The Night Before Buildermas
By - CelticThief

'Twas the night before Buildermas, and all through the yard
Not a creature was stirring, not even a guard
In the mansion all the riches were laid in plain sight
No one knowing I was coming that night.
The nobles asleep, snuggled in their beds
As dreams of gold danced in their heads
Me with my bow, sword, and nice blackjack
I headed to the basement of Lord Simiazack
When to me left I heard a clatter
I knew just what was the matter
I sprang to the shadows in a flash
A guard came along, so with my blackjack I gave his head a bash
I was surprised that he fell down with such a light blow
I picked up his body, and carried him to a closet and said, "When I carry
this guy, it makes be so slow.
Then I hear chains, and what should appear
"It's a haunt", said I "Oh dear!"
It attacked me, so very very quick
In my arm is gave me a nick
I got out a flashbomb and threw it on the ground
After it died, to the vault I was abound
When I got to the vault, I found the lock very high
The nobles thought this an obstacle, but it was a piece of pie
I pulled out me bow, with a rope arrow
Those are kind of hard to climb, being so narrow
I took out me lock picks, and started to work
Then heard a French accent say "Berk!"
And low and behold, 'twas another taffer
Look, he's so clumsy, he's what my friend would call a laugher
I finished picking, and threw down a gas mine
I watched as he got knocked out, and I climbed back down my line
I went in the vault, filling my sack
Then who should appear, it's Lady Simiazack
"Please don't hurt me, I'll do anything you say!"
Said I "Go away!"
And as she ran in to the air in front of her I threw a flashbomb
When she woke up, in the sunshine, she said, "Boy do I feel dumb!"
The vault was bare of riches, and so was the rest
That's my story, one of my best's

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