"Fate of Thieves"
by Einherjer

This was a long time ago...I cannot remember exactly when. But I do remember everything I went through. And you have to remember that you can listen to me now only thanks to that man...I may mistake, but I think he is known as Garrett...


It happened on one of my working nights. I was supposed to clear that rich nobleman -- Ramirez. That was a very simple task. The night was pretty dark and that was better for me.Slowly, carefully and unseen I came towards the gates and waited.

Nobody was there and nobody came after I waited for some time. The doors to the mansion beckoned me and I decided to try the frontal assault. The doors opened swiftly, allowing me to go in. I waited again, but saw no guards. The room was empty. I went into the next one. There was nothing there either. I was full of suspicion. I knew I should not go any further. But I did not know what to do.

And then the door behind me closed with a loud creak. But before that two tall men in red clothes managed to step into the room. Hopefully the room was dark and I managed to get in one of the corners before they saw me.

Their shadows moved to the center of the room and I saw hammers in their hands. Suddenly all the lights in the room turned on. One of the Hammerites turned around and saw me. I tried to pass them, but I failed. They caught me and gave me a few hits with those big hammers acompanying that with threatenings of the Builder's punishment.

When I was leaving the mansion with the two Hammerites, I saw Mr. Ramirez standing by the window and smiling. I have sworn to kill that fat taffer, but something happened later that night that prevented me of soiling my hands in Ramirez's dirty blood. Another man has done a thing I failed to do.

They took me to a legendary Cragscleft prison. I have never been there before, but I did not feel exciting at all when they were dragging me along cell block four.

I wonder how long have I been there. A day? A month? A thousand years? My cage was full of insects. They were on a man, or that what has left from him. I challenged to take a look at his face. It was awful, but I found something farmilar with it.

It was Cutty!

My nerves could not last any longer. I was physically broken. My tired body fell down on the dead body of the thief-spawn, Cutty. My eyes closed themselves. I was unconscious, when the bastards carried me out. I was thankful to them, but the next thing I realized was that I was still alive and they knew it.

They took me to a temple of theirs. But the only thing I rememeber about it is the dark deep dungeon.Then Brother Inquisitor arrived...

The pain was terrible. And the voices of the Hammers were even more terrifying. "...praise the Master Builder..." the priest whispered. "Praise him!"

He had a weird smile on his face. I could even see his sharp yellow teeth. Suddenly the voice stuck in his throat. He fell. I heard the sound of an arrow and Brother Inquisitor joined the priest.

Screams began everywhere. The arrows flew from different sides and killed the Hammers. Some of them tried to escape, but the doors were locked from outside. Finally the last man spoke his prayer. Blood was everywhere! I waited for a moment.

"Who are you, my rescuer?" I asked the darkness.

"How do you know I am willing to rescue you?" he replied.

"What else for did you come here?" I still did not see the one I was talking with.

"I am here on my own. And why are you here? And who are YOU?"

"My name is Graventh," I said. "And I was a thief."

He said nothing more. He just released me out of the chains, and quietly went into the darkness. I did not see his face, because it was covered with the shadow of his hood. I never saw him again. I did not know who he was. But I think if the legend about that master thief, Garrett, is true, then he is the one I met.


I feel thankful to him even now. But I guess I will never be able to repay him for that he has done for me. After this adventure I thought of retiring. I was scared of the fate of thieves I have evaded. But I understood that I could not live, knowing there is someone, who does not care about all those intimidations and threatenings. I can only dream of becoming the disciple of that man. But I know I need to. So I am going to find Garrett and ask him to be my master. That is what my next quest shall be...

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