"An Excerpt from Keeper Records"
by Yametha

Dear Reader
I am the author of this story.
This story is written as an excerpt from a keeper book of records. Actually, more like folder of records. Anyway, unlike the keepers would do it, I’m releasing this story in 3 parts. Part I contains the Cover Sheet, the Preface, and a copy of orders from Keeper Orland. Part II contains most of Keeper Ayola’s report. Part III contains the last bit of Keeper Ayola’s report, as well as the appendices.
I hope you enjoy reading it!


Record Number 4972
Creation Date: 09/02/35
Preface by Keeper Questinus

Revision Dates: -
12/09/35 - Added assignment report by Keeper Ayola
24/09/35 - Updated appendix to include the report of Keeper Hoan’s investigation of the man Vallon
05/10/37 - Added excerpts from referenced books
09/03/41 - Updated preface and appendix to include mechanist reference
15/08/41 - Updated appendix to include Keeper Mishton’s study of Karras

Preface by Keeper Questinus

In the early months of year 35, sources inside the Garsha Library informed us of a new book added to the restricted section of the library. This book was apparently written by a member of the Rochena (a class of scholar or elite warrior within the Hammerite order - see record 2137 for details).

The book describes how the Woodsie lord was able to create his army of beasts with the speed he did in the maw of chaos (as observed by Keeper Deka - see record 4861). This book was classified restricted by the High Priest (Axanta Markander - see record 4695) and the discovery was deemed too dangerous to be put into practice. Further research on the topic was forbidden due to insufficient safety precautions and the possible misuse of it once research was completed.

Seven months later, reports came in concerning a renegade Hammerite by the name of Karras (see record 4899). Investigation revealed that Karras had learned of the book and sought the power contained within. At the time Karras was seeking to found his own subgroup of the Hammerite order known as the Mechanist Subsection. Karras has tried twice to obtain the book, and thus far, he has failed. A suggestion was made to the council recommending that we intervene and keep the book from ever falling into the hands of Karras.

The council approved the recommendation, and Keeper Ayola volunteered to carry it out. Instructions were drafted and a copy was made. This file was opened and the copy of Ayola’s instructions was placed within. After the success of the operation, the book was added to the main keeper library.

During Ayola’s incursion, a man by the name of Vallon obtained intangible evidence of our existence. A subsequent investigation revealed that our safety was not compromised by this leak.

By order of the keeper council,

Keeper Ayola is charged with the following document. Three alternative courses of action are presented, and she may choose to follow one of them to bring into her possession a book in the restricted section of the Garsha Library.

This book is entitled “Micro-machines and life forms”. It is recommended that she place a blank book in its place containing a forged note from the High Priest claiming that the book has been moved to another location.

Since Markander has halted all proceedings concerning this book, it is unlikely that he will learn of the forgery, and if Karras does obtain the replacement book, it is unlikely that he will query Markander on the book’s location, as that would expose his indiscretion.

If she is unable to achieve this end, she must destroy the book, and if possible, make it look like an accidental occurrence. In this event, she should also destroy the forgery. As mentioned above, three alternative courses of action are presented to Keeper Ayola.

Course of Action Alpha
Ayola should pose as a thief. A number of guards should be rendered unconscious with an appropriate instrument and 500’s worth of valuables should also retrieved from the building. However she must not make it look like she had any interest in books.

Course of Action Beta
Ayola should apply for temporary duty as a guard at the library. This will allow her to be less conspicuous at a distance. However at close range it will be difficult to remain concealed in places to which she should not have access. She should take the opportunity to scout out the building and observe any changes that others are unable to observe due to supervision of citizens by the management.

Course of Action Gamma
Ayola enters the building unnoticed. She conducts this assignment, unnoticed. There should be no encounters with the denizens, and nothing should be done that would arouse suspicion. While she is in the restricted section, she should take the opportunity to read a number of the other books there.

In the event of a catastrophe, Keeper Ayola should take steps to ensure that she is not captured alive.

Keeper Orland

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