"Forgotten One"
by Beholder

Small beads rippled the ground as the cobblestone broke their followers unmercifully. A lone figure tucked itself further underneath a building ledge. A street rat, abandoned by all, ignored by all, forgotten by all. A once clean face now smeared with grease and dirt. The rain stroke the stone as if to invade its tender underside. Marbles, like falling marbles, dropped rapidly on a bare floor.

"Ma-matherbles…like matherbles falling from thi' sky"-whispered the urchin-"so pretty and thiny matherbles floating ins airs?" She smiled, not for present, but for the past memories of happiness, She curled tightly again. The puddles crawled towards her ever so quickly. The cold was so bitter as the wind was sharp with have of the living. "Get thi tired nows…" she mumbled. "And gets cold now inside nows…hurts". A tear rolled of her cheek, onto her chin, dropping t mix with water below no encasing her bare feet. "Times amos g-gones." She grimaced a clutched her chest. Short gasps erupted from the depths of her lungs. She fell to her side, the puddles coldly kissed her beaten face. Her eyes closed. A last breath was issued; and her eyes opened once more, but now empty forevermore.

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