by Cpt. Sqweky

Chapter One

Sqweky hit the ground... HARD.

Jumping from a second story window usually has that effect.

Not a sound left his mouth though; He just got up, and started running. He hurt, a lot. But he had been used to pain far too long for something not even crippling to slow him down. Sometimes he hated his cloak, others, he loved it. This was one of the first times. He could run faster without it, but if he let it go, not only would he have to replace it, he would lose almost all the stuff he just pinched, not to mention most of his knives. Sqweky liked his knives. The noise the guards were making was getting farther away. But this was still to close to the building to be at all safe. Finally, he found the canal again, and jumped right in. He surfaced, and waited in a shadow. Normally, he would just swim away, but the guards here were known for searching for much longer than any others. The Lord was also known to have guards beaten for not searching thoroughly enough. After a few minutes, a guard came cautiously, with another behind him.

"Are ye' sure that sompin' came from 'ere." The first asked.

"No, It was a while ago, and I only thought I heard something, but you know the Lord. He'll demand a thorough investigation of even rumors." Said the second.

"Well, what was it ye' 'eard."

"I don't know, sounded like someone tripped, I think."

They two circled around for about ten minutes, and then decided that the Lord would be satisfied with their search. Sqweky still waited at least ten minutes before starting back again, swimming down the canal. He eventually came to a certain grate and lifted it open. It led to the sewers. And this certain section of the sewers was led to another certain ladder where he made his hideout. He didn't live there, but it was where he laid low and hid his plunder. Plus, there would be some dry cloths to put on. Wet leather was just a tad... uncomfortable. Before he even changed his cloths, the sack that was tied to his cloak was overturned and dumped out. The contents were impressive. Plenty of gold coins, a few pocket-purses, and the true prize: A bottle of wine. No ordinary bottle of wine. It was a vintage said to be nine hundred years old. Opened once five hundred years ago and set into a metal container that would remain rust-free forever. Many believed it to be the oldest bottle of wine in the world.

Not many people would have an interest in that, but Surmas said he had a buyer, some guy who worked for that crazy new guy in town... Sqweky forget his name... Randolph or something, maybe.

Anyway, Surmas would be waiting. Sqweky took some of the gold and a few silvers and stashed the rest.

When he finally got home, he decided to enter in through the chimney. Surmas rarely had the fire going this late at night. He was right, but for the wrong reason. The fire wasn't going, but Surmas wasn't there. Sqweky looked in al the normal places, and there was no note for him. Strange. It couldn't be the Hammers, they didn't know about them. The local guards were happy with their meager bribes, and the thieves' guilds hadn't gotten around to noticing to small-timers like them. Just for safety, Sqweky pulled out a few knives and went into the bedroom. Once before, Surmas had used Sqweky's pillow for a note. Sqweky almost killed him for entering his room, (well, he would have, but Surmas was stronger than himself. And still was.) but maybe...

Sure enough, under the pillow was a note. Sqweky wanted to shout, but kept his temper in check.

It read:


Sorry to use your room again, but didn't want any of my 'guests' maybe seeing it. I'll be beak in a week, or not at all. If not, take what you can and find a new apartment. Don't worry, its nothing to do with Hammers, but... if I mess up, it will be.

P.S. You may want to move in less than a week.


Great... just great... What was he up too? Well, Sqweky figured he might as well get to sleep tonight and start moving tomorrow. Taff it! Surmas was the contact with the buyer for the wine. Sqweky would have to pull off another heist soon if he wanted to know if he was eating for the prescribed week. Maybe the coins he stole from that Lord's manner would pay for the week. Unlikely though.

Chapter 2