Lord of the Earth
By - M. Braun a.k.a. MauSTuS FauSTuS

Bringsie – you ending to the world.
Floodsie with knowledge that you learns.
Sands flowsie and here I sits.
Holdsie the edges of my tomb.

Seasonsie past: seeks – you refuge by fires you made.
Fearsie – you creatures that creepsie and crawlsie in shades.
Servants of mine huntsie all for the taste of your meat.
Panicky flesh huddle close ‘till the shadows retreat.

Leavsie – you now leafsie trees of the forrest’d earth.
Dropsie the chains bindsie manflesh primordial birth.
Makesie – you night a simplistic depart from the sun.
Turnsie the dark into stories to startle your young.

See – you forgets all the truth and power of storm.
Legend and tale of the timesie before you were born.
Taken your fill of my woodsie to reckon your beam.
Buildsie your house of the rock and the iron beneath.

Thinks that you bend all the wilds to the will of your stone.
Fill’d are the shadows with creatures enraged and alone.
Lovesie the manfool the noise of his pertinent sound.
Woodsie recoups and returnsie you all to the ground!

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