"Apparantly They Didn't Approve Of His Occupation. . . & I Doubt They Approve Of Mine"

1) The Mines
2) The Factory
3) The Prison
4) The Barracks & The Evidence Box
5) Finding Nammon's & Felix's Notes
6) Getting Out


  • Find and release Cutty and Basso the Boxman
  • Find your lucky hand of glory (in Issyst's cell)
  • Don't Kill Any Humans

New Objectives:
  • Find Evidence Box
  • Find Felix's Map
Loot Requirements: 1000
Loot Available: 1688
Loot Accounted For: 1688

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note: There are two silver nuggets and one gold nugget totaling 150 in loot that are not present in the expert level. These were the ones in the river on the 4th level.

The Mines
     Jump in and grab the gem (35) in front of the rock as you enter the shaft. Once inside avoid the body. Go down the passage to the right for a gold and a silver nugget (150 ttl) , then back to the body. From the body, go left in the toward the factory, thru the shaft with the beam obstruction to the elevator. Ride the elevator down one level, kill the spider and grab the moss arrows-you'll need them later. Leave the elevator going North then, avoiding the body, thru the door to the right. In the room with the electric machine, follow the small ‘tube' on the right (fig. 1) into a room with three bodies. You can walk straight thru the room and mantle up several times till you see an opening on the left. Walk the ledge into the other room and jump across for a silver nugget (50). From here you can go back to the broken bridge, climb onto the wooden side and mantle up to the next level (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

     Take the first left past the stained glass window and go up the stairs to the chapel (fig. 3). You should find in this room: 1 healing potion, 2 holy waters, some water arrows, a candlestick (50) and a hammer (75) in the window sill. There is also a fount of holy water so you may want to play a little chase with the zombies up here, then lure them into the chapel.      Head back toward the elevator and then West past the dead Hammerite. Turn left/North onto the tracks toward the factory. Hug the right wall to avoid the booby trapped skeleton. There is a gold nugget (100) and a silver nugget (50) at the top of the ladder in the next room. Move forward into the hall and go left. Pass the first entrance to the room with the stairs and hide in the shadows on the second doorway. Douse the torch and sneak past the guard and up the stairs. Take the door on the right/north and go north thru the rooms and up the stairs. When you reach the 'mines' sign, go right/south and onto the catwalk (fig. 4).

Fig. 2 Fig. 3

The Factory
     Past the wooden door, go left/South into the factory. Crouch down and follow the wooden bridge to the end. Believe it or not, the faster you do this, the less the workers notice. Lean over the edge of the ledge and shoot a moss arrow onto the ground (fig. 5). Turn around and watch for the patrol to walk away, then jump the wall and run forward up the sets of stairs and hide in the shadows near the next guard station. Hug the shadow on the right wall and wait until the conversation is over, then pickpocket the guard as he walks by (or you can follow him and blackjack him around the next corner).

Fig. 5

The Prison
     Releasing Cutty
     Head for cellblock 4. Kill the torch at the entrance and sneak across here with the help of the flickering light. Go left/South up the stairs toward cellblock 4. Cross the room sticking to the shadows and watching the direction of the post guard in the room above. Go up the stairs and toward the guard room using the same tactic. Hide in the corner opposite the door. Unlock it and sneak behind the guard to flip the switch (fig. 6). Cutty is in cell 6. The controls work as follows:

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

2 1 7
4 3 8
6 5 9

     After finding Cutty (fig. 7) your objectives change, but we'll get to that in a moment.

     Finding Basso the Boxman
     Go across to cellblock three. Before turning to go to the guard room, be aware of the guard who will sometimes stand with his back to you around the next left corner. Repeat the above steps to open Basso's cell. An unconscious Basso is in cell 4 (the switches work the same as above, but mirrored - fig. 8-9). You'll want to drop Basso off somewhere near the guard station with the flickering light so you can pick him up on your way out when you've completed your other objectives.

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

     Finding Issyst (& your hand of glory)      Head back toward the prison entrance and go to cellblock 1, repeating the above steps to deal with the guard. Issyst (or what's left of him) is in cell 9 (fig. 10-11), and the switches work the same as in cellblock 4.

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

The Barracks & The Evidence Box
     Head East out of cellblock 1 and follow the sign to the barracks (fig. 12). You may have to deal with the mage to your right as you approach the stone staircase (this is easier if you kill the torch). You'll emerge into a hall. Turn left into the shrine and nab the hammers on the pedestals (150 ttl) and the candlesticks in the window sill (100 ttl). Be sure to observe the two patrols in this area. Exit the shrine heading South and follow the hall. The first room on the right has a purse (100) in the chest, the second has 10 broad head arrows. Back to the shrine. There is a room on the backside of the patrol route that contains a hammer (75) a book, and two very angry mages.

Fig. 12

     Head south down the hall, then make a right and go up the stairs. When the hall splits, take the left room first. Go thru the door in this room and observe the patrol thru the window. Get his key. Go back to the office and loot the wall locker (evidence box). It contains a gem (100) and a bracelet (125). Grab the scroll on the shelf next to the desk for yet another problem. Nammon has stolen Felix's notes. We'll deal with that in a minute. For now, go to the room at the other end and loot the wall locker for a gem (100) and a bracelet (200), and slash the banner on the left for 3 gold bottles (150 ttl) (fig. 13).

Fig. 13

Finding Nammon & Felix's Notes
     Work your way back to the prison and the entryway for cellblock 3 and 4 (with the flickering light). To the left of the guard window is a crawl space (fig. 14). You will find Nammon, Felix's notes, and some coins (78 ttl) in the far Southeast corner. Go back out to the guard station.

Fig. 14

Getting Out
     Keep Basso with you, dropping him only to use your hands. Cross the guard station (with the aid of the flickering light) back to the West side of the room. Shoot a noisemaker or broad head across the room. When the guard comes out, quickly grab Basso and run into the guard room, jump the railing (fig. 15) and ride the waterfalls back down to the mine level.

Fig. 15

     Follow the water until you come to a coal cart underwater on your left. (Note: you move considerably slower underwater while carrying a body, so don't waste time). Go left and climb up (you'll have to drop Basso, walk out, them pick him up again). You may want to stash Basso and deal with the patrol guard. Proceed thru the mines till you see some tracks on the right. Follow them to the tracks with the beam laying across them. Turn right and continue following the tracks past the booby trapped skeleton (which you should have defused earlier). Turn left and pass the dead Hammerite to get to the elevator shaft. Press the top button (and be patient). The third button will take you back to the entrance. Exit the elevator to the left and go toward the body buzzing with flies. Follow the tracks out.

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