Q: How do I get into the Overlord's Fancy?
A: Get the key from the table in the restaurant, go upstairs, shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling over the green shaft, and lower yourself into the gambling hall (fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Q: How do I get the goods in the north guard station without getting caught?
A: This is very difficult. You can either grab the box from the upstairs bedroom and drop it near one of windows, crawl thru and hope no one sees you. It seems the quickest way is to draw the guards out and across the hall with some noisemakers, then sneaking in, grabbing the loot and getting back out. On the right shelf is a gold purse (50), on the left shelf is a healing potion and 2 water arrows on the bottom.

Q: Where is the door to the Guild?
A: In the northwest corner of the gambling hall. Spin the roulette wheel on the nearby table to open the secret passage (fig. 2).

Fig. 3

Q: Where is Thom and the House key?
A: Thom is in the northwest room of the Upper Sewer Map, near the Reuben's door and the wooden archer post (fig. 4). He is actually down the hall to the south and west of the archer. The key is toward the bottom of the north bookshelf (fig. 5).

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Q: Where is Lord Randall's bracelet?
A: In the safe under Thom's fire pit (fig. 6-7)

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

Q: Where is the key to Donal's safe?
A: It's in Reuben's safe - in his room in the northeast corner on the second floor of his house (fig. 8). Open the safe behind the fake wall panel (fig. 9)

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

Q: How do I get to Donal's?
A: Look for the 37 & 38 switches in the South Basement and go thru door #38. Go west to a brick area, climb the ladder (fig. 10), then jump in the water and follow the pipes back to the west (fig. 11).

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

Go back to the bricked area, and jump across to the window (fig. 12) - you'll eventually emerge in Donal's prison area.

Fig. 12

Q: Where is Randall's Vase?
A: In Donal's art gallery (fig. 13), is the safe behind the middle tapestry (fig. 14).

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

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