The Bitter Truth
By - Goodge Thief

Lord Baffords was an easy job,
run straight up the stairs
The guards all ran far too slow
and argued about some bears.

Murrus, what a scary thing,
haunting like a dude.
Garret came and killed his friends,
which i thought rather rude.

When Constantine asked for his sword,
to be taken from his abode...
he never thought that Garret might kill everyone,
after many more a load.

The Maw was pretty creepy though,
with lava on the floor.
The thing that pissed the Trickster off,
was the lack of a lockable door.

Garret won the keepers pride,
nothing much at all.
All he did was kill some guys,
and stop their ritual.

The city watch are most efficient,
guarding all the time,
funny how when things got bad,
they seemed to all resign.

The best place, thought karras, from his room,
to hide a submarine,
was a'neath a sod-off lighthouse place,
where light would never gleam.

Karras was a clever man,
who liked the cog and gear.
But in the end he was doomed to failure,
as the warranties expired within a year.

Rust gas!? was stupid nonsense,
oh, please dont make me laugh,
what killed off Karras in his cathederal,
was the lack of kitchen staff.

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