"I Have A Simple Job Planned For This Evening. . . The Time Is Right For A Bit Of Burglury. . . "

1) Breaking In
2) The Basement
3) The First Floor
4) The Throne Room
5) Getting The Loot/ Getting Out

  • Break In Via The Well House
  • Steal Bafford's Jeweled Septre
  • Get Back To The Streets
  • Don't Kill Anyone
Loot Requirements: 700
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:1429

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Go past the front gate on your left, headed South till you can turn right (West) at the Blue ‘Moon & Star' sign. Walk a few feet beyond the loud ticking machine and look to your left for the arrow cache.(figure 1).

Figure 1

Breaking In
     Continue on past the arrow cache until you see a sewer manhole plate under a gas lamp (the noisy one). Pass it and head East . You'll pass the sound of voices and come to another gas lamp on the right- look behind it for the manhole plate (figure 2). Open it and climb down. Go East at the 4-way intersection. You'll see a door(figure 3). Flip the switch inside and look closely for the bracelet (100 gold/100 gems) on the ground by the wood shards. Head East thru the gate you just opened with the switch (figure 4) and climb the ladder. You'll hear the guard singing.

      Sneak up behind the drunk guard and pickpocket the key, but be wary of the other patrolling guard. Open the well house door and climb in to the well. Long drop. When you hit bottom do a complete 180 degree turn and head West . When you reach the oval room with the water draining from the ceiling (figure 5), dive under and go down the small tunnel to a room with a few small spiders and a chest with a ring (100 gold). Swim back out to the oval room and head West again. Follow the current and look for a breach in the wall on your right (figure 6). Walk up into a storeroom

Figure 5 Figure 6

The Basement
     Head into the next room and grab the healing potion in the chest. Sneak over to the open door to your left and wait for the guards conversation to end. When they start to walk away, follow the guard heading East. Follow him till he crosses the room the earthy floor and some metal grates (you can avoid them by using the doorway on the right. The guard will take up a post in the next doorway. If you're avoiding damage stats, you can sneak behind him to the right and lean forward to get the two flashbombs in the chest. Go left (North) behind him and hug the wall down to the stairwell and head up to the first floor.

The First Floor
     The chest on the left has some coins (5 gold), the other contains a worthless vase. (If this is your first time to pick up junk, it won't go into your inventory - it remains in the center of the screen until you 'drop' it - default 'r' key. Be careful about this in the future - if you have to drop junk in an area with guards nearby, they will hear you and come to investigate. Always try to drop junk on carpet or grass if possible). Take the first right and go through the door to the left of the torch when the hall ends. Go straight through this room into the kitchen and grab the gold vase on the top shelf to the right of the fireplace (100 gold). Go back out and to the southwest corner of the hall. Go out the west doorway and head through the carpeted area. You'll emerge in the southern wing.

     Knock out as many torches as possible here, and begin sneaking west through the wing. The last door on the right in this wing opens to a room that contains a gobblet (50 goods) and a gold plate (50 gold) on the table at the far right end of the room. Beware the patrol. Go back across to the North door Go up the stairs. Grab the vase (100 gold) and follow the staircases around counterclockwise. Grab the vase (100 gold) from the table in the next room. At the foot of the stairs, beware the guard when he passes, then head across the hall to the right and out into the courtyard. In the courtyard, take the staircase to your immediate left and head East at the top (figure 7). Walk right up to the yellow and gold ‘B' banner and slash it with your sword, revealing a secret passage to the throne room (figure 8).

Figure 7 Figure 8

The Throne Room
     Emerge as quietly as possible onto the beams. Take out all four torches in this room so you will have more freedom to move on the beams. This guards ears are VERY sensitive and he is trigger happy with the gong, so move as slowly as possible. This is a good place for a quick save. Get as close as you can to him, throw a flash bomb and then jump down and blackjack him.(If you're playing '0 damage' style, you should proceed to the next section to collect all the loot, then come back to the Throne room and just outrun this guard instead of blackjacking him.) You may take a little damage from the jump. Grab his key and the sceptre from the adjacent trone room, then use the left door to exit. This brings you out into a recessed area - hug the left corner for a few moments and figure out how the guard patrols are staggered.

     If you grabbed the two vases in the round rooms earlier, you've met your loot requirements, but there's a considerable amount left in the rooms up and down this hall. It is easier to loot up here if you blackjack the guards first, but why do it the easy way? Best to just avoid them. If you decide to take him out, the ideal spot for this task is at the end of the carpeted areas on the corners of the hall. The timing and position has to be just right, and you have to make sure you're standing completely in the dark, so this is a good place for a quick save if you plan on more looting.

     To loot the upstairs hallway (adjacent to the throne room), start at the Southern end. The first room contains a ring (100 gold) on the far bookcase. Working North down the hall the dining room on the right has 2 gold bottles (100 gold) on the right table. Pass the throne room entrance and Bafford's bedroom on the right contains a bracelet (75 gold/ 50 gems = 125) and 4 stacks of coins (total 48 gold). The last room on the left is the library- grab the bracelet on the right hand table (100 gold/100 gems =200) and continue on.

Getting The Loot/ Getting Out
     Once in the library at the North end of the hall. Grab the tiara (75 gold/50 gems = 125) on the table to the right if you haven't already, then head out the door at the other end of the room. Continue West down the walkway until you pass a staircase on your right, then follow the hall West past a second set, turn the corner and enter the first room on the right (beware the patrol). Go up the stairs and loot the last chest on the right for some coins (12 gold). The rest contain junk.

      Backtrack out to the hall, turn right and pass the spiral stairs on the right. Up the stairs in the next room is a crate with more coins (12 gold). Go back to the hall, make a left, go around the corner, and back to the second staircase on the left and follow the round rooms around to the North wing (check your map), stopping to loot the chest in the second room for a gold bottle (50 gold). From the North wing, go right thru the West door and make another left, grabbing the coins on the table (12 gold). Go back out and head South through the art room.

     You are now in the South wing. Through the Western door to the right is a bench with a chalice (15 goods). Go back out and head North through the art room and across the North wing. Go up the stone path, flip the switch for the gate on the right wall, and hit the streets.

      There is a way to collect all this by using the spiral staircase out front, but it's almost impossible to do it covertly. If you plan to use this method, thus alerting the guards, make sure to flip the gate switch in the North wing first, or they will kill you while you're waiting for the gate to rise). Follow the rooms around, stopping to loot the chest in the second room. Following the stairs will bring you into the North wing. Take the first doorway to the right, onto the carpeted hall. You will see a stone walkway. Look for the switch on the right which will open the gate (figure 9), taking you back to the streets.

Figure 9

      For a little extra fun on this mission, see if you can get all the guards to chase you around, then lead them out the front gate and lock them out. You'll need a lot of healing potions, but there's nothing funnier than a garrison of angry guards shaking thier fists and threatening you after they've been duped.

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