Xila: A Noble Thief
by Lady Xila

The Baker’s Diamonds

Xila looked around herself at the supplies she had decided she would take on this venture. Unfortunately, the only thing among them she’d be able to bring into the museum was a flashbomb.

The museum she was intending to rob was going to be open when she robbed it.

Xila was going after the newest exhibit in the public museum of oddities. This particular exhibit happened to be a set of thirteen identical diamonds known as the baker’s diamonds. The reason they were an oddity was because some (really stupid) baker had managed to bake them into his breads, which had then been purchased by a guard who was off-duty at the time. Needless to say, he got more than his money’s worth. They had eventually fallen into the hands of the curator of the public museum of oddities, who had then put it immediately into his museum. Under heavy guard, of course. In bright lights. Not to mention behind heavy metal gates. Or under a glass case with a lock that was supposed to be unpickable. Oh well.

The good thing was that it only had heavy guard on it after-hours. While the museum was open, it only had one guard guarding it, though the other problems still existed.

Xila’s plan was simple. Right outside the museum was its powerhouse. She’d leave the rest of her equipment next to the museum’s powerhouse. She’d walk in, make sure that nothing would go wrong, go back outside, grab the rest of her equipment, turn off the lights, go back into the museum, get the baker’s diamonds (she’d work out the details of that objective later) and leave, perhaps stopping to snag a couple other “oddities” if she saw anything that caught her eye. Simple, straightforward, and most likely, absurdly easy. She would keep the lockpicks and a flashbomb right in her pockets, and keep the rest of her equipment hidden right outside.

“Well, let’s go.” Xila said to herself. She slipped down the street to the museum.

Xila walked to the entrance and paid the man for a ticket to the museum.” Thank you, Lady” he said. She smiled at him and went in. She walked around and pretended to be interested in the exibits. Eventually, she came to the baker’s diamonds. As she had found out, they only had one guard. They were housed in a glass display case, surrounded by iron gating. “Well it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. Let’s get on with the plan,” thought Xila.

She walked out of the musuem. The ticketman asked her if she wanted to stamp her hand. “No, thank you. I don’t think I’ll be coming back tonight,” said Xila.

Yeah right, with that prize at stake!

Xila walked over to the museum’s powerhouse. She went over to the side and picked up the rest of her equipment. She started to walk back to the door of the powerhouse.

All of a sudden, the lights went out.

“What?” said Xila aloud. What had made the lights go out?

Five guards ran out of the musuem.” Let’s get him, boys!”

Get who?

“DUH!” thought Xila after thinking a second. Another thief must be after the diamonds.” In which case”, thought Xila, ”I better get them quickly, before he does! Or before the guard get though with him and turn the lights back on.” She waited for them to disappear through the door of the powerhouse, then went at a dead run into the museum.

She quickly made her way to the diamond room. There was no one there.” The idiots didn’t even leave someone behind to guard the jewels.” She looked at the gate surrounding the diamonds and got an idea. She pulled out her bow and shot two rope arrows into the ceiling, One was outside of the metal gate, and the other was on the inside. She climbed up one rope and down another. She tried to open the glass case. It was locked. Xila pulled out her lockpicks, forgetting for a second that the lock was supposed to be unpickable. She almost smacked herself.

“How am I supposed to get this dam thing open?” She glared at the case. She felt so dumb for being stopped by something as miniscule as a glass case she started whacking at it with her sword. The glass shattered.

Xila looked at it for a second and almost laughed.” Well, of course it broke” she said aloud.” It’s only glass!” She grabbed the diamonds and put them in a pouch on her belt, then climbed back out of the iron grating. She ran for the door.


Xila stopped, startled by the scream.”Help!” the voice cried out again.”Help, it’s Garrett, he’s got a-“ the voice cut off. Xila stiffened up in fear. The Garrett? Xila ran for the door again, quicker than before. Garrett was the best. If he was here, she better get out of here or she’d lose her prize.

Xila didn’t stop until she was several blocks away. She had gotten the diamonds. She slipped into an alley to rest and heard something drop at her feet. She looked down and saw a scroll

What the-

She picked it up and slowly unrolled it. It had only a few words written on it.

No beats me to the punch.

She looked down at her belt and saw that the pouch was gone. Xila nearly screamed. However she restrained herself; there might be guards looking for those who had stolen the diamonds.

What she did do was curse Garrett all the way home.

Chapter 2

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