Hymn of the Thief
By - Makaroto

Hammer, nor Keeper, nor Pagan am I
Not Guard, or Noble, or Merchant at all
In world of metal and of stone, I live
To live, I'm forc’d to steal, and live I must

I live in a time when metal is God
And gold holds more worth than our human souls
Their gold I take, their souls are left behind
So blest they are, for them I do not kill

I thrive on the wealth of the Builder's house
Merchants and Nobles loose, to me, their shares
I oft' feel the thrill of my sinful deeds
But find release from this life, I do try

The gold to the damn'd Landlord, it is lost
Profit to meat, water, and bread is turn'd
To cease, I wish I could find the repose
But night after night, to the streets I go

A good thief am I, and thieve well I will
The Sons of Shade, Daughters of Dark, are we
This night, Oh Luck be mine, I leave again
To this trade I am bound forever more

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