We of The City
Copyright © 2001 by Naartjie

We of the City, the Keepers called
Do stand in shadow and glyphs do forge
Balance is our trust and secrets we do lock
In tomes stored on shelves, locked in vaults beneath rock.

We of the City, the guardians do stand
Keeping watch for the intrusion of that black hand
They sneak through the night, prey on us while we wait
But we of the guard shall deal them a bloody fate.

We of the City, the rich do swan
From the nobles descended, secure what we can
While we wait sealed up inside our manors made of stone
Recording riches, after riches, in vast black tomes.

We of the City, the servant to the wealth
Creep through our domain, seeking out that wealth
The wealth we are denied, from taxation by those above
Stealth is our guide, darkness our love.

We of the City, those masters of the earth
Water, Earth, Fire, Wind give forth sacred birth
To mastery of the magics, the life we do sustain
When all are destroyed, we shall remain.

We of the City, those souls the rest forgot
Stalk wearied our passages, again, betray us not!
Our souls stay captured hidden, beneath the deathly gloom
Come for us Builder, we plead to thee come soon!

We of the City, the silent souls converted,
Lurk within those bodies, those bodies the Holy rejected,
The Eye gives us life, but life we want not now,
Come, come Join us, Join us Join us Now!

I of the City, The key to worlds sealed tight,
Do lie within my sanctum, the worshipers at my feet,
But feet I have not, for only have I,
An eye for seeing, for I am the seeing Eye.

We of the City, the veterans of stone and toil,
Do stand faithful to our cause, our cause of work and toil,
Though the heathen does surround, and threaten the precious ways,
The Builder doth stand true, and shalt guide us through the haze.

We of the City, the manfools do despise,
Callsie we to them, the calls of jackals highs!
Manfools crumble falling, to the Woodsie Lord,
As beasts and thistleaids, assail them from His Maw!

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