Thief the Picked
Copyright © 2001 by Nauris Krause

Step into the shadows,
Where you do belong.
Whisper words of magic
Words never to be told loud.
Step into the Shadows,
My little thief,
Moonlight is too loud.
Moonlight takes away Your luck.

Turn left, turn right,
Three heartbeats of sleeping guard,
Flow over the spots of light
And enter Temple of Forgotten Bard.
Forget this cursed loot.
Forget about the feast.
Take Your theft childhood
From webwrapped chest.

Three cuts over the haunted heart.
Thank the one who dig up this chest
No one loved this sleeping bard.
No one doubts - You are the best.
But alone in Your pride
Darkness thieves challenge
Is their only hide
From tricky carnage.
Carnage to be foretelled
Not forestalled

Open all chests,
Let the wind and sun wash all wounds.
Let morning light scare away the beasts.
Dont read the Letters of Future
Write Your own for tomorrow.
Dont flee from sorrow
You cant rob Yourself

Gone with the Sunrise
Was my little thief.
Did he take his prize?
Rings and candles untouched.
Chest opened on the floor
Left for the morning Sun.
Seems he has picklocked all the doors
Will he unlock his doom-bounded heart?

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