"Sounds Like Keeper Talk for 'For We've Rigged The Place...'"

1) Entrance/ Caverns
2) The Basement
3) The Water Talisman
4) First Floor Boxes and Flute
5) The Cash Box/ Back To The Streets
6) 3rd Floor/ Back To The Streets

  • Locate Giry for Information
  • Find and Steal the Water Talisman
  • Find a Way Back Out of the Caverns
  • Find Opera House
  • Steal Contents of the Cash Box from the Ticket Office
  • Steal the Silver Flute
  • Grab 2000 in loot
  • Don't kill anyone
  • Get Back to the Streets
Loot Requirements: 2000 (When Objectives Change)
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For: 2920

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page

     (Climb to the gateway and jump to the North roof- then across toward the West tower. Grab the moss arrow, then jump quietly to the window sill, grab 6 broadheads around the corner, and pick pocket the archer if you like- the key is to the door at the bottom of the tower.)
     Open the North doors and go thru the left sewer door. Take the ladder down and go to Giry's body. Grab the healing potion, then run past the spiders to the next pool and jump in- either direction brings you around to an underwater passage in the East. Grab the water arrow on the bottom and emerge in the crayman caves (fig. 1). There are 3 craymen here, but you can avoid them by sticking to the right wall. Go to the rock near the pool and turn left (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

     Go down the far right passage staying to the right. Sneak behind the crayman and jump in the next pool by the bone pile (fig. 3). The first tunnel to the left has a breath potion. Jump back in and go down the South tunnel, which eventually turns East, using the airholes along the way if necessary. Emerge at the foot of the stairs, grab the sivler nugget (50 gold -fig. 4) on the Northeast ledge.

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     Let the crayman here chase you up the stairs. In the above room, crouch and let him follow you toward the empty blue chest- the arrow traps should finish him off (fig. 5). Grab the two arrows out of the body and proceed East to the next pool, and East to the Raoul, the ex-Opera house owner. Wait for him to finish babbling, grab the map and key from him (fig. 6), the moss arrow from the roof, and head up the rope.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

The Basement
     Go left/East at the split and mantle up. Go thru the crawl space at the end into a prop room. Turn right in the hall and head West to the wooden door on the right (beware the clockwise patrol in this area). Inside the room, grab 2 fire arrows, 3 flashbombs, and a gas mine. Continue West in the hall and take the next hallway to the left. On your left there is an employee walking between two rooms. Let him pass, then slip into the 2nd room on the left, and quickly go up the ladder in the furnace (fig. 7) and slash the banner to enter Raoul's hideout. Grab the lost city papryus (150 goods) and the two candlesticks (100 gold ttl). The secret door here leads to a high traffic lobby (if you need to get back here later from the lobby- push the switch in the middle of the sun in the adjacent room - fig. 8).

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

      Go back down the ladder and left out of the small hallway until you reach the long South hall. Go right/West towards the wine cellar (fig. 9).

Fig. 9

      Beware the employee here, and go to the back side of the outer hall for a gold bottle (50 goods) next to the box. In the inner hall, find a gold bottle (50 goods) in the far left room in the bottom middle cubby. In the smaller inner hall, grab the gold bottle (50 goods) in the far left corner. The room at the far right has a gold bottle (50 goods) in the top middle cubby (you can jujmp to reach it). Leave the wine cellar headed East down the South hall. Look for grey stone to the left and go down to the bath for two water arrows. In the South hall, the last room on the left (before the stairs) has a healing potion in the crate on the immediate left (in the room w/ the dancers. Beware the patrol here. Stay in the shadows and you shouldn't cause too much of a fuss). On the South side of the hall are three rooms with a patolling employee. Go to the last one on the East and through the left door to a round room. Up the ramp (go slowly) is a chef, but you can grab 2 gold cups (50 gold) and 2 gold plates (100 gold) from the counter without him noticing (fig. 10). Go back to the middle room downstairs, and up the ladder in the fireplace to the 1st floor (fig. 10).

Fig. 10

The Water Talisman
     (Remember in the halls that you can use a rope arrow to climb up and hide when a patrol approaches - fig. 11.) Go to the right/East and open the hidden door (fig. 12).

Fig. 11 Fig. 12

     Sneak around clockwise to the table while the conversation carries on and grab the tiarra (75 gold/ 50 gems) and healing potion. Lean into the hall and douse the torch so the performers won't see you leave the room. Go right in the hall (the other room on the right contains a note from Lord Bafford) turn left at the end into the backstage area. There is a patrol above and some patrols on the ground, so listen for the overhead guard to walk away, then climb the ladder to your right and jump across to the South ledge (w/ the sandbags - fig. 13). Go West down the hall to the 1st door on the left and grab the lost city papryus (150 goods) from the far right cubby. The last room on the left has two candlesticks (100 gold). Unlock the last door in the hall and douse the torches (beware the guard here). If you're careful you can sneak behind him and grab the key to the next door, but be sure to shoot a moss arrow to the tile before going through (fig. 14).

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

     In the next room on the left, grab the three jeweled cups (45 goods ttl) out front, the 3 gold plates (150 ttl gold) around back, then go thru the secret door on the bottom West of the column (fig. 15). Use Raoul's key to unlock the door up top (the lock is easy to miss - fig. 16).

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

     In Lady Valarus' office, find the key to the Water Talisman chest in the small box on the bottom shelf (fig. 17), a ring (100 gold) on her desk as well as info regarding the flute, the key to Cribb's safe which holds the flute, and the Water Talsiman in the black box (fig. 18). Go back down the stairs.

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

First Floor Boxes and Flute
     Turn left in the hall and into the stairways on the right (the area w/ the blue floor -fig. 19). Be very careful here-stay to the edges as much as possible. It's loud and there are several guards patrolling. The overhead statue on the right has a gold nugget (100 gold) at his feet (fig. 20 -use a rope arrow). Back in the hall go thru the next door on the left/South and into the next room (w/ the fire place) for two gold cups (50). Go back to the hall and head East in the next hall to the boxes.

Fig. 19 Fig. 20

     There is a woman with glasses (25 gold/25 gems) in the far east box on the right. (You can usually get close enough to pickpocket the nobles by slipping thru the door and into a dark corner of the box - fig. 21. They should make a comment, but will not see you if you move quickly). An archer with a healing potion patrols this hallway, but head North to the middle box and grab the man's purse (100 gold). Continue North to the last boxes on this floor for another pair of glasses (25 gold/ 25 gems) with the woman.
     From here you can go West to the stairways and take a left (very loud floor- stay to the edges if possible) into the area w/ the vase (fig. 22). The room beyond has a couple, the woman has a pair of glasses (25 gold/ 25 gems). It is almost impossible to grab these w/out raising an alarm, so you may consider a well placed gas arrow, then hide the bodies in the corner. Just beware of the patrolling guard (who has a speed potion). Back in the hallway, head West to the breezeway and go around to the right. Grab the necklace (100 gold/ 100 gems) from Lord Bafford, then go back down the hall past the stairways on the right and take the hall on the left.

Fig. 21 Fig. 22

     Follow this hall past the library on your left and unlock the wooden door at the end. Go to Cribb's office on the left, unlock the door, and quickly use the yellow key to open the wall safe (fig. 23) while the coversation/singing is still going on- once it's over the female will start to pace into the room. Grab the Flute (150 goods) and go left in the hall to the backstage platform. Jump to the ladder and go out the North passage. The second door on the right has two purple vases (200 goods ttl). Unlock the metal door at the end of the hall (beware the patrol).

Fig. 23

The Cash Box/ Back To The Streets
     In this hall, the 1st door on the left leads to the auditorium, the 1st on the right is storage, the 2nd on the right is a guard room w/ two guards and 6 broadheads, 2 gas arrows, and a healing potion, and the 2nd on the left has a goblet (50 goods), and 3 gold plates (150 gold ttl). The metal door at the West end of the hall is the ticket office (fig. 24). Use moss arrows here if necessary. The first box on the right has an employee, and the cash box is in the first safe on the bottom right (fig. 25).

Fig. 24 Fig. 25

     It contains a stack of gold coins (25 gold) (Giry lied). Your objectives are now completed, but if you intend to collect the remaining loot, skip to the section entitled 3rd Floor'. Otherwise, unlock the far West door (be prepared to deal w/ an archer here). Go down the stairs and left to the North hall (beware the patrol here) and right to the prop room where you entered. Go thru the crawl space and left in the sewer to the ladder at the end. Climb up and to the streets.

3rd Floor/ Back To The Streets
     Go back down the hall past the backstage prop rooms on the left and to the stage. Go up the left ladder and jump to the North platform. Pass Cribbs' office on the right, and go thru the wood door. Go down the hall to the library (the metal door on the right). Climb the stairs to the 3rd floor and leave the room heading South. Turn left to the boxes and grab the gobblet on the table to the right. The man in the first box has a purse (100 gold) (nothing in the next box). Go left/South in the hall to the next box on the left for a pair of glasses (25 gold/ 25 gems). Go back out to the hall and turn right/North, going counterclockwise to the Southwest corner of the hall. Slash the banner here (fig. 26) and follow the passage down the ladders to the coat check thru the secret door. Grab the purse (100 gold) in the first hold on the bottom right. There is a woman thru the door here. You only have one piece of loot left to collect and it's in a well guarded and noisy area. The easiest way to do this is to run past the woman, out the door and straight for the fountain (there's a guard here)- the fountain has two water arrows. The statue on the left has a tiarra (75 gold/ 50 gems) on his head (fig. 27). Grab it and go thru the West doors in either of the adjacent rooms to the breezeway, then West thru the breezeway to the streets.

Fig. 26 Fig. 27

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