"It Wouldn't Hurt To Have A Few Dozen Heavily Armed Fanatics On My Side Just About Now..."

1) The Hammer Temple
2) The Priests Quarters
3) Secret Tunnels
4) The Element Pit
5) Rescuing The Priest

  • Find & Eventually Rescue the Hammerite High Priest
Loot Requirements: None
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:100

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For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note 1) If you deal any damage to the bugbeasts, you will be given an objective to kill them all. This is best if avoided, but if it happens, be sure when using gas arrows/mines to drop the creatures, that you follow by actually killing them w/ your sword after they are unconscious. You can tell that they have died when they stop bleeding, and your sword ceases to make contact. There are 4 bugbeasts: 1 in the temple, 1 in the element pit, 1 in the inner room above the Ratmen caves, 1 in the Ratmen caves by a fire.

Note 2)You will eventually be given an objective to retrieve the ‘Builder's Chisel'. If you have already obtained it, the objective will not by checked off on your goal list until the end of the mission, so don't panic.

Note 3) If you are playing the original version, and not the Gold version, you will notice a wooden raft that is intended to take the high priest to safety at the end of the mission, however a bug in the mission causes the high priest to drown upon ANY contact with the water (this means you can't even carry him downstream), so you'll have to take him through the Ratmen caves.

The Hammer Temple
      Grab 15 broadheads from the quill near the entrance and go into the room on the left for 6 more. The room on the right has 6 broadheads and a flashbomb. Go right in the hall, and work counterclockwise thru the rooms, finding 2 broadheads in each. From the Reliquary go West thru the main chapel and into the library study room for 2 broadheads and a flashbomb. Beware of a red spider in this area that shoots webs and energy darts. Go to the balcony adjacent the library and grab two more broadheads then circle back and go down the main stairs to the living quarters.

The Priest Quarters
     Go left and to the 2nd room on the right for a flashbomb, then continue South down the hall. The next room to the left has 12 broadheads. Beware the frog in the next room on the right. Continue counter clock wise in the hall past the kitchen and dining room to the other side. (In the downstairs Priest chambers there is a healing potion behind the pillar near the overturned desk). The first room on the right in this hall has a purse (100)- the only loot in the mission (fig. 1), which incidentally is useless since there's no loadout for the next mission. In the high priest room on the left is a healing potion and 2 mines. Head upstairs and to the main chapel and climb down the ladder inside the altar (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

The Secret Tunnels
     There are 4 ratmen in this area. You will hear a spider in the North, but he's not guarding anything so leave him alone. Stay to the right, heading East until you reach a tunnel heading away to the right and you hear some spiders (fig. 3). There is a red spider and a regular spider here, guarding ‘the Builder's Chisel' (fig. 4)which you will be asked to find as an objective later- go ahead and grab it now. Go back to the right into the room with the ramp and find a fire arrow in the fire, and 2 broadheads near the fallen bugbeast (this beast does not count as one you have to kill, if you have that objective).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

The Element Pit
      Go down the ramp to the pit area (fig. 5).

Fig. 5

     The door on your right is inaccessible right now. Go around the pit to the other side and take the passage down to a room w/ a moss arrow, and a room with a fire arrow. There's a ratman patrolling the beams, another below with 3 frogs and a bugbeast. You will not need to descend all the way into the pit, so avoid the ratman up here, or dispatch him quietly and you won't have to deal w/ the others. Go straight across the beams and grab 3 water arrows in the water room, the gas arrow in the space room, then go down the stairs on the far left (fig. 6) to get new objectives, the key and a map from your Hammer friend (fig. 7).

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

Rescuing The Priest
     Go back to the top of the pit and to the pink door (fig. 8). Open it with the key the Hammer gave you, and stay in the shadows.

Fig. 8

     There are several ratmen patrolling here, and a bugbeast you may need to kill. The quickest way to the lower area is thru the entry and the next room into the outer hall, so take the first right into the room w/ the bugbeast (fig. 9), then stay right, passing the bloody skeleton and bug cloud on your left, until you reach the far outer hallway. Turn right and go down the ramp (fig. 10) to the Ratmen caves.

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

     Hide in the shadows and kill the fires in the room to your right. If you look closely you'll see the red clothing of the High Priest in the back right of this room (fig. 11). It's impossible to get him from here, so make a left and stick to the outer left wall, making your way clockwise through the caves. When you reach a room w/ a pink door (your exit), take the Northwest passage (fig. 12 - toward the bug cloud) and go North past the skeleton in the plant.

Fig. 11 Fig. 12

      Go through the next room into the room with the High Priest (fig. 13). (You'll find the remaining bugbeast warming himself by a fire to the right, before you reach the Priest room). Grab him and head back South the way you came, keeping the skeleton and the bug cloud on your left. When you reach the pink door, follow the tunnel to another pink door which opens with the blue key. Drop the Priest at the window and the mission ends (fig. 14).

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

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