Through the Halls of Echoes
By - Deceptio

Only a flicker of black fire
In eyes of the unaware
You are truly worth admire
Avoiding every glare

There is something you must know
There are places not to go!
Where thereís terror and thereís pain
Where there is easy to go insane

Here unspeakable horrors rest
You might tread right in to their nest
These are things that should not have been awaken
But this wisdom is now forsaken!

The Haunting

Through the halls of echoes
And the chambers of light
Fear is numbing as it goes
Restless in deepest night

Watch the rotten carcass seek
Hear itís accusing moans
You know it knows, it knows youíre weak
Wont stop till crush of bones

Cross Back

Spiderís tapping so deafening here
Is it not imagination mere?
As you that question ponder
Eight legs soon to you wander

Where is the scourge that makes me mad?
Consuming every bit of reason I mightíve had!
Canít anyone stop this clattering?
I canít take no more of constant battering!

Red Death

The grim laughter of detection
No more time is for deception
Just to run, run wherever to
Hoping thatís not what old hammers do

Never been more afraid
Not sure what it was I made
Perhaps this is where I draw my sword
Waiting for the deadly warrior lord

Chattering One

The snarling, gurgling, frantic creatures
Roaming dark land no man seeks
Easy to detect with such features
Will be found where chaos leaks

ďComsie sneaksie!Ē it will likely say
donít be fooled by Tricksterís minions
if you do, you wont live the day
Better stick to own opinions
Donít let others make you sway

Stay in darkness, feel itís caress
black is really right for dress
shadows move you sweet and gently
enveloping you through magic entry

Keep it silent, keep it low
Or youíll be gone in single blow
Watch your step in midnight hour
Guards might hear from highest tower

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