"That Arrow Was Meant For Me. . ."

1) Trailing The Assassins
2) Breaking In/ Silver Fire Poker
3) Ramirez' Bedroom
4) Looting the 2nd Floor
5) The Basement/ Ramirez
6) Getting Out
7) Getting Home

  • Trail The Assassins
  • Steal Bafford's Jeweled Septre
  • Break In
  • Steal Ramirez' Purse
  • Steal Ramirez' Purse
  • Steal Ramirez' Silver Fire Poker
  • Get Out
  • Get Home
Loot Requirements: 2000
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:2705

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note:Don't forget to grab as many supplies as you can from Farkus' store- he won't need them anymore. There should be 3 flash bombs, 3 fire arrows, 2 moss arrows, 2 water arrows, 2 noisemakers, and 3 rope arrows. Make sure to check under the counter. Don't take too long or you'll lose the trail.

Trailing The Assassins
     Obviously someone's trying to kill you. Before trailing them, grab as much equipment as you can. There are several routes the assassins use. They will turn and look back every 30 paces or so. Make sure to cling to the shadows, and be sure to use moss arrows to cover metal bridges and stairs (fig. 1). Eventually you'll come to Rameriz' place (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Breaking In/ Silver Fire Poker
     You can climb the wall here by stacking boxes and mantleing up, but it is incredibly time consuming (see the Assassins FAQ for more details). To go in thru the yard, wait for the patrols conversation to end, and their footsteps to fade well away, then fire some moss arrows onto the red gravel and go left/West. Beware of the overhead guard (he may hear you and leave his post to come looking. Just stay in the shadows and move along). Stick to the left wall until you reach the narrow part of the yard, then cross over in the shadow and stick to the right wall. There are two individual guards, as well as a 3 man patrol in this area, so move slowly. You will reach a section of red roofing. Give yourself time to pick the lock on the door opposite the castle, grab the flashbomb inside and climb the ladder. Jump across to the red section and mantle onto the balcony (fig. 3).

Fig. 3

Ramirez' Bedroom
     The chest to the right of the bed has a basement key. Crouch down and grab the ring (100) immediately in front of it. The door to the left of the fireplace is empty, but the bathroom to the right has 4 candlesticks, 2 chalices, 2 gold bottles, and an amulet (405 ttl). Grab the place setting in front of the fireplace which should include 2 gold cups, 2 gold bottles, and I gold plate (200 ttl). Grab the vase (100) on the mantle, (the papyrus is a letter to the corupt Commissioner) then extinguish the fire with a water arrow. Climb inside by crouching, look to the right for a gem (100) and to the left for the switch (fig. 4) to open the hidden passage. Rameriz' Silver Poker (fig. 5) is on the right (200) and the blue box at the end of the passage contains a purse (100).

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Looting the 2nd Floor
     Leave the bedroom and head down the hall to the right/South (there are two guards patrolling up here). The next door on the right has a vase (50) on the mantle. The next door on the right has a ring (100) on the bedside table, and another vase (100) on the mantle. Go back to the hallway Take the last door on the right/West and go thru the room to the stairs.

TThe Basement/ Ramirez
     Go left/North at the bottom of the stairs, then to the end of the green and white hall. Descend the stairs on the left to the basement. Follow the passage until you can turn right and open the the pink metal door with the basement key. Take out a few torches and hide in the alcove across from the first room on the left (the ‘counting room'). You can see Ramirez at work (fig. 6).

Fig. 6

     Launch a few moss arrows, maybe throw a flash bomb, and blackjack him. Steal his purse (250) and stash his body in the dark corner to the right of the doorway. If he has struck the gong, be aware that there's a servant on the way with Ramirez' dinner. Blackjack him as well. Loot the room. You should find: 6 water arrows, 4 moss arrows, 1 speed potion, 1 flash bomb, some coins (50 ttl), and a master key which will open the blue box (25 loot). There's a papyrus in the box on the floor containing some info on Victoria who you will meet in the next mission. Leave the counting room and exit thru the metal door, going straight up the hall in front of you until you can take a right/East, then swing around and head South to the stairs.

Getting Out
     At the top of the stairs, use the blue key to unlock the door. Take the corner and unlock the first door on the left. Be aware of the two guards in the machine room to your immediate left having a conversation about you. They are getting ready to exit the room. The room to your immediate right contains (75 ttl) and is a good place to wait for the guards to finish their conversation. Once the guards leave, enter the machine room on your left. Grab the coins on the desk (150). The blue box next to them contains 2 firebombs. The blue box near the barrels contains some coins (25).

     Climb the ladder in the corner up to the library. Follow the passage and press the red button to open the secret doorway (fig. 7)(this can be opened from the other direction using the highlighted book to the right of the fireplace in the library- fig. 8). Go out the Western door of the room. The first room on the right/North contains a place setting which should include 5 chalices, 2 gold cups, 2 gold bottles, and a gold plate (275 ttl). The room to the left/South contains a chest with a speed potion. Go back to the library. Take the stairs in the Southeast corner upstairs and grab the candlesticks on the desk (100). The chest to the left of the desk contains a ring (100).

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

     Back downstairs in the library, pick the lock on the double doors, go to the balcony and jump over into the water. If you've sounded the alarm or a body has been found by this time, your objectives will change (this is challenging to try so if you've been very careful and still want the objective change, climb back down to the machine room using the secret passage and set off the alarm on the back wall. Climb back to the library and proceed as follows.)

Getting Home
     Head South in the water and take the tunnel to the East. Ride the waterfall down and swim left to the ladder. Head Southwest down the slope until you see a metal door. Go thru and drop into the water. Follow East until you can mantle up to the left and take the ladder up (listen for patrolling guards before you open the manhole cover- you can shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling and climb up to hide if necessary). From here, make a right and head West then South until you come to the open door of the shop where you started on your right. Pass it and follow the road until you come to the metal bridge on your left. Instead of crossing it, go straight ahead thru the door and down the stairs and head East, crossing the bridge at the bottom of the stairs and going South up the wooden ramp. When you pass the brick wall on your left, turn left/South and pass the abandoned cart on your right. Continue East toward the red door until the mission stops.

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