By - D. Leer aka theBlackman

Cutty made Garrett this deal,
"To get rich this time you won't fail!"
But the plan it fell through,
There was nothing to do,
But help Cutty get out of jail.

So Garrett stole into Cragscleft,
Only to be quite bereft,
For old Cutty died,
While he was inside,
And Garrett had no options left.

So Garrett went down in Bonehoard,
Where Quintus' horn had been stored,
He found it up high,
And I'll not deny,
He found Burricks and Zombies galore.

Ramirez desired Garrett dead.
And offered a price for his head.
He sent killers two,
An assignment they blew,
And Ramirez paid Garrett instead.

Said Constantine, "Come work for me,
I'll pay you a fabulous fee."
So Garrett said swell,
And did the job well,
Not knowing what soon was to be.

"Now that you've passed the test,
I see that you're truly the best.
I would really adore,
You to do one thing more,
Just a small venturesome quest."

"Get me the EYE that was lost,
No matter what! I'll pay the cost.
And keep you the sword,
For you have my word,
It'll help you with ghosts you accost."

Garrett, he did that one too.
I won't tell you what hell he went through,
Suffice it to say
He had a bad day,
And, in the end, he got screwed.

The EYE whispered in Garretts ear,
"Fool! You cannot enter here,
You need talisman's four,
To open the door,
That, ne'er you will have I do fear."

The Grotto was not hard to find,
The Keepers left plenty behind.
The gate and the door,
Were just a bit more
Work for a Keeper trained mind.

A talisman he found inside,
With directions where others reside,
It gave him a start,
At least he had part,
Of the answer that he was denied.

The city, once lost, Garrett found,
With feelings both deep and profound,
For Keepers had died,
Thier secrets to hide,
Buried quite deep in the ground.

Of keys that would open the door.
He needed to get just one more
The Hammers the last,
Had locked up quite fast.
Garrett had three of the four.

The Hammers did not miss a trick,
Security was tight and thick,
Garrett was smart,
And played a great part,
With an intro that worked really slick.

Wind and Earth, Water and Fire,
Opened to Garrett's desire,
The EYE he would hold,
And Constantines gold,
Would let him relax and retire.

The EYE he brought back for his pay,
For Constantine brooked no delay.
Garrett gave into greed,
When he did the deed,
And ended up rueing the day,

An Eye for the EYE was the game,
Victoria borrowed the same.
When she left him one-eyed
He was truly surprised,
To find she was part of the frame.

He woke up in Constantine's lair,
And knew that he had to beware,
Of spiders and rats,
And foul things like that,
While escaping them all with great care.

So Garrett slithered and crawled,
And on occasion was mauled,
Weak and abused,
From the way he was used,
He felt like he'd been keel-hauled.

He finally won his way through,
Fruit that he found made him new.
He knew that the man,
Had a demonic plan,
And swore that he'd ruin that too.

So back to the Hammers he went
For help; and he said he'd repent,
But he got there too late,
Such was his fate,
The veil in the temple had been rent.

The Hammers were in disarray,
The High Priest was stolen away,
"Help us Garrett," they said,
"And if he's not dead.
"We'll help in your battle someday."

Garrett accomplished the quest,
By doing what Garrett does best.
He killed all the bugs,
And did in some mugs,
And brought back the Priest as his guest.

The Keepers said we have a plan,
To defeat this devious man,
You use a fake eye,
The Trickster will die,
At least that's the thing that we plan.

Garrett went into the Maw,
Where Chaos was the only law,
With his Phoney jewel
The Trickster to fool,
By being the Keeper's Catspaw.

Constantine's black magic spell,
Was moving along very well,
But he didn't spy,
Garrett remove the eye,
And ritualed himself into hell.

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