"Looks Like I'd Better Get Moving, Or Whatever Those Things Are Will Waste A Perfectly Good Rescue."

1) The Easy Path
2) The Lucrative Path
3) The Ratman Caves
4) The Plans
5) More Ratman Caves
6) The Treehouses
7) The Spider Tunnels
8) The Basement
9) The Mansion

  • Get your stuff back
  • Find some information on Constantine's plan for the Eye
  • Get out alive
Loot Requirements: None
Loot Available:
(Original version): 2255 (Gold version): 4106 (amounts based on loot from preceding mission)
Loot Accounted For:2255

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note: There is a direct and simple way to finish the mission without collecting any loot. It will be given first, then the more lucrative path will follow.


Most people hate this level, so here is a quick and easy way out. Be warned that if you use this method, you will be absolutely broke at the next loadout. You can do most of this at a dead run, or by quicksaving in safe places, but you will still encounter a large amount of enemies along the way regardless. Grab your stuff from behind the altar and head out the South door. There is equipment in the window across from the balcony, and it will help to have the gas arrow on the right. Leave this room by the Northeast corner and go to thru the next cave and into the greystone tunnel to your right. Beware the spider, and pass two skeletons. At the red intersection, go to your immediate left. Beware the spider and continue to a large cave w/ two frogs, two bugbeasts, and a treehouse. You can kill the torches and make your way to the treehouse w/o conflict if you're careful. Rope up and grab the equipment, but be sure to read the book, since this is the info you're looking for. Go back the way you came, and go South at the red intersection. Turn right at the skeleton in the greystone tunnel. When you come to a cave w/ a big tree, turn left down the gravel path, then right up the next path to the red stone tunnel. When you come to a large tree on the left, go around it and through the ‘secret passage'. Take a right/West up the path to the next gravel path, pass the spider pit and follow the tunnel to the metal ramp of the mansion's basement. Take the next metal ramp to the right, and follow the vine carpet to the door. Go up the steps, make a left into the hallway from the landing and follow the hall in a dead run to the front door.


The Ratman Caves
     At the altar, grab your blackjack, 3 noisemakers, 2 rope arrows (fig. 1), and leave via the South door. At the balcony, shoot a rope arrow into the wood above the window (fig. 2). You will need to move quickly to avoid a blast from the bug beast. Also make sure that you are level with the window before jumping to it or you'll fall to the ground. Reach around the corner for the gas arrow, then grab the gold nugget (100 gold), 6 broadheads, 2 noisemakers, 2 flashbombs, 2 gas mines, and a regular mine.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

     Use the gas arrow to take out the bugbeast as soon as possible (unless you're playing full stealth, which is nearly impossible on this mission). You can wage war from your position here, then grab your rope arrows and head out the South passage. Grab the water arrow and fruit in this cave then head back into the room you came from. There is a fire arrow on the North pedestal. Go into the crawl space past the ramp and shoot a rope arrow into the overhead beam (fig. 3). In this tunnel you should find a water arrow, and a gem (100 gem). Jump from the last window and grab the two water arrows in the vertical pool, then go South to the red cave and grab the fruit. Go back down to the grey tunnel on your left/East (fig. 4).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     Beware the spider and grab the gold nugget (100 gold) at the second skeleton. Continue to the water arrow. The spider lair on the right has a water arrow. Go back east to the moss arrow and take the tunnel on the left (fig. 5). Go thru the spider lair to the cave with the tree house (fig. 6).

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

The Plans
     There are two frogs and two bugbeasts here that can be easily avoided by dousing the torches. Rope up to the treehouse and find a mine, a rope arrow, a flashbomb, a gas arrow, and 3 silver nuggets (150 gold ttl). Read the book to meet your objective (fig. 7), then head back through the spider lair to the red 4-way intersection.

Fig. 7

     The lair on the left has a moss arrow. Follow the South tunnel to the East until you reach a spider lair with a water arrow and a gold nugget (100 gold). Go back to the passage on your left/South to the skeleton (fig. 8). The vertical pool to your left has 4 water arrows, but go West from here to the next cave w/ a tree (fig. 9).

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

Ratman Caves Continued
     Grab the fruit and the fire arrow at it's base, then go left/South down the path. This is a very busy area, so be patient or ready to fight it out. Go up the next path to the right grabbing the water and moss arrow as you go. Get the fruit from the next cave, then turn around and go back East and then South to the next large treehouse.

The Treehouses
     This area is also very busy with several Ratmen, a Bugbeast, and 2 fire elementals. Grab the silver nugget (50 gold) and the fruit on the left (note the nice dark hiding place on the left as well), then rope up to the treehouse (fig. 10). You should find a flashbomb, a rope arrow, 4 noisemakers, a gas mine, and 10 broadheads. Continue South to the next cave. On your left is a room with several fires burning (fig. 11). On the North ledge are a few water arrows, and the first fire on the right has a fire arrow. The ledges above lead back to the spider caves.

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

     Continue South to the next tree house. There are two pieces of fruit and a moss arrow on the ground here, and in the tree you will find 2 noisemakers, a gas mine, 2 flashbombs, and a mine. Around the back to the right is a tunnel leading to a lookout over the next set of spider tunnels.

The Spider Caves
     Jump down from the tree house (not the lookout) and head North. Take the first passage on the left, grab the water arrow and the gem (100 gem). Go right at the split and to the grey enclave which has a moss arrow and a silver nugget (50 gold -fig. 12. If you fall through the spider pit later- this is where you will land). There is a purse (100 gold) in the larger room and 2 water arrows in the vertical pool. Head West and grab the moss arrow on the right. Look up to the grey rock for 2 silver nuggets (100 gold - fig. 13).

Fig. 12 Fig. 13

     Go West down the path and take the first left into some more spider caves. The first cave on the left has a gold nugget (100 gold) the cave in the middle has a water arrow, and the cave on the far right has a water arrow. Follow this lair through (fig. 14), grabbing the fire arrow and moss arrow along the way. Take the next right into the room with the columns (fig. 15).

Fig. 14 Fig. 15

The Basement
     There are three Ratmen in patrolling near here, and two more further up the hall. Stay to the right (the room near the red barrels has some fruit and there's a moss arrow past the barrels). Go West up the metal ramp and West again up another metal ramp until you reach the orange and green vine carpet (fig. 16) which leads to the basement door.

Fig. 16

The Mansion
     The floor plan here is essentially the same as when you stole the sword, but the top halls and the gardens are closed off. There's fruit on the landing and a gold nugget (100 gold) at the top of the stairs. In the hall, go South around the corner and West to the tower on the left and grab the gem (100 gems) on the step (fig. 17). Go back to the bar and get the two gold bottles (100 goods ttl), the gold vase (100 gold) and the jeweled cup (15 goods) on the shelf behind the bar (fig. 18).

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

     Also grab the jeweled cup (15 goods) in the Northwest corner here (fig. 19). Go West thru the bar to the next room, grab the purse (275- or your total from the last mission, depending on whether you're playing the Gold version -fig. 20).

Fig. 19 Fig. 20

     Upstairs, the room on the right has fruit and the middle room has a gas arrow. Go downstairs to the dining room and grab the gem (100 gems) under the table (fig. 21). There's a ratman and fruit in the adjacent kitchen. In the West hall, take a right and go to the last hall on the left to grab the gem (100 gems -fig. 22).

Fig. 21 Fig. 22

     Go South and up the stairs for a gem (100 gems) and some fruit. There's also a moss arrow on the landing. Go South in the hall again and take the last door on the right. There's a bugbeast in the next room. Climb the ladder (beware the ratman) and grab the gold nugget (100 gold) under the plant, and the two silver nuggets (100 gold ttl) in the next room. Leave via the balcony, or go to the front door if you don't have a rope arrow left.

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