Bafford's Blunder, Bafford's Plunder
By - Lady Xila

The lord's out of town.
Cutty's got a job for me.
Get Bafford's scepter
Guards guard the front door.
But there is a better way.
The wellhouse in back.
One guard guards this way.
But he'll not be a problem.
My blackjack loves guards...
I'm at the front gate.
They talk about the bear pits.
I am unnoticed.
I sneak through the streets.
I pass a humming peasant.
I find the wellhouse.
The fool guard is drunk!
I take his key from his belt.
I open the door.
I drop down the well.
I head down to the storeroom.
I sneak past two guards.
I climb the staircase,
Go through the servant's quarters.
I sneak through the halls.
I put out torches,
Pick up some loot as I go:
Some vintage red wine,
A nice diamond ring,
A golden vase, maybe two,
Piles of gold coins,
The guards' last paycheck,
(They are working against me.)
I snatch a fat purse
They never notice.
The kitchen is my next stop,
Even thieves need food.
I eat and move on,
I climb and descend some stairs,
I head down a hall.
Here's the library
I wonder if he reads them
Or if it's just for show?
I hide in the hall,
I snag a key off a guard,
Go to the next room.
A guard's in the room.
The stupid man turns around!
I blackjack the guard.
There is a throne room.
How pretentious can you get?
Sometimes I wonder.
I take the scepter.
I go back the way I came.
I find a closed gate.
I flip the red switch.
I run and yells follow me.
They're are far too late.

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