"Think I'll Go Make Some Inquiries About Where A Heretic Like Me Can Get Some Holy Water. . . Always Go Prepared."

1) Entrance/ Upper-Southern Vaults
2) Upper Northern Vaults
3) Where Am I? (The Burrick Caves)
4) The Halls Of Echoing Repose
5) The Horn Of Quintus
6) The Mystic's Soul
7) The Mystic's Heart
8) Getting Out

  • Steal the Horn of Quintus
  • Steal the Mystic's Soul
  • Steal the Mystic's Heart
Loot Requirements: 2000
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:2450

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Equipment recommendations:Holy water, water arrows, healing potions. Save 5 fire arrows for the end of the mission

Note 1): It cannot be emphasized enough- SAVE 5 FIRE ARROWS FOR MYSTIC SOUL OBJECTIVE!

Note 2): All Golden Bone sub-mission information will be in GOLD italics.

Entrance/ Upper Southern Vaults
     The crypt to the West has a chalice (15). Go down the rope and onto the boards. There's a zombie below, but no loot in the room, so drop and head out the Southeast corner. Follow the stairs. The left passage leads to some info about the Horn if you're interested. The right passage leads to a hall- take a right at the drop off and pick up a healing potion on the floor of the Alarus extention (look close), then go down the hall into a large room. Turn right in the room and go up the green stairs into the Upper Northern Vaults.

Upper Northern Vaults
     Climb the stairs and pass a chapel on your left (which contains a holy water fountain- remember this if you have zombie trouble) and continue on. The first room you come to has a vase (100) in the Southeast corner (beware the floor traps). In the next room, climb down the rope on the left. Go South and open the blue box by the body for a gem (100). Go to the next room and jump in the water (fig. 1) , headed North. You will emerge in a room hearing windchimes. Go to the far end and open the boxes (they're booby trapped so stand to the side)- the left one has a speed potion, the right one has six fire arrows. Go back across the pool and climb down the ladder (beware falling rock at the bottom- move quick!). Go into the red caves.

Fig. 1

Where Am I? (The Burrick Caves)
     No help from the map on this one. Follow the tunnel to the end and watch out for the burrick patrols. Jump into the earth tunnel and go right. Drop through the hole (fig. 2) and swim Southwest to the set of stairs. Beware the darkened floor traps (the best way through here is to walk diagonally between the traps- don't try jumping. The red dots indicate traps - fig. 3).

Fig. 2 Fig. 3

     Read the info on the Mystic's heart, grab the six fire arrows and the purse (100). Back down the stairs, swim over to the East earth tunnel and use a rope arrow to climb back down to the main burrick cave. From here, go right in the main cave and go right to the tunnel in the rock. Head East to the 4-way intersection. Go right (East) and right again at the end. Run past the burrick in this cave and grab the rope. In this room is some info on the Mystic's Heart and 6 water arrows.
     Climb back down and take the first passage to the right, thru the room with the dead burricks, then left back to the 4-way. Take the West passage till it ends and grab a gold nugget (50- beware the hole and very very long drop- the hole is not present in the Gold Edition). Back to the 4-way and South to the large burrick cave again. Head to the left until you see another tunnel up high with a rope dangling (fig.4). Climb up and follow it till you come to a huge cavern with several openings. Drop onto the ledge and head left to the next red tunnel. Follow it to the Halls of Echoing Repose.

Fig. 4

     Scenic route: drop down into the water and swim East to the shore. There's some info on the Mystic's Soul. Follow the tunnel around to a ledge and jump across. Drop left, and enter the burrick tunnel, staying to the left side. When you come to a passage too small for you, take the one to the immediate right and follow it to the red tunnel. Jump out and follow the water around to a crack in the ceiling and swim up.
     If you're collecting the golden bones -which comes in very handy later- stop off in the first air pocket and grab the first of four you will need to collect.
     Climb the stairs and head East thru the structures to the red tunnel where the instructions for the Halls of Echoing Repose begin.

The Halls of Echoing Repose
     For simplicity this section will be divided into three smaller parts. You will be led from one objective to the next, each section starting with a familiar reference point: Horn; Main entrance (where you are now- hereafter referred to as ‘the main entrance'). Mystic's Heart; Wooden ramp (the first wooden ramp you'll come to- referred to hereafter as ‘the wooden ramp'). Mystic's Soul; Main ramp (the first ramp you'll come to, with two coffins near the base- referred to hereafter as ‘the main ramp'. Note:1) Save at least 5 fire arrows for stealing the Mystic's Heart. Use holy water and water arrows on zombie's as much as possible. 2)It is beneficial to collect the ‘golden bones'- 4 extremities and a skull- for later in the mission- the locations will be noted in <> marks.
     First two golden bones: Go around entrance pillar and stay to the far left and look for the staircase enclosed in a white half-wall. There is one in the doorway to this area. For the other (if you didn't come the scenic route) descend the stairs and swim to the first air pocket- the bone is floating here. Go back to the stairs, climb up, and head East back to the main entrance.

The Horn Of Quintus
     The first room (not passage) to the right is a room with 4 bodies, a vase (100) and a golden bone. Deal with business, then head out and take the first left turn (fig. 5). When you come to Felix's fine looking corpse (and his info on the Horn), you will see a hallway to the Soutwest. Down the first passage is a room with a body (you should hear the sound of a fire trap above). Take the second ladder on the left and climb to the top coffin for a gold cup (25). Go back out and to the next door on the right. Open it and stand back to wait for the falling rocks. There are two bodies here that you can avoid or destroy. Walk straight thru the room and grab a vase (100) behind the rocks. Leave the room and make a left to go back to Felix's body. Pass him staying to the right (fig. 6). You will eventually come to the main ramp.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

     (At some point, go South from this ramp thru the next round room and East down the first right passage. Take the first door on the left and walk the outside ledge to the other side (the middle is booby trapped- use this to your advantage if you can lure some zombie's in here). Climb up for a goblet (50). Don't worry about the doorway over to the right- that comes later. Take a right out of the room and stay left till you come back to the main ramp.)
     Ascend the ramp and turn right over the body. This walkway leads to the wooden ramp. Go up (jump the gap) and make a left up the stairs then go up the next ramp. Turn left and stick to the right hand wall to avoid the purple energy blasts and turn right down the hall and into the cave.

Fig. 7 Fig. 8
Fig. 9

The burrick's should leave you alone. Head North toward the brick edifice and proceed to the tall column in the middle of the next room. There are a series of ladders you will have to climb to the top (quicksave between jumps). At the top grab the Horn of Quintus. Try to jump so that you are landing parrallel to the catwalks (fig. 11).

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

     At the top grab the Horn of Quintus. At this point it's easier to jump to the first few ledges and then to the walkways than to go back the way you came. Head back thru the burrick cave (they should be good and angry now) going Southeast. Backtrack to the bottom of the wooden ramp.

     Before you go after the Mystic's Soul, pass up the wooden hall (with the gap- that leads to the wooden ramp) and keep going to the next open area. Go right at the intersection (with the pile of bones) and follow the ramps up to the top room (the narrow hallway leads to an outside crypt with no visible loot.). Shoot a rope arrow and climb down (fig. 12). Avoid standing directly in front of the face, but grab the two eyes/gems (100 each) and four rope arrows in the blue box behind the back column. Climb out and backtrack down the ramps. When you reach the intersection with the bone pile, quicksave, then jump across to the ledge on your left. (if you're playing Thief Gold the ledge is made of wood and you can shoot a rope arrow into it - fig. 13). This is the Marad tomb. There is a chalice down on the left (15). Go back out to the ramp, making a left at the intersection (at the bone pile) to the bottom of the wooden ramp.

Fig. 12 Fig. 13

The Mystic's Soul
     From the bottom of the wooden ramp go left (fig. 14), then turn right into the hall with the hammer cutouts on the walls. This leads to a room with a hammer pattern on the floor. Don't step into the light, but go to the three extremities and grab the chalices (45 ttl).

Fig. 14

     If you've collected three golden bones thus far, climb down one of the ladders in this room. Throw the bones into the coffin, along with the 4th bone and skull you'll find. The floor will light up revealing 8 water arrows, 4 fire arrows, and 1 vial of holy water. Climb back out.

     Leave this room and go to the next one on the right. (In Thief Gold- there is a fire beast here that will drop fire arrows when doused with water arrows. If you douse him enough, he will run away, giving you time to complete your task). Note the 4 doors in the floor that light up when you center them (fig. 15). That's where you're going. Using your fire arrows, light the 5 torches around the room. Every door in the room opens (including your escape hatch -fig.16) and it turns into Night of the Living Dead.

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

     You can take these zombies out with your remaining fire arrows and take a look around (no loot) or jump through the door in the floor. Swim to the next room. Look around and observe the traps. At the South end of the room is the Mystic's Soul (fig. 17), but note that the floor in front of the stairs has two rows of darkened tiles. These set off the arrow traps on the columns to the left and right, and well as the energy bolt traps embedded in the stairs. The pressure traps on the stairs set off the engery bolt traps at the north end of the room where you just emerged. The best way to pull this off is to run up one side of the stairs, jump onto the side rail (fig. 18) and wait till the energy bolts are finished (there's stragglers, so be careful- this is a good place to quicksave).

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

Stand as far away from the gem as possible, out of the line of fire traps in front of you. Grab the gem (500) and jump back to the railing till the traps have all gone off (fig. 19). Be careful of the floor traps going back to the ladder, which will lead back to the black and white checkered tile room. Exit the room to the left and backtrack North past the wooden ramp to the top of the main ramp.

Fig. 19

The Mystic's Heart
     From the top of the main ramp (fig. 20), climb the ladder up to the coffins, then mantle up into the room. Drop or avoid the burrick in the next room and go thru the back door (fig. 21).

Fig. 20 Fig. 21

     Quicksave here. You will need to drop down, then move to the right or left as quickly as possible, after memorizing the location of the energy bolt's impact. Work your way down and go thru the door at the bottom (fig. 22). You'll see a sign warning you not to step in front of the statues. Good advice. The best route (fig. 23)is straight thru the room between the far Western statue, but to the right of the column. Go around this column, then weave your way thru the remaining pillars to the East side of the room, staying as close to them as possible. Stick to the left wall and step into the next room.

Fig. 22 Fig. 23

     Beware the Haunt appearing in the middle- stick to the shadows or drop him with a fire arrow. The Mystic's Soul is in the blue box at the end (1000). Step into the alcove behind to teleport back to the top of the beam/ energy bolt obstacle.

Getting Out
     Go back thru the burrick room, climb down the ladder and go down the main ramp. Head South thru the next room to the staircase, stopping to grab the silver nugget the right window sill (50), then East through either of the passages which lead back to the main entrance. Once there, go back thru the red tunnel, make a right into the cavern and climb the rope to the earth tunnel (Hint: if you're having trouble, try jumping to the right side of the tunnel). Climb the rope down into the burrick cave and head to the right/Southeast to the next tunne on the right. Run up the board to the red tunnel (note the yellow arrow marks on the walls), and follow it back to the Upper North Vaults. Climb the ladder and jump into the pool headed South. Go thru this room and climb the rope in the hall. Go right/South out of the room with the tiled floor and down the stairs to the next room. Turn the corner and go right again, passing the chapel on your right. At the bottom of the stairs turn right and go out onto the ledge. Quicksave and jump back to your rope, climb up to the boards and head South back to the entry tunnel, then up the rope to get out.

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