Bonehoard Blues

I would have run but my feet were as lead
I heard the wheezing of the restless dead
The cold ghastly sound of bone upon bone
They shun repose upon a bed of stone

I peered, terrified, into the dark
I'd gone to the Hoard on a foolish lark
Restlessly pacing the floor of my room,
I'd thought to myself, "I'll rob someone's tomb!"

Now here my corpse stays, deep underground,
While mouldering zombies wander around
I never intended to join their cabal,
But they're pretty persuasive when you look at them all

So I advise you, adventurer or thief,
To flee while you can or else come to grief
If you stray too far on your little jaunt,
You'll have two career choices: zombie or Haunt!

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