by Garrett88

Chapter 1:

In my short career as a guard, I have worked for a number of people. First was lord bafford, then I was fired for not protecting his precious scepter. Then I was hired by Ramirez, and was fired when the thief, um what was his name, oh yes Garrett, robbed him blind. I hope he rots in Cragscleft. Then finally Constantine said he needed my assistance in his insane house. Man, I'm afraid to admit it but I frequently got lost in those hallways. How Garrett got through it is beyond me. After the demise of the Trickster, I started to go to the Grieving Burrick every day. This was a pretty classy place, but that was during the day. I always go between 6 p.m. and 12 a.m. and often spend a night or two there. After a while it became routine. I walked in at seven on some idle Tuesday and sat at my usual table to see a not folded on it. I opened it and it read:


I have heard of you previous troubles with Bafford, Ramirez and Constantine. I would like for you to accept my invitation to guard my manor. If you accept, come back at 2 tomorrow.

Nightfall, master of the Circle of Stone and Shadow.

I had heard of this Nightfall guy. A collector of unique things. His prizes include: Bafford's scepter, the Horn of Quintus, the First Hammer, Yora's skull and Murus's rosary, among other things. Guarding his manor would be like guarding Constantine's. I don't exactly need the money, but I like adventures.


Chapter 2:

It's 2 and he's still not here. I paid the barkeep and was about to leave when I was confronted by a dark, mysterious hooded figure. I assumed it was Nightfall.

"You're late," I said, under my breath.
" No you're early," he replied, in a deep, gravelly voice.
" Yeah, OK. So what do you need me for?"
" I want you to guard my Circle. Recently, a number of break-ins have occured. The thieves only got away with a few minor items, but I want it stopped now."
" What's in it for me?"
" 1,000 gold a day plus a permenant residence at the Grieving Burrick."
" OK I'll do it."


Chapter 3:

Nightfall's manor is more of a museum than a house. Upon entering I noticed the missing items Nightfall was talking about. I recognized some of the objects, but most remained a mystery. Nightfall was out and I was alone. For the first two hours nothing happened, but then I saw something in the shadows. I ran to the alarm button and waited for someone else to come. Suddenly, I was hit from behind.


I woke up in the care of a Hammer preist. I tried to speak but was in too much pain.
" Wh... Where am I?"
" In the local Hammerite temple."

After I recovered from my injuries, the Hammers told me to go to the main Hammer's office. In my long journey, I noticed all the Hammer shaped windows and pictures depicting a Hammer fighting one of the Trickster's minions. I arrived at the office of the High preist. I walked in and saw a large desk, carpeted floor, wardrobe, etc.
" Mister Scott, I'll be brief. We want you to become a Hammerite guard. This way someone will be there when you sound the alarm."
" Wait a minute. Every guy I have worked for has screwed me. I'm not sure I want to risk it."
" Our strcit Hammerite rules tell us that we must help our bretheren at all costs."
" Are you sure?"
" I swear by the Holy Builder."

With that he gave me my uniform and hammer.


Chapetr 4:

I never thought he would be rescued. I thought I hit him hard enough. I thought he was dead. But I was wrong.
" Nightfall, he's still alive."
" What ?!? Where is he? You told me he was dead."
" I know he was, but the damn Hammers got there first."
" You know what you have to do now Ghost."
" Yeah rob the Hammers and kill him."
" To Tim," I said, toasting Nightfall.
" To Tim," he said.


Chapter 5:

Although we were never allowed to speak of him, I was intrigued by this Garrett person. He had both robbed and helped us. He destroyed the Trickster and then disappeared. I have a feeling he'll be back.
" Keep your head up."
" Ok. I will."
Suddenly, I heard a loud scream and turned to see one of my brothers slumping to the ground. I ran to the alarm to alert the rest of the temple.
" The Builder shall guide me to thee."
As soon as I uttered those words, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see a shadow with two red eyes in it.
" This is gonna be fun."
I only saw a blur. Suddenly, an arrow went through my heart.

All I heard was laughter, and all went black.



This story is in no way associated with Correspondence of Thieves. The use of the Digital Nightfall character was authorized by Dan Todd. The use of the Ghost character was authorized by Obi-Ghost. If you like this story, send your opinions to GarrettTDP@aol.com Thanx.

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