"Sound Like They Could Use A Third Party To Settle Their Disagreement..."

1) Getting Into the Restaurant
2) The Overlord's Fancy
3) Downwinder's/Thom/Lord Randall's Bracelet
4) Reuben's House/Donel's Key
5) Getting To Donal's
6) Donal's House/Lord Randall's Vase
7) Looting The Guild
8) Getting Out

  • Break Into the Downwind Thieves Guild
  • Steal Lord Randall's Saphire Vase
  • Steal Lord Randall's Bracelet
  • Get Back To The Streets
  • Don't Kill Anyone
Loot Requirements:2000
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:2716

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note:This is possibly the most complicated map in the game. From conversations or scrolls you can easily miss, you will gain the following knowledge:
1) Donnel has Lord Randall's Vase locked in his private safe in the West.
2) Reuben has stolen the key to Donnel's safe. He has also entrusted his house key to his right hand man, ‘Thom'.
3) You must first find Thom, get the key to Reuben's house, steal Donnel's safe key from Reuben's quarters, then retrieve the vase from Donnel's safe.

Getting Into the Restaurant
     Take a few steps forward to trigger the converstation at the door. When it's over, head East to the barrels and pick the metal door in the Southwest corner (fig 1). Beware the patrol out here. There is a woman and two patrols inside. Head West thru the kitchen and thru the room w/ the fireplace into the counting room which has a restaurant key, 2 copper coin stacks (10 gold ttl) and 1 silver coin stack (15 gold) in the box on the table to your right. Go out thru the left door and upstairs. There's a patrolling servant here. The room on the left contains a sleeping thief, a rope arrow, and a gold coin stack (25 gold). The room on the right contains the opening to the vent shaft. Fire a moss arrow to the metal floor, then a rope arrow into the ceiling (fig. 2) and climb down (the woman in the kitchen will most likely see you).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

The Overlord's Fancy
     Ignore the atrocious music and go to the left and down the hall, but douse the torch. Pass up the entrance to the casino, and deal with the thief behind the first pink metal door. In the gambling hall, the table in the southeast has a silver coin stack (12 gold), and the table in front of the window to the left has two copper coin stacks (10 goldttl). Sneak West to the two gamblers and grab 3 copper coin stacks (15 gold) and a gold coin stack (25 gold) from their table. Continue West around the corner, dousing torches as you go. The table with the roulette wheel ahead has a sliver coin stack (12 gold). (There are two water arrows on the east end of the blue tile counter if you need them and can get to them.) Spin the roulette wheel to open the secret passage to the Downwinder's Guild on the West (fig. 3).

Fig. 3

     The remaining loot in the hall is possible to claim without causing major commotion if you can squeeze through the West window to the guard room. Grab the purse (50 gold) and sneak back out. There are two copper coin stacks (10 gold) on the table in front of the guards, and a purse (50 gold) inside the guard station on the right hand shelf, along w/ a healing potion and 2 water arrows. If you can't get thru the window, grab the coins from the table first. This should draw out the guards. Get them to chase you around in the dark until you can lose them momentarily, then grab the goods from the guard station. If they see you, you'll want to lose them again before you go thru the secret door, lest they fallow you.

Downwinder's Guild/Thom/ Lord Randall's Bracelet
     Listen to the conversation, then grab the two moss arrows on the shelf to the right. One thief has a purse (10 gold). Take the passage to the left of the ramp to a room w/ a mine, a flashbomb, and a scroll about paying tributes Northside. Go back to the ramp and go up West to the Northeast corner door (fig. 4). The swordsman patrolling here has a healing potion. On the purple turf, find 2 moss arrows in the a crate in the room to the left, and beware the patrolling servant in this area. Go right thru the red carpeted room to the next room on the right and grab the gold cup (25 gold) from the top shelf. Go East to trigger the conversation, then follow one of the thieves thru the West door (fig. 5).

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

     The room on the left has a thief, and a silver nugget (50 gold) in the crate on the right, and a mine in the one on the left. There's a secret half door on the North end of the hall w/ an archer. Douse the torches, and go thru here to a woman w/ a purse (30 gold) and the blue boxes containing a flashbomb and healing potion. Go East down the hall to the sewer entrance (#66) (fig. 6) and straight to the metal door. In the sewer, take the first left, then head straight to the next roumd door on the left. At the top of the ramp (beware the patrols), Thom is in the 2nd room on the left (fig. 7).

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

     Crouch to grab Donnel's house key from the bookcase on the north (fig. 8). Lord Randall's bracelet (50gold/25goods) is behind a secret door on the back side of the fireplace. Also get the gold coins (25 gold) under the table. Go back to the hall and take a left/West up the ramp. There are two guards patrolling this area.

Fig. 8

Reuben's House/Donnal's Key
     Go north to the guard tower/front door and sneak behind the archer (fig. 9). Inside there are two servants pacing around. Head North, pass the cell w/ the spider in it and go thru the East door and up the stairs. Two guards patrol here, and thru the north door, there is a woman in the kitchen, and an archer patrolling further inside. The chambers to the left contain a gold cup (25 gold) and a copper coin stack (5 gold). There is a water arrow on the stove mantle in the kitchen. Go North down the hall and right under the wooden door facings to a bathroom at the end. Go thru here and you will emerge in the guards quarters. Grab the copper coin stacks (10 gold ttl) on the tables and the silver coin stack (12 gold) from the crate. Go out the West door to the next door on the right and grab the amulet (35 gold/ 25 gems) under the desk. The metal doors in the West contain 2 water arrows (the 1st door) and a fire arrow and a gemstone (80 gems) (the 2nd door - fig. 10).

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

     Go back South to the room with the bunk beds and fire place (adjacent the kitchen). Look for the highlighted book on the left to open a secret stairwell (fig. 11). There are two sleeping thieves at the top and the crates contain a flashbomb and a healing potion. Go South into the library and read the papryus for info about the key. There is an archer w/ a healing potion on the landing here, and two thieves patrolling the inside rooms upstairs- you will need one of their keys to get in to Reuben's quarters. Go straight across the landing East into the bedroom and grab the gobblet (25 goods) on the left. The next room has a jeweled cup (15 goods) on the right. Go across the hall to Reuben's quarters (fig. 12).

Fig. 11 Fig. 12

     The game room has two gold cups (50 gold ttl) on the right. The door on the right opens to the bathroom with a gold botttle (50 goods) on the step. The bedroom on the right has a healing potion on the bedstand. Look for a highlighted wall panel to the left of the bed (fig. 13). Grab Donnel's safe key, the gold nugget (60 gold ) and the silver nugget (25 gold). Go out and turn right in the hall, then take the next right onto the balcony, then rope down to the lower level (you may want to shoot a few moss arrows down first). Beware of the two thieves down here (one has a healing potion). There's a candlestick (50 gold) here, and the room to the East has 2 jeweled cups (20 goods ttl), a gold bottle (50 goods), and a purple vase (25 goods). The adjacent room has a water arrow in the bathtub. Leave via the right/south door and head toward the dining room for a candlestick (50 gold). Go into the room to the right of the ramp, with the sofas, douse the fire, open the secret door (fig. 14), and climb thru.

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

     Take a right and go back down the stairs heading Southeast to the wooden guard post. Go back thru the passage on the right/west, then left in the hall and South to the sewer. Head South and take the 2nd right, but turn left before the small ramp. The sewer will lead back to a storeroom, patrolled by a guard from earlier. Inside on the immediate left is a bracelet (25 gold/ 25 gems- fig. 15) and to the far right of the room on the last shelf on the bottom is a candlestick (50 gold). Go out the west door, take a left and head West back to the middle sewer.

Fig. 15

Getting to Donal's
     Go thru the Southwest passage and right at the bottom of the ramp back toward the Guild entrance. There are two guards here unless you dealt w/ them earlier. Go left past the metal disk and to entrance ##38. There is a woman pacing down here. Go to the room on the left and throw all the switches for 37 and 38 to the down position (fig. 16). Go left at the 37 sign and down to a room w/ a fire arrow and 2 silver coin stacks (20 gold). Back at the ##38 entrance, go to the room on the right and grab the purse (20 gold) near the thief w/ his back turned. Go thru ##38, beware the spider on the right, and go right at the first split. At the second split, go right again, but grab the water arrow and gem (50 gems) to the left first. Grab the water and moss arrow on your way up, and when you reach the bricks, look for a ladder on the left (fig. 17).

Fig. 16 Fig. 17

     To the Southeast is a guard tower w/ an archer and swordsman, and a moss, water, and fire arrow. Jump into the water right of your ladder and head East. Swim thru the pipes (fig. 18) and climb up the ladder to throw the switches for #'s 47 & 48. Swim back thru the pipes, then mantle up to the brick wall and jump to the North tower via the window (fig. 19). Jump in the water and head North to a gate ("Aahh...a backdoor....").

Fig. 18 Fig. 19

     Wait for the conversation to end, then follow the unarmed thief to a wooden door on the right with a mine and a gold nugget (50 gold- fig. 20) behind the bed. Go West up the short ramp (beware the patrol) and turn left/south at the red barrels. Go right before you reach the guard station. The metal door at the end of the hall has a bracelet (25 gold/ 25 gems) in the chest on the right. Go out and left thru the dark room to another metal door on the left for a speed potion in the first chest. Outside, go left and up the ramp to Donnal's kitchen.

Fig. 20

Donnal's/ Lord Randall's Vase
     There is a woman at the counter and two gold cups (50 gold) in the sink. There is a patrol down here and two upstairs, as well as a stationary guard. Go thru the North door and straight to a storeroom with a mine on the top shelf and a key on the shelf to the right (fig. 21). Go out and to the right/west to a room w/ red and white tile. There is a gobblet (50 goods) in the next room. Go west to a room w/ the stationary guard who has a purse (50 gold) and a gold vase on the table (100 gold). Find the stairs in the southeast and go up and to the right, looting couterclockwise. The first room has a gobblet (25 goods), the second has a key and some ledgers. In Donnal's quarters there is a gold nugget (100 gold) in the bedroom. Continue to the art gallery and slash the tapestries on the south wall (fig. 22). The right one hides a gold cup (200 gold), and the middle hides the safe with Lord Randall's Vase (200 gold/ 300 gems). Go back downstairs to the prison level and back to the southeast corner, then thru the sewers and back to the makeshift wooden walkway.

Fig. 21 Fig. 22

Looting The Guild
     Climb down the ladder here and go east in the sewer until you can cut back to the left/west. Climb up the ladder here and go up the small ramp on the right. There is a jeweled cup (15 goods) on the shelf, and 2 water arrows, a broadhead, a fire arrow,a noisemaker, and another jeweled cup (15 goods) on the backside. Around on the other side, go left/east into a room w/ red carpet and wait for the conversation near the alternate casino entrance to end. Slash the banner to the right and grab the gem (25 gems) (fig. 23) and the healing potion. The unarmed conversant has a purse (25 gold). Go left into the next room (beware the stationary guard to the North, and the patrol here). There is a speed potion on the bookshelf to the left, and a silver nugget (25 gold) in the alcove on the right (near the fire). Stay to the South end of the complex and go East to the next area. There is a guard patrolling here wth a healing potion, and Magrin, one of Donnal's men is in the next room, carrying a purse (100 gold). Douse the fire and open the secret door for a gold cup (50 gold) (fig. 24).

Fig. 23 Fig. 24

     There is a jeweled cup (15 good), and a goblet (20 good), on the the bookcase, and a silver coin stack (15 gold) on the table. There are also 2 water arrows in the crate. Back in the room w/ the red carpet, go out the left/ northwest door and take an immediate left. Look closely for two copper coin stacks (10 gold ttl) in the right corner of the earthen passage. There is a guard sleeping thru here and 4 moss arrows in the crate. Turn South in the hall. The patrolling thief carries a purse (25 gold). Go right in the hall and right into the room with the woman. The crate has a moss arrow.

Getting Out
     Go into the South hall and turn left/east and head back to the sewer. Take the first right and go out the round door (##38). Go back West then North out the left door. Take the hallway, passing the floor grates and the metal disk on your right to the hole in the wall, then around the corner and back upstairs to the Overlord's Fancy. Sneak thru the hall to the West to the vent shaft and climb up. Go North to the front door.

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