After Garrett Was There
Copyright © 2001 by Einherjer

We came there, when the night was dark.
We shot two guards, while in the park
They were. And then we draw our swords
To rob the home of Lord Bafford's.

We made it through the gates and stopped.
"This place has been already robbed," -
Cried someone. And he was quite right
Since there was no gold coin in sight.

We searched the house, but found no thing
Except for Bafford's wedding ring.
And it was found on the Lord -
On the unconscious Lord Bafford.

And then I found another door,
A carpet was there on the floor,
A letter 'B' was on it drawn.
That door led to a room with throne.

That door was opened by myself.
But all I saw was empty shelf.
A shelf, where sceptre used to be.
I wanted it belong to me.

We did not know whose job it was,
But we will find it out, because
No man can never do it better...
We need to find him. How? No matter.

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