"I've Also Got A Map... It's So Old The Edges Crumble In My Hand..."

1) Home Turf
2) Finding The City
3) The Library
4) The Residential District
5) The Market
6) The Theatre
7) The Emperor's Tomb/Water Talisman
8) The Arena
9) The Fire Talisman
10) Getting Out

  • Find the Entrance
  • Find the Keeper Medallions
  • Find the Talisman of Fire
  • Find the Talisman of Water (N/A in Thief Gold)
  • Get back out of the City
  • Don't Kill Anyone
Loot Requirements: 2000 goods/500 gems
Loot Available:
725 gold/865 gems/1255 goods (1615 goods if you buy the Gervasius papryus in the loadout) - Total 2845 or 3205
Loot Accounted For:725 gold/865gems/1255 (1615 goods if you buy the Gervasius papryus in the loadout) - Total 2845 or 3205

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note: If you do not buy the papryus from Gervasius at the beginning, the masks are worthless, and you will not get all the available goods.

Home Turf
     Go forward to the water, then left up the ramp. Shoot a rope arrow into the wall to your left and jump the red roof (fig. 1). Try to land as close to the roof and the wall as possible to avoid taking damage. There is a plate (50 gold) and a gold cup (25 gold) under the crates (fig. 2), 2 broadheads, and a rope arrow in the far NW corner.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Finding the City
      Jump in the water and look to the left for a highlighted panel. The stone key from the last mission fits here (fig. 3). Swim through and pause to get a full breath before diving in. Go through the tunnels, and head for the hole toward the bottom where the bubbles are rising (fig. 4).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     Keep a breath potion handy. When you emerge, hug the right wall and be prepared to mantle up quickly before hitting the waterfall (fig. 5). If you miss the ledge, just climb up the lower ledges to the top. Listen for the small spiders. Run to the East and jump the waterfall (fig. 6), then run South past another spider and drop to the ledge below on your left.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

     There are several spiders on the walkway below- use a gas arrow to take care of them, or try to outrun them.You can take the right passage for a great view of the Talisman Tower (and a few more spiders) but you'll need to go left/East to get to it. Keep going until you reach a hole in the roof and drop down (fig. 7).

Fig. 7

The Library
      A Burrick patrols here and the lights are motion sensitive. Go thru the South door and grab the 2 chalices (30 goods) in the left window sill. Go thru this room and the next until you reach a staircase on the left. At the bottom take a left/North at the split and then take the first right. Pass between the columns and go down the stairs and the drop off and thru the next room. There are four Burricks here. Go left past the break in the wall and left again down a long hall into a room with a scroll, a jeweled cup (15 goods), and amulet (75 goods/100 gems) and a gem (50 gems). Go back to the room w/ the coulmns and climb/mantle the stairway. Go South to the second room with grey columns and make a right out of the library (fig. 8). The book on the right has some info on the Emperor.

Fig. 8

The Residential District
     Outside, go right to the corner and grab a gem (50 gems). Go South past the Obleisk and continue to the housing area. A Burrick patrols here. Mantle up to the first building on the left and grab a gold cup (25 gold) through the window, and a fire arrow on the adjacent roof (fig. 9). Move through the streets or across the roofs to a gold two story building in the SE. Upstairs in the second room is a plate (50 gold). Leave heading North, turn right/East at the pink building.

Fig. 9

     (If you need fire arrows, go to the next two buildings on the left. If you run between them, mantle to the left and then up to the taller building on the right, you can jump across the street to the roof and get 3 fire arrows from the second story. Go out the South window.)

     Continue West to the building to the left of the lava pit. Climb up the hill and go down the stairs inside to get 3 fire arrows (Quicksave first and crouch to get the arrows- this is tricky if you try it standing up). Use the broken wall (fig. 10) outside to climb to the roof and head South across the roofs and back to the caves (fig. 11). You'll emerge above the Market where 2 fire elementals are patrolling.

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

The Market
     If you shoot some arrows into the West end of the Residental District, the elementals will go to inspect and most likely attack the Burricks there (fig. 12). Meanwhile, find a safe place to jump down and head South through the square and around to the back of the buildings. Go upstairs and around until you reach a balcony on the right You can mantle up to the next roof here and jump across to the hole in the roof across the street. Inside is an amulet (50 gold/ 50 gems). Climb the front of this building and go back across to the balcony. Go West into the caves and then West at the split. There are two fire elementals patrolling here, and one inside the gate to your right. Mantle up to the broken part of the wall on your right (fig. 13) and jump across the lava.

Fig. 12 Fig. 13

     The first house has a moss arrow outside and a quill of 10 broadheads inside, the second has an amulet (50 goods/ 100 gems), the third has a fire arrow. Climb to the outlying roof and jump across to the wall - be careful not to jump over the wall into the lava. Head South through the Market past the Grain Obleisk (the 1st house on the right has a papyrus and a journal, the 2nd, on the left, has a journal - fig. 14). You will reach an Obelisk and the Theatre Foyer.

Fig. 14

The Theatre
     Two Fire Elementals patrol here. There are a total of 15 gems on the wall (345 total gems). Through the first door in the East side of the Foyer, stay left until you come to a crawl space on the left with two fire arrows. The second door on the East side leads to an upstairs room with a scroll and a passage to the stage. Go thru the West door of the Foyer into the Theatre. On stage are two masks (240 total goods). Go up the seats to the right/South then right to a break in the wall. Follow the path down the stairs and past the next Obleisk, climbing to the rooftops when you can. Head North, then South until you reach a (now-deceased) keeper party. You can hide from the patrolling mage in a small spot on the left wall (fig. 15). They should have a purse (50 gold/25 gems), a medallion, (fig. 16) a scroll concerning the tomb, and a journal. On the ledge to your right is a silver nugget (50 gold).

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

The Emperor's Tomb/ Water Talisman
     Go down the steps, jump the gap (or use some rope arrows in the Gold edtion) and go down the ladder in the Northeast corner of the floor (fig. 17). When you reach the grey posts, crouch to avoid a trap overhead (fig. 18).

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

     The second room on the left has a lever you will need at the arena later (fig. 19). (If you're playing the Gold edition, the level isn't necessary - you can jump the gap to the arena, then use the tunnel to get back. In the original version, you cannot jump the gap to get back, so be sure to use the lever to extend the bridge). The niche to the right of the coffin has an idol (100 goods). The room to the right has a large jar (20 goods) and a small jar (20 goods) and a lost city papryus (150 goods). The pool in the wall to the right of the coffin holds the Water Talisman (at the very back - fig.20). (If you are playing Thief Gold, there is no pool here; you will obtain the Water Talisman in the next mission, "Song of the Caverns").

Fig. 19 Fig. 20

     Head back the way you came (beware that trap again). When you reach the top of the stairs, 3 craymen will have magically appeared. Head back across the rooftops and all the way to back to the Theatre Foyer. Go North and turn up the hill (fig. 21) to the left/West before you reach the Obliesk.

Fig. 21

The Arena
     Follow the path South. You'll reach two houses, the right of which has 2 fire arrows. Continue South. The next house on the left has 2 water arrows on the roof. When you reach the narrow bridge across the lava, there are 4 water arrows on the ledge to the left. Jump across the next lava pit and follow the path up to the Arena. In the hall headed East, take the first left and grab the necklace (50 gold/50 gems) in the left window sill. Go East into the next room and find a large jar (20 goods), and small jar (20 goods), and a lost city shard (20 goods).

     Across the hall to the East are 2 small jars (40 total goods), and a large jar (20 goods). Go thru the cubby in the Southeast corner and down the ladder to a lost city papryus (150 goods), 3 lost city shards (60 goods total), a ring (50 gold) and a scroll. Go out left and pass the fire on the left heading South down the hall. The next room on the right has a lost city papryus (150 goods), 2 small jars (40 goods total), and a large jar (20goods). Go out and to the left, pass the fire in the hall on the right and head North. Take the narrow passage right of the stairs down to the machine that extends the bridge. Insert the lever and move it to the 'up' position (fig. 22- look up to make sure the bridge is extending). Go back upstairs and right/West to the bridge (beware the crayman or mage). Before crossing, rope up to the upper arena level (fig. 23).

Fig. 22 Fig. 23

     There's a mask (120 goods) around to the left between the fires. Go around to the main other room and go left. The room on the right at the end of the hall has a large jar (20 goods), a small jar (20 goods) and an tiarra (75 goods/ 50 gems). The room to the left has a lost city papryus (150 goods) a large jar (20 goods) and a small jar (20 goods). Cross the bridge and go thru the Arena. Follow the wall then the hall to a window w/ a drop down to a platform. (You can jump to the arena here if you're playing the Gold version, as there is a way to get back, but if you're playing the original you must use the bridge, or you'll be stuck on the other side).

The Fire Talisman
     Go down the first set of stairs to the keeper party and grab the other medallion (fig. 24), 5 water arrows, 3 rope arrows, and a journal. Continue on until you reach a bizare statue ("Creepy"). Quicksave and jump across diagonally to the right to the doorway by the lava pit for a 2 silver nuggets (100 gold total). Jump back across and go into the three story building on your left. Rope up, jump to the adjacent roof, then back across to the third floor for a gem (50 gems - fig. 25) and two fire arrows.

Fig. 24 Fig. 25

     Take the roof across the lava a pit and up the path past the statue (fig. 26). Mantle and jump through the buildings until you come to the last house. The entry to the Talisman Tower is across the street. Several Fire Elementals patrol here. Once across, climb the stairs until they end. In this room grab a lost city papryus (150 goods), a gold cup (25 gold) and read the scroll. Quicksave and go out the window, and around the West side of the building.

Fig. 26

     Shoot a rope arrow into the middle beam above (fig. 27). Quicksave and jump to the rope. Try to jump to the window ledge, then to the inside if possible (fig. 28). Quicksave after every major movement here. Grab the Talisman (there's nothing in the black boxes).

Fig. 27 Fig. 28

Getting Out
     The Fire Elementals pick up heavily now. Go back across the street, but instead of going all the way back to the statue, jump out the first ledge on the right you come to. Head back thru the caves, past the Keeper party, up the left set of stairs and around to the window. Mantle up and go back to the Arena (if you're playing the Gold version, you can go use the tunnel to jump across and go back to the area building - fig. 29).

Fig. 29

     Go right up the stairs inside, then south to the fire. Go right/West from here and take the last right which leads to the Arena seats. Go up the ramp and back to the lava pits/caves. Pass the sunken buildings on the right where some Fire Elementals are patrolling. Pass some more buildings on the left and continue North up the path until you reach the Market. Go North thru the square to the metal gate and thru the break in the wall on the right. This leads back to the balcony in the residential area. Jump over the balcony and take a left, then a right and head NE to the 2 story yellow brick building on your left. Turn left here, then right, and head for the Obliesk (beware the Fire Elemental here). Go back thru the library turning left/West then left/South all the way up the stairs. Go right/East until you reach the room w/ the earth floor, and mantle up thru the crack in the roof. From here you can easily follow the path back to the waterfall.

*Thanks to Lytha's Loot List & Ghosts Expert Walkthroughs for the goods/gold/gem disctinctions.

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