Q: Is there a way to avoid having to kill all the bug beasts?
A: Yes- have NO contact with them whatsoever. Don't attack them, and don't let them attack you. Once either of these things happen, you will be given an objective to kill them all.

Q: I've dealt with all the bug beasts, but my objectives show that I haven't - what's wrong?
A: You have to KILL the bug beast- gas arrows or mines do not kill them. If you knock them out with gas, be sure to kill them with your sword. You need to continue stabbing them until there's no more green blood or sound effect from your sword.

Q: Is there any loot in this level at all?
A: Yes - there's a purse worth 100 gold in the southeast priest quarters downstairs - on the floor in front of the plant table (fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Q: Where is the Builder's Chisel?
A: In the first set of caves, stay to the right wall until you come to the last tunnel (fig. 2). The chisel is in the spider lair behind the overturned pew (fig. 3).

Fig. 2 Fig. 3

Q: Why can't I use the raft to take the priest downstream?
A: In Thief Gold the ramp launch is disabled, but in the Original version, a bug in the game causes the priest to drown upon any contact with the water - so just take him through the pink door in the westmost room.

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