"A Story Of A Son"
by Dudie.

I am Dustin only son of Garrett and Victoria. I was never spoken of by the keepers in fact they knew nothing about me. Their sacred books told nothing of my coming or of their downfall.

I will start off my tale by telling a bit of history. In the years that past after Karris’ death the Hammers once again rose to power. My father had feared this but was becoming to old to fight so he taught me the art of thieving and the ways of the Keepers. I was soon a better thief than my father and with the help of the plants could infiltrate and rob blind any house that I chose. As I was spying on a Keeper meeting the Hammers burst through the doors and brutally murdered everyone in the room. I tried to stop them but was unable to. I helped myself to some gold and equipment and made sure the few survivors where safe then I walked into the shadows and vanished.

My father was appalled by slaying of the Keepers and sent me on a mission to collect gold from a nearby mansion to help supply me on my journey to stop the Hammers.

The mansion was more of a castle than anything it had twenty foot walls with a high guard tower in each corner. The wall was thick enough for guards to patrol and with a torch every five feet, it seemed almost impossible to get through. I sat and waited nearly three hours clocking every movement every breath each guard took until I had the timing right to breach the gap. This was the home of Sir Worthington a wealthy old man who had just recently moved into the city. He had obviously heard of the many thieves this city holds otherwise his security would not be so tight.

I pulled out my bow and aimed ever so carefully at the neck of the guard in the first tower, I let slip the arrow and it pierced the man’s neck dropping him to the ground. Even as he was dropping I ran faster than my father ever had even with potions, I leapt and grabbed the edge of the wall and pulled myself up. I dropped a few frog beast eggs for the patrolling guard and then sank into the shadows. I climbed up into the tower and searched the guard’s body. He had a set of keys on him for almost every room in the house, that and about 70 gold pieces. Either this was an officer or the old man trusted his guards dearly.

Using my mother’s traits I shot a vine from me to the top of the mansion. I quickly ran across the beam and leapt onto to roof. The old fool had trusted so much that no one would make it there that he left his balcony door unlocked! I slipped in through the shadows to his bed. I started to draw my sword but then put it away, I grabbed my black jack and raised it high in the air and with one downward swing insured that the man would not wake until the morn.

I searched the room but found only a vault key and a dagger under his pillow. Now I fully understood the high guards. He hadn’t heard of the many thieves he was just very paranoid.

I left his room and ventured down the hall. I was surprised that there where no guards on the top floor until I found a note written from an officer to the watchmen, it read.


I fear the old man has finally lost it. There is nothing to be a feared of in this peaceful city. Leave your post and get some rest tonight no one will make it past the wall guards.

Lt. Johnson”

I guess the guards haven’t heard of me other wise they would be extra careful.

I journeyed into a dark moon lit room and found a guard sleeping in a makeshift cot. This must be Henry I thought as I grasped the black jack. I smacked down a hard blow upon his head so as to make sure he wouldn’t awake. I found the blue prints to the house in a trunk near Henry I located the room containing the vault and also the room that held the guards’ equipment. The problem lied in that I had to pass through the great hall before I could reach either room.

I ventured down a spiral staircase to the bottom floor. From where I stood I could see torches a light and hear guards laughing. I shot out a torch near the entrance and slipped in through the shadows, the drunk guards didn’t see me but as I ran to the exit door Lt. Johnson spotted me. I threw down a flash bomb and entangled the guards with vines. I walked slowly out of the shadows and removed every guard’s sword and dagger; I wouldn’t want anyone to surprise me now would I. First I opened the vault and walked in, I felt like a kid in a candy store. There was gold every where; plates, cups, even armor, everything was gold. I filled my sack as full as I could and the proceeded to the equipment room.

I grabbed almost 100 arrows and placed them in my quiver. I found almost 70 fire arrows and nearly 400 water arrows. I grabbed a gold handled dagger that had diamonds incrusted in it; this would make a fine gift for my father.

I walked out side and through the front gates. The guard in one of the towers aimed very carefully at me but I drank an invisibility potion before he fired and then I ran home carrying almost 100,000 in gold.

I had to only by a few healing, slow fall, speed, and invisibility potions because most of my armament had come from the Worthington mansion. The Hammers had set up a base within one of there ancient cathedrals. The perimeter was fairly well guarded except for an old house just behind the cathedral.

I crawled into the old house and found a Hammer sleeping in a make shift bed on the floor. I grasp my black jack ready to strike. When remembering I was trying to defeat the Hammers, I put it away and pulled out my sword. I lifted it high in the air and swung it hard down atop the Hammer’s head. There where some gas arrows and gas mines nearby I guess he was supposed to capture anyone attempting to break in.

I left the house and climbed onto its roof. From there I could see that he Hammers patrolled in groups of four, two archers and two infantry. There was a door not far from me that led into the cathedral but a guard patrol came by it every ten seconds. If the door was looked then I would surely be killed.

I tossed a mine into the path of a guard patrol and watched as they fell silently asleep. A patrol came from the other side and spotted the sleeping guards. I raised my bow with a gas arrow attached and watched as it flew silently through the air. It knocked out the two archers but the infantry where still conscious. Not wanting to loose any more gas arrows I listed my bow with a broad head arrow and flung it into one Hammer’s face, he dropped violently and his friend saw me. I drew my sword raising it high above my head before dropping onto the Hammer and slicing his head off.

I ran to the door locked, just as I had thought, I quietly picked the lock and moved into the cathedral. The room I was in was the guards quarters and there where nearly 20 sleeping Hammers if I made and wrong move I would be dead. I drew out my black jack and walked by every Hammer giving him a strong blow to the head.

I searched the room but nothing was to be found in it except for a few hammers, which I did not need. I proceeded through a nearby door and found a few more Hammers sleeping. I crept through to a diary and opened it up.

The first entry read “dear brother Mortimer I fear that the rest of the Hammers do not trust us for we are new. I hope they will except our surprise as a token of gratitude not of hate.” I found a doll of a mechanist with blood flowing from its neck, I figured this was the surprise but it gave me an idea.

I took their hammers and went into the guards quarters again. I bashed every guards head with each hammer then laid each hammer next to its owner. I then opened the journal to the page I had read and set it on the floor. I had found a way to get rid of seven Hammers without doing it myself.

I opened the other door to the guards quarters and yelled murder then ran back out side and jumped onto the house roof again. I watched hidden in the shadows as Hammers found their friends dead and blood on the hammers of the new hammers. What happened next is to gruesome to tell though at the time I chuckled lightly to myself.

An informant of mine had told me that there was only 70 Hammers at the cathedral protecting there new leader Mathew. If this information was right then I had only 35 more to go and by the looks of how fast I got ride of the others then I shouldn’t have a problem.

I ventured out into the main hall and found twenty Hammers and the leader Mathew in a sermon. That meant that there where only fifteen guards left to be disposed of. I threw all of my gas mines under the pews and then shot Mathew with a gas arrow. At the site of their leader falling everyone jumped up be at the movement the mines went off knocking out the Hammers.

What I did next I had not wanted to do but to stop the growth of the Hammers I drew my sword and proceeded to kill every Hammer in the room except for Mathew. I picked up Mathew and left the cathedral the way I came I set Mathew down in the old house and then proceeded back to get rid of the rest of the guards.

On my way to the front I passed the knocked out guards and finished them off. There where two towers with three guards in each one. There where two groups of three guards with three more standing watch at the gate. I pulled out my water arrows and dowsed every torch there so as to make sure no one would see me. I drew a fire arrow and fired at the first tower, without looking to make sure the Hammers died I drew another and shot at the second tower. I checked both towers now and found every one dead. However the patrolling guards had spotted me and where charging. I spotted a high wooden beam above me and shot a vine up to it.

I crawled up the vine and onto the top of the cathedral. As I looked down an arrow shot strait up at me barely missing my face. I recoiled back and drew a fire arrow. Holding the arrow out over the Hammers I dropped it and heard the dieing screams of the last nine Hammers at the cathedral.

I ran across the roof and jumped onto the old house. I went in picked up Mathew and then proceeded to my apartment.

Once there I done what my father had instructed and burned Mathews eyes out with the tip of a fire arrow. I took some old rags and threw over him and then hitting him in the head with my black jack knocked him out. I threw him out onto the streets and he lived a life as a poor blind beggar, instead of his once rich and care free life as a Hammer.

Sometimes my job makes me do things I would rather not but recently while robbing an old man in a city not far from my own. I found that even when blinded and beat down some people will always rise to the top. Needless to say after thinking about all the stuff I had done to him I returned all is belongings. Then I wrote a note to a guard I had knocked out telling him to tell Mathew that even though I did those awful things to him that it was part of my job. Also I wrote that I returned everything except for a crystal dagger that I had dropped when I first got into the cathedral.

Days later an informant came to me with a note. It read “Dustin I do not blame you for my blindness or the death of my friends; we had been blinded by the riches and glory that had come with being a Hammer. Enclosed in this note is twenty silver pieces I stole from you while you where burning my eyes out. They helped me become rich again and now I am repaying you for making me a better man.”

I needless to say was dumbfounded the master thief had been stolen from and didn’t even notice. Not only that but some how Mathew had found me, maybe that is just the kind of bond brothers have. Being able to find each other no matter what. Even if he was only my half brother, my half brother I didn’t know about until after the job was done. Maybe my father didn’t want me to be afraid of burning him or maybe my father didn’t know at the time. Either way I will never know. Fore after he told me my father thief of thieves died.

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