"Rent Payment"
by General Hobbes

The Rent was due, and my landlord was mad. Cutty been on the fritz lately and hasn't found me a job lately, guess I'll have to find the cash myself. My bills were small that month so I figured it would be an easy night out on the town. An auction was taking place that night it the town square. Supposedly some grave digger was gonna show with all sorts of ancient, and possible, magical loot. All the big boys were gonna be there, and they had to have money, the items were going for hot prices.

I arrived at the event wearing commoners clothing, with only my robe and blackjack rapped in my backpack. To steal a line from my Hammerite guard freinds, "This was going to be fun" I got my auction card at the fromt desk and headed over to the east tent. There the Minor Banors, Captians and buisness entrupenures hung out. They didn't have the cash the real big boys had, but they didn't have the gaurds either. I made some quick, but rather depressing, grabs. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Lord Baford.

To this day I do not know how he knew I was the one who cased his place, but I guess somebody had to know, somebody that could be bought out by money. Well, I saw him wave his hand to his men and I knew they were coming for me. I started to work my way out of the crowd, but one of his none uniformed, most likely his captian, snagged me. I instantly felt a knife tip in my back and he whispered to me, "Walk, slowly, towards the west tent." So I did. At the fringes of the West tent auction we came in contact with Lord Baford himself. All three of us climed into his carrige and drove off towards his home.

When we got there the gate opened for us and we drove in. We then took a nice "stroll" down to his basement. Once there his gaurd slammed me into the wall, and held me there. Baford was, angry, to put it lightly, at the loss of his scepter. It was his prized, and most valueable possesion. And, not suprisingly, he wanted it back. But, unfortunatly for me, I really did not know where it was. After I didn't answer any questions he asked, he became even more angry than he was before. As he stormed out the room he ordered his captian to kill me. The captian just sorta grinned, and while holding me up against the wall, withdrew his knife. I could tell instintly that I could not talk my way out of this one. The captian was going to complete his masters task, quickly and thouroly.

The next couple minutes of my life I do not remember.I think he attemted to stab me in the heart, but instead hit my ribcage. Afterwourds I think I counted three stab wounds. After the attack he carried me to the well way and dumped me there.Sure of himself the captian walked away, leaving me for dead.

I think the jar of hitting the water gate was what awoken me. I snapped my eyes open to find myself floating in the well, face down. I looked around and found my bag floating about ten feet away. I slowly swam over to it, looking for something to nurse my wounds. I found some fabric and tie them around the wounds. As I dug dowm deeper I found what I was really looking for, some healing potiont. There was only a little left, but any bit would help. I unscrewed the lid and gulped down the remaining swallows. I felt the cool refreshment sweep through my body, seeking out the area of trouble. When it got there it started to rehrealing prosses. After beeing refreshed I swam to the cellar entrance. I removed my cloak from my bag, and put it on. After just a minuet it was dry, and I was feeling better, so I formulated my plan.I wasn't going to let Baford get away, and my rent was still do tomarrow, so i decided to sack the place. I figured he probobly had enough cash up in his "throne room" to cover it, and cover my inconvience charges. As I waorked my way out of the basement, I noticed that like last time the basement was rather deviod of gaurds, as was the first floor. I guess he still hadn't recovered from the last time I was here.On my way to the Throne room I decided to stop in at the kitchen for a nice snack. Well, the cook was in bed this time, so I pretty much had free riegn. I found some nice fruits and vegtables, and some deer meat here and there. After I was satisfied with my meal I headed upstairs.

After I got up there, I waited till I heard the gaurd pass then snuck on out to the courtyard. I climbed up the balcony steps, tore down the banner they had re-hung and worked on out to the rafters. I thought this was going on too easy, and I was right. From my pearch on the rafters I could see Baford, and three gaurds, in his throne room. Baford was admiring a medalion he had just boughtn. He was talking to his captian, "So your sure that Garret is dead."

"For the tenth time master, yes, he is floating in your well now, with a stab wound, right in the heart."

"Well okay." Well whether Baford enjoyed sitting on his throne, or just wanted to count his money, he styed in his room for a while, and his gaurds stayed with him. After sitting perched up there for an hour I decided to take action. I creeped on over to the back wall, and scaled on down. Taking care to be perfectly sielent I approached the gong and lightly tapped it with my blackjack. Baford and his gaurds instently snapped to attention as I climbed back on top of my ledge and became part of the shawdow up there. The three gaurds were sent out to investigateand they momentarily left the room. I took this chance to take action. I hopped down from my ledge, walked to the Throne room entrance and looked around for a distraction. I found one right beside me, a little vase setting on a shelf. I reached up and knocked it off. It worked perfectly.Baford, curous of the sound left his throne to investigate. When he saw the vase on the floor I could tell he felt relieved, then he bent down and picked it up.I promtly blackjacked him. I cought him before he even hit the ground, then posistioned him back on his throne. I grabbed his medalion and most of his money up in the room.

After I threw the loot into my bag I headed back down to the courtyard. I heard the gaurds coming back and quickly fell into a shawdow. They were heading for the throne room, so I wouldn't have much time left. I crept to the courtyard, scaled the wall and started working my way down. I heard the search parties looking for me, inside the mansion and out. But they knew as well as I, that there attempts were futiled.

I do not know how bad of a headache Baford had when he awoke. But I do know that it is no near as bad as how foolish he felt for being screwed over by the same thief twice. And I also know that it is not near as bad as the captian felt after recieving his punishment. But, I saved my hide, and got a little revenge in the prosses. It felt good.

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