The Dark Man
By - Lady Xila

Whether in the wonderful darkness of night,
Or in the bright day full of fright,
He will go find treasures others have sought,
Whether they are his or not,
He is a master at his art,
His talents were good from the start,
He progressed from there and became a great thief,
His name is Garrett, the master thief…
His story began when he was but a child,
Living among knaves, drunks, and beggars half-wild.
He saw a man no one else seemed to see,
Though he knew it not, a keeper was he,
He reached for the gold,
But was caught and was told,
“You have talent, boy. What is your name?”
Young Garrett did not know the strange man’s game.
“Let me go!” he cried and pulled away,
“As you wish” the man said and stared away.
Garrett hesitated and followed the man to his station.
It was the beginning of a very long education.

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