Q: Where Am I? (Understanding the Burrick caves)
A: There is one main Burrick cave, with 4 entrances/exits leading to/from it.

1 & 2)(fig. 1)
Turn right at the bottom of the board, drop down the hole (fig.2), and find this room (fig.3) with all the fire arrows you will need for the Mystic Soul puzzle. The floor traps are marked with a red dot.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 3

When you leave this room and go back through the tunnel you will emerge at the 2nd entrance/exit (fig.4). Fig.5 is the view from the main cave.

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

The third passage (fig.6) leads to a system of stone tunnels (it is to the immediate right of the passage in fig.5). It leads to a room with some water arrows (fig.7) and little else. There is also a little bit of loot in this system.

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

The fourth passage from the main cave (fig.8) leads to the crypts. Follow it and take the far tunnel in the next cave (fig.9).

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

Q: Where is the Mystic's Heart (or, why is that door locked?)
A: On Normal and Hard settings, there is a round room with a Burrick guarding a locked door. This door is non-existent in the Expert setting (fig.10) and is in fact the way to the Mystic's Heart. To get to this area, use the ladder at the top of the main ramp (fig.11).

Q: How do I get past the room with the beams and energy bolts?
A: This is one of the toughest puzzles in the game. Make sure to quicksave before you attempt the jumping and falling in this room. The shot below (fig.12) shows a good series of jump points to the bottom, the second being the most difficult.

Fig. 12

Q: How do I make it through the statue room (fig.13) to get to the Mystic's Heart?
A: The trick is not to walk directly in front of the statues, fig.14 shows a route that works well. Beware the Haunt in the main room once you beat the statues.

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

Q: I'm trapped in the Marad Tomb and can't seem to jump back onto the rope! What do I do? (fig.14)
A: This is a5known bug in the game. Simply shoot another rope arrow into the ceiling and climb out. For some reason, you often cannot re-climb the rope you used to climb into the tomb.

Fig. 15

Q: What are the 'Golden Bones?'
A: The Golden Bones consist of two leg bones, two arm bones, and a skull, all solid gold. They are scattered throughout the Bonehoard (for specific locations check out the Bonehoard Walkthrough). When placed in the sarcophagus (fig. 16) below the Hammer Shrine (adjacent to the Mystic Soul zombie room), they cause several weapons and tools to appear on either side of room. One leg bone and the skull are already in the room near the sarcophagus.

Fig. 16

Q: How do I open those four metal doors in the floor?
A: To get to the Mysitic's Soul, you need to find the round room with the metal doors in the floor. Light the 5 torches around the room (fig.17). This opens the floor hatch, as well as the surrounding rooms which contains a slew of zombies.

Fig. 17

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