"An Excerpt from Keeper Records"
by Yametha

Part Three

Left with little choice I stepped forth, my hand reaching for the small white vial hidden within my robes. Within it was a mixture of a deadly poison and holy water, to both kill me and ensure I could never be revived. If things did not turn out favourably, I could end my life, but I did not like this option. However, I liked the option of torture by Karras even less.

“Keeper!” spat Vallon. “I never though I’d come across one of your kind. I thought you were a myth.” “Fascinating” I replied dryly. Vallon slapped me with his free hand. “Look keepress, if you cooperate with me, you will live. Else, you will die right here.”

“It looks like I’ll have to…” I began, and then I looked over his shoulder. “… my GOD!” Vallon span round to look at what had worried me. Nothing. Empty space. As quick as lightning he span back to face me. “That trick doesn’t work on me” he sneered. I reached into my robes and pulled out the bolt from his crossbow.

Vallon’s face went from pleasure and sneer to anger and fear. Casting aside his now useless crossbow he rushed at me with a knife. I grabbed the ledge of the bookshelf and swung myself up and over to the next row. Vallon rushed round the corner. Nothing. I was nowhere to be seen. Keeping his back to the shelves, he worked his way back to where he began, his knife pointing at every shadow.

As Vallon began to reach for the shelf containing the book I had so recently replaced, I appeared again. Vallon pointed his knife at me. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” I told him. “Even thrown instead of shot, at this range the bolt I now hold is… quite dangerous”.

Vallon got the message. He reached for his now useless crossbow and started backing towards the stairwell. Then he turned and broke into a run. He rushed down the stairs and slammed the metal door shut. I heard frantic scraping as the bolts were put back in their hinges, making the door serve its purpose again. It is interesting how much thought is paid to making the lock unpickable and very little attention is paid to the hinge.

Now that my mission was over, I made my way back to my own exit. I decided not to read the other books, as I would not understand them and probably forget half of what they said. I climbed out back onto the roof, replaced the tiles and came down my rope to the roof of the shingled house. Looking down into the street I saw Vallon moving away from the library at quite a pace. I threw his bolt out to him.

It hit the ground a few feet from where he was. He looked at it, and then recognised it. Spinning round he searched the shadows almost obsessively, before running away, leaving his bolt on the ground. After all the trouble I go to returning it to him!

I retrieved the rope arrow from the office window and pulled the window shut. It locked itself, and I slipped down into the alley. After this it was a simple matter of making my way back to the hotel with the book under my arm.

An investigation of Vallon
Keeper Hoan

I picked up the trail outside the Hammerite Temple that Karras was known to be at. Apparently Vallon had spent the night at his house. From his behaviour I believe he had been imbibing alcohol. He entered the temple and remained there for almost half an hour. From the noises emanating from Karras’ window, I understand that Karras was not pleased. I shinned up a nearby statue and onto the roof. From there I could approach close enough to discern the words. Karras was accusing Vallon of being in an alcoholic haze, and making up a wild story about mythical factions (by this I assume he meant The Order of the Keepers).

Karras then expelled Vallon from his office with a warning “that if he so much as smelt impurity on his breath he would have his hammer for it”. I trailed Vallon from the Hammerite Temple to a nearby public house. There he had an emotional outburst and consumed a large quantity of liquor. At this point I completed my shadowing of him. I am certain that if he tells anyone of his encounter at the library, they will not believe him.


Jyan, can you work that referenced book into Ayola’s report?

What, all of it? That would make it rather disproportionate!

No, just the bit she read. Ask her for details. If anyone wants to read the book, they can see it in the library, and there is no need to copy the entire thing out.

Done. You might have told me before I got one of the novices to star copying it. Ah well, at least they didn’t get far, so not much work was wasted.


Ayola, why do you insist on writing your reports in narrative style? If people want a story, they can read a novel.

Leave her alone, at least her reports are interesting, unlike some others.

There is nothing wrong with Keeper Deka’s style. It is detached, like it should be.

And it is boring. A visit to the Maw of Chaos. Do you realise the significance? Did the report have to be so plain?

You two move the conversation to the appropriate file. Or better yet, find each other and discuss it off the record.

My apologies

Mine too


I have removed the study of Karras to his own file. It is more appropriate there.

Why do you think it was put here in the first place? Bring it back!


Will you stop mucking up my report file? And there is nothing wrong with my narrative style.