczes.
© 2001 Xerczes

What am I doing? Where am I going? I canít fight him, heís so

powerful and confident...I canít match that.

<<Runs through the cold and wet cobbled streets, the fog dampening his clothes and clouding his view>>

I feel so strange....a feeling which I have never felt before. I know that I beat him last time...but this time no matter how hard I think that Iím going to beat him. In the end I know I wontí. Not alone.

<<Stops, and leans against a crumbling stone wall laden with moss and ivy. The wet rolling off his cheeks and his steamy breath rising up>>

I.....I just cant. I cant go on. This whole situation feels unreal, it happened so quickly. Will I never see the one that I love again? Where will I end up, where will everyone I know end up?

I..just wish things could be different.....I wish..........

<<A flash of bright white light and Xerczes is floating in a vast expanse of nothingness>>

....Where am I?.....Hello?...XERCZES WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE!!? I WAS JUST ABOUT TO VANGUISH THOSE DAMN HAMMERITES!!.........Ah brother there you are you filthy excuse for a god....AHAHAHA YOU DARE INSULT ME?.....Depends on how you look at it, you cant deny what you have performed terrible things brother...all those helpless people you slaughtered.. familyís, friends, children......all the emotions they shared in theyíre life has to go somewhere when they die. It just doesnít go away. Now you have to face it!!.....YES.....I SEE.WELL EXCUSE ME IF IíM NOT SHAKEN BY THIS, AFTER ALL I KNOW THE RULES OF LIFE, I AM A GOD.....BUT SOMETHING MAKES ME DIFFERENT FROM THE REST....YOU SEE XERCZES...I AM BOTH GOD AND HUMAN, NOT HALF PUT TOGETHER, BUT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME...I EXIST IN TWO PLAINS..I DRAW ENERGY FROM ONE OF THOSE PLAINS, AND WREAK HAVOC IN ANOTHER, YET STILL KEEP MY IMMORTALITY INTACT. I CANNOT BE BEATEN........NO...your lying!! can be beaten you can...I defeated you on earth....LET US GO BACK...BACK....BACK TO THE TIME THAT YOU FORGOT....

Huh?...this place it smells familiar and looks so .......THIS IS EARTH YOU STUPID WHELP!AHAAHA HOW CAN YOU BE SO BEWILDERED, DID I REALLY CAUSE YOU THAT MUCH HARM??.....CAUSED ME HARM!!? What do you mean caused me harm? I killed you remmeber...I...kil....yo....???SEE IT NOW AND TREMBLE.....SEE THE TRUTH OF YOUR DEMISE.....AND THE DEATH OF YOUR SWEET canít be, so much pain...ahhhhhh!!! No not her!! no no no no....urghhhhhh, you bastard!!...SO YOU SEE I DECIEVED YOU ALL, I NEVER REALLY DIED.....I WAS NEVER BEATEN....I KNEW ABOUT THIS WORLD LONG BEFORE YOU EVEN HAD THE NOTION OF WHAT I WAS....EVEN BEFORE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH KNEW I EVER EXISTED...I HAVE PLANNED THIS FOR EONíS....I...I get it and you are both the same, except we have powers that can only be active in certain I have power in the spiritual world and you have power in the material world....yet you cant be killed because of your powers here, yet I can be killed because my powers do not exist here in this either way, you win.....YES....YES!!! YOU SEE IT ALL KNOW AND ISNíT IT BEAUTIFUL!?....MY NAME AND LEGACY WILL SPAN THE ENTIRE REACHES OF TIME AND you only died because I died?...I killed myself because you had already killed Imogen!!! Then with your knowledge of the events here, you possessed me, knowing that the prophecy of reincarnation would come be...YOU ARE NOT AS DOCILE AS YOU LOOK BROTHER! AN THIS ISNíT THE END, KILLING YOURSELF WOULD INDEED BRING ABOUT MY DEMISE..BUT YOU SEE ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE....BECAUSE THE PROPHECY STAYS TRUE FOR ALL WORLDS, IF WE CEASE TO BE ON THIS WORLD, THEN WE SHALL JUST BE REBORN ONTO ANOTHER, SO YOU SEE THE CYCLE IS ENDLESS........I WIN BROTHER!!........Then there is nothing I can do to save this world.....I cant kill myself, I donít want to bring this about on another planet..its ..its all my fault. Iím so helpless.....ahahahahHAHAHAHA.ahaha. CHECK-MATE MY DEAR SIBBLING. FAREWELL, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN....THEN IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS, I HAVE A LOT PLANNED FOR YOU MY LITTLE PUPPET....

<<He awakens slouched against the wall, the ivy half covering his face, the rain patting heavily down onto his hood and dripping into his face, his feet lay submerged in a puddle of water>>

H ....he has won..but, if I have powers In the spirit world then...I might be able to..yet I have no idea how to use them. The only option is to kill his weak mirror image in the spirit plain. But how??

<<The howling of a wolf is heard and the icy wind gusts harder making the rain feel like ice drops>>

.....I just donít know.

<<Glances up at the moon and stars silhouetting a line of large buildings, A dark figure swoops across the top and a faint glow can be seen on the figures face>>

So you are here........Garrett.

<< Garrett turns and faces Xerczes the dim glow of his robotic eye is penetrating and intimidating, Garrett turns and jumps of the building and his feet meet the earth with a shallow puddle which splashes and glints in the moon light>>

Xerczes:- Where are you going?..........Garrett.

Garrett:- You must be Xerczes eh?

Xerczes:- Yeah Iím him. How do you know who I am? And you havenít answered my first question yet.

Garrett:- Firstly, in time you will see where my destination is, secondly, the keepers are reliant sources for information. Thirdly, I donít need a rookie like you questioning me. Even if you are who the keepers say you are.

Xerczes:- Well, well full of life as always I see. Your relentless self respect makes you sound arrogant. Thought you would have changed after joining the keepers.

Garrett:- See this eye of mine?...Having to put up with that and lunatic dictators, I have earned my self-respect. I havenít joined the keepers, I merely want to learn what they know. Everything they say seems to make sense in a kind of weird way, after running from them all this time trying to forget my roots as a thief, I eventually learned that I was destined to be what I am now. Iím still as freelance as ever. For your information I was out looking for you.

Xerczes:- Well if you are a good lad maybe the keepers will make you some cookies. Anyway why are you looking for me, the keepers tried that and didnít succeed in my joining of them. Look Garrett, if you know about me then you know what I am....who I am, where I came from....if you do then you will realise that you cannot possibly help.

Garrett:- Oh but I can Xerczes. Just shut up and follow me. I have something to show you. I found it along time ago.

<<Garrett swoops his cloak over his body and runs down the cobbled side streets heading towards the woods outside the city>>

Xerczes:- Where are you going!?........Garrett!!.....Oh well.

<<Xerczes runs after Garrett the cold wind and rain biting at his face, the damp soaking his body, the smell of wood-smoke is thick in the air>>

<<In time they arrive at the forest, Garrett stops and stands in front of a large row of treeís which form a tunnel type passage through the woods, a light can be seen at the end, their is a gentle breeze and drizzle of rain>>


Garrett:- Follow me, do not stop no matter what you feel, or see.

Xerczes:- OK.......letís go.

<< Garrett runs down the enclosed tree path, shafts of light here and there from the moon penetrate the canopy and light patches of the floor, leaves cover the floor and also fall gently and slowly from the treeís above, the sounds of laughing and crying of children can be heard echoing all around, hand prints are dotted around on treeís as if burned in by fire, small balls of light shoot around dancing with the leaves that fall, nothing but pitch black can be seen through the treeís at either side. But a vastness of passage lies in front>>

<< Garrett disappears into a blinding white light and his voice becomes loud as if speaking through Xercezsí mind>>

Garrett:- Through the light Xerczes....through the light and you will see what I have for you.....but it may be a light already lost.

Xerczes:- I will follow....

<<Steps into a bright light which marks the end of the passage. All of a sudden a force throws him through a tunnel of flashing lights and voices, memories never remembered before flow through his mind, feelings never felt before fill his soul, for once in his life a comprehension of life itself passes his view, a realisation opens another path into his soul from which flows a strong energy>>

Xerczes:- What is this place Garrett??

Garrett:- It is neither place nor time, memory nor feeling. It is a place where souls shift.....shift to another world. Alas....we are nearly there.

Xerczes:- I......I understand.

<< The bright light which surrounds flashes and they descend from a shaft of soft white light which has balls of lights falling down with it gently to the ground. They land softly on the long grass expanse>>

Garrett:- Xerczes this is where your feelings end up, your life force, your soul, your memories. This is a place of infinite substance.

Xerczes:- Garrett....For some reason I already know....I feel everything in my life flowing through me making sense. I have glimpsed the very beginning of time and the meaning of our reality....and its beautiful.

<<They both look up and the sky, it is a dark blue expanse, bright stars and planets can be seen shining above, beautiful colours form waves in the night which reach out far into the sky>>

Garrett:- Our world is amongst those Xerczes....among many others just alike...but not the same. We are one of many civilisations. Though just as important, the place you call still thrives.

Xerczes:- Yes I understand.....I understand it all. I have gained a vast complex of knowledge from the shift. It has rewarded me with the comprehension and intelligence to realise our existence.

<<They both look forward across the vast rolling field covered in long grass swishing about in the wind that flows over the land. The horizon lightens into a lighter shade of blue and a spire can be seen afar with a bright white light standing out against the horizon>>

Xerczes:- I had a dream Garrett.....a dream of this place. I just knew such a place existed..I felt it.

Garrett:- Looking back to what I used to be, I would have never thought that such a place would have existed. This world is a resting place for all the spirits that shift from our world, some choose to rest, others to explore. It is an existence unimaginable to us. Look up Xerczes, all those planets, they are inhabited, some close, some far, far away, some at unimaginable reaches of the universe, all diverse and unique, few know of other inhabited worlds, if they do only a handful of people know about it from each world. You are one of few that know about this place. Me and you.

Xerczes:- Garrett, how did you end up finding such a place?

Garrett:- When the Trickster had died and Viktoria had sacrificed herself to save what the Trickster had previously protected, I saw a turn of heart in her eyes as she died. Then she told me about this place, a place where the Trickster had gone to rest, along with his eternal forest. There he would be happy, just like in his Maw.

She said my soul would lead me to the location of the passage to this world, because she believed I was destined to be a part of this worlds future.

Xerczes:- I never realised that you were like this Garrett....not what ive heard about you. The hardened master thief never trusting anybody or wanting anybodyís advice or help.

Garrett:- Ive changed.....

Xerczes:- So in the end of it what are we doing here?

Garrett:- In that spire live the only spirits with the powers to help us. The Trickster & Viktoria. Do not worry, they understand what I am coming for, they already know of our arrival.

Xerczes:- Ok, lets go.

<<They both start walking forward to the spire which stands in the distance, they shimmer and fade away and instantly arrive at the spire>>

<< They stand in front of the spire...they look up at the far reaching heights of its gigantic structure, the light from the top flashes and floats down to them>>

Garrett:- Walk into the light Xerczes.

<<They both walk into the bubble like ball of light, it then accends slowly to the top of the spire, from the view they can see nothing but a long grass expanse shooting stars light the sky and beautiful colours litter the night. A large moon can be seen that looks as if it is attached to the world itself, it is that close it covers a quater of the night sky>>

Xerczes:- This place is seems like a dream.

Garrett:- It is a dream, yet isnít. Not a dream by our definition. But it is what dreams really are.

Xerczes:- How are we able to exist here? It clearly isnít a plain of reality that we would be able to exist in.

Garrett:- We are here because we have been let in. We are being accounted for as humans. What we call human is our body, we ourselves arnít human, that is just our body. But the real us lives inside, thatís what our soul is.

It goes like this Xerczes.. Our souls shifted here when a previous existence had expired on another world, that is what we define as death now. When we shift our spirits inhabit the dominant life forms on each planet, they are vessels for our souls, with out them they would be just a living organism not able to live life. They need our souls in order to think, imagine, live. People think of our brain as our soul, that our brain makes us who we are. It is not, a brain is simply there to run the vesselís organís or such like. We need each other, vesselís and souls in order to live life to its fullest. When the organic vessel dies as we call it, we shift to another plain, or world. The vessel still lives, each of its cells are living things, with the memories of our life together, they get old due to exhaustion, they recede back into the earth to be replenished, but they still have the same memories, they are still the same vessel, and it comes back later as the same organism or a different one which may inhabit the world at that time awaiting for another soul. So the cycle is endless.

Xerczes:- Garrett where did you come from?

Garreet:- Nowhere.....I have been chosen to stay on this world, for it is written and my destiny lies here, there is no need for my soul to shift, and the vessel I inhabit agrees. Thatís why it will not get exhausted anymore. Thats why I will not die.

<<The bubble of light floats up and stops at a path leading into a room at the top of the spire, there is no wind the air is silent but voices laughing and crying can be heard echoing all around, little dots of light float about dancing around the grounds, the large moon stands behind the spire and engulfs it in its eternal glow>>

<<They walk through the entrance to the room, the room is not a room at all, it is a forest, but a silent one>>

Garrett:- Lets walk on.

<< They walk through the silent woods, an eerie atmosphere surrounds them, Suddenly whispers can be heard coming from the dark parts of the woods, slight movement can be seen and glowing eyes dot the dark staring at Xerczes and Garrett>>

Garrett:- Just walk....we are nearly there.

<<They keep walking through the silent woods and the sound of the moss crunching underfoot sounds too loud. A smell so familiar is present all around, wood, treeís, plants, the smell of the cold in the air. Its all here>>

<<They arrive at a large stone alter, which supports a huge version of the Third eye symbol made out of ruby. Below on the alters surface lay an emerald and a sapphire>>

Garrett:- Touch the stone Xerczes.....

Xerczes:- >From this world I know not where I may end up....I must go to save everything that I love.

<<Xerczes walks as if in slow motion to the ruby crafted third eye and touches it, the winds swishing his hair and cloak about, balls of energy flow in spiral around his figure>>

Garrett:- Xerczes? Wha.....whatís happening to you...?

Xerczes:- I am showing my true form.....the form to which I was born into this universe natural form..

<<Xerczes eyes turn purple and emit an eerie glow, so much memory and feeling fill these purple eyes, and tears appear to puddle in the eyes. Small blunt horn like petrusions appear on Xerczesí forehead. His hair turns jet black and grows slightly longer and flows about in the air as if he was in space. His figure grows taller and more toned, his skin grows paler.>>

Garrett:- Who are you....?


Xerczes:- I am.......Xerczes. Till we meet I must go forth into another world to seek the help for ours. I know of such a place. I remember it..........................I once loved it.

*To Be Continued*


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