"I Wouldn't Last Long In A Fight Against The Mages"

1) The Water Tower
2) The Earth Tower
3) The Air Tower
4) The Fire Tower
5) The Earth Talisman
6) St. Burridngdon's Medallion/ Captain Regalio
7) The Keep
8) The Library
9) The Basement/Sewers/Getting Out

  • Find the Library
  • Find and Steal the Talsiman of Earth
  • Steal the Jeweled Reading Glasses
  • Steal the Medallion of St. Burringdon from Capt. Regalio
  • Escape via the Sewer
Loot Requirements: 1800
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For: 2812

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For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

      Note:You may choose to travel the courtyards via the shrubs by shooting a rope arrow and climbing up (fig. 1). It is easier to avoid patrols this way, and a great way to score ‘in air' knockouts. Once you've reached the Earth Tower you can climb to the outer walls and trusses joining the towers and get a great view of the complex (fig. 2). (credit to Lytha.com for this info). There are generally two mages and at least two guards patrolling each of the four tower courtyards, so take the necessary precautions. Pickpocket at least one gold and one silver key.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

The Water Tower
     Turn left/East in the main courtyard and go thru the wooden door, then South to the stone staircase. Inside, grab the purse (100 gold) from the table on the right, and go out the other door, then South to the Water tower entrance. There are two guards talking here, one will eventually return to guard the doorway. You'll notice the lock is broken (fig. 3), so go into the tower and upstairs, then swim and mantle to the island above. Grab the Earth key from the base on the East spring (fig. 4). The key is a little hard to see, but it's shaped like a spoon and has a silver/yellowish look. Exit the tower and go West (beware the guard) thru the Western door. The shelf to the right has 8 silver coin stacks (96 gold).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

The Earth Tower
     Continue west thru the door. Outside there is a guard to the right w/ his back turned. Sometimes there can be up to four guards in this particular courtyard. Go to the Southwest corner of the yard and up the steps. You'll notice an odd looking mechanism to the right of the door. Use the earth key on it, and the door should pop open. Quickly step into the shadow of the doorway. A mage patrols here in a counterclockwise pattern. The table on the right wall has a moss arrow and a healing potion. At the top of the stairs, (two mages patrol here) turn and mantle onto the stairwell, then up to the walkway. Head to the balcony in the North and rope up (fig 5). At the top of the stairs, go down the hall and turn left//South (there is a dead end w/ a moss arrow to the right). Go counterclockwise to the ramp, Then take an immediate right and go up the stairs (fig. 6).

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

      (You can access the roof here by passing the stairs and entering the room with all the boxes. You'll see an exit on the other side (fig. 7) - turn right and go up the ramp. Carrytwo boxes thru the crawlspace on the left (fig. 8). Open the door and stack the boxes in the corner (fig. 9), then jump up and mantle to the wall. Don't fall! You should be able to get almost anywhere in the complex from here, but unfortunately the doors to the other towers only open from the inside.)

Fig.7 Fig. 8
Fig. 9

      Go around to the inner hallway and pass two tables on your left w/ moss arrows on them. Stick to the west side, hiding in the small shadows near the stones (fig. 10) to avoid the mages. Go up the ramp and South to the stairs. Grab the rope arrow on the round table and rope up at the dead end. Jump the gap diagonally to the left (there's a moss and rope arrow in the gap and a moss arrow on the far ledge to the right), and continue jumping and climbing until you reach the hole in the floor. The Air key is in the crate (fig. 11), and there is a rope and moss arrow on the ground. Go back the way you came, down the stairs, then North to the next set of stairs. Follow to the outer hall, then go right at the foot of the next staircase. Make an immediate left here and go around and down to the balcony. Jump down and make for the doorway.

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

The Air Tower
     Go back North toward the (red) Fire Tower courtyard, stopping to grab the purse (100 gold) on the table in the landing. Go East thru the main courtyard and East to the Air Tower. Inside, quickly douse the two torches (beware the mage) and grab the gas arrow on the table to the left. Upstairs, the floor surface is very loud, so use moss arrows to ascend the staircase to the right, then let the 2 mages patrol to the opposite side of the tower and walk (don't run) to the lift, staying opposite the mages at all times. Take the lift up to the round room (beware the patrolling mage). There is a speed potion on the right. Go around to the inner room. Follow the lifts to the top (in the room w/ two platforms, take the higher one). At the top, turn both telescopes down quickly (fig. 12) and jump to the pedestal in the middle. Use the square lock pick first, then the triangle, working quickly. You will have to frob the tele-scopes at least twice to open the chest. Grab the Fire Tower key (fig. 13) and head back out.

Fig. 12 Fig. 13

The Fire Tower
     Go West to the Fire Tower, and up the stairs. There is no way to be quiet in here, so take opportunity to hide in the shadows when necessary. Try jumping straight across the platforms to the far side, instead of running around. Beware the highlighted floor tiles. Go up the stairs to your left and thru the adjacent rooms. You'll find a healing potion on your left in a box before the stairs to the next level (fig. 14). Work your way up the steps and across the ramps to the West side door (there's a healing potion to the right of the top door). Jump the walkways and pick the chest, grabbing the treasure key. On the way out, when you reach the area w/ the mages patrolling in the lava, look for a door on the Southeast slant of the wall by the top of the first floor stairs (where the mages are walking in the lava - fig. 15). This opens to the outer tower and hall leading to the keep (beware the archer and swordsman here). Go down the halls to a circular hall and around to the keep door. Go up the stairs. There is a mage on the staircase, and the floor is very noisy here- you may want to gas him.

Fig. 14 Fig. 15

The Earth Talisman
      At the top of the stairs, open the door and hide in the shadows until the conversation is over between the two mages (you can get them both with a single gas arrow is you aim carefully at the floor between them). The correct talisman is the one on the exact West pedestal to the right of the door- You'll notice the two mages stopping momentarily by it on their patrol routes (fig. 16). In this room you should also find a small jar (20 goods), a large jar (20 goods), 2 lost city jars (40 goods ttl), and two idols (150 goods ttl). Go downstairs to the blue tile and down the next set of stairs to the wooden door on the left.

Fig. 16

St. Burringdon's Medallion/ Captain Regalio
     In this hallway are three patrolling guards and several sleeping guards and peasants. Your main concern is the pink metal door to your right. Douse torches and pick the lock on the pink door. Capt. Regalio is asleep inside, so cover the floor w/ a few moss arrows. There should be a water arrow on the bookshelf, a gold nugget (100 gold), the Medallion (150 goods) on the desk (fig.17), and a gem (200 gems) in the chest. Go back to the stairs and down. The loot on this floor is as follows: one of the patrols has a purse (150 gold), there is a gold nugget (100 gold) on the first wooden beam (fig. 18), the first room on the right has a sleeping guard, a stack of gold coins (50 gold), and 6 broadheads. The first room on the left/West has a woman with a purse (75 gold), a gold cup (25 gold) on the bookcase, and a stack of gold coins (25 gold) in the crate. The next room on the right/East has a sleeping servant and a purse (100 gold) on the shelf. The last room on the left/West has a purse (100 gold). Go back to the stairs and down.

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

The Keep
     Continue down the main stairs to the next door on the left and go thru a small room to an area with shelving on the left. The passage to the North has a purse (100 gold) on the table. There are usually 3 patrols in this area (one with a healing potion), including several mages, work your way thru the big room to the East, to the door in Northeast corner (fig. 19). The guard station in this room has a purse (100 gold) on the far table, but you have to make it past the archers, one inside and one out. Douse the torch, then try to send the guard outside by shooting a few broadheads through the window. Try to do this when no one else is near enough to come investigate. Now work South thru the room till you reach the Southeast corner.There is a healing potion on the left table before you reach the guard.

Fig. 19

The Library
     Douse the torch on the left. There are several mages patrolling each floor here, one with a healing potion. There's a water arrow on the bookcase below you, and a papyrus on the back table with info about the talisman. Go to the West-most bookcase and look for the highlighted book to open the wall (fig. 20). In the secret room find a water arrow, a gold cup (25 gold), and the reading glasses (fig. 21 - 200 goods).

Fig. 20 Fig. 21

     Shoot a moss arrow to the top of the bookshelves, and jump to the next floor via the open area in the center. Go down the North stairs and take a right before the stone staircase in the center. Go to the far West corner of this floor. The table on the right has a gold vase (100 gold), and there's a water arrow on the opposite table. Go down the stone steps to the two doors on the South wall. The one on the right contains a crate w/ a rope arrow (you can follow the mages patrol pattern easily to keep from being seen).

     Go back to the 2nd floor of the library (w/ the statues) and out the Northeastern door. The door on the left in the hall has 3 gold bottles (150 goods ttl), but beware the servant and the guard in this area. Turn the corner and go West to the wooden door, back to the staircase thru the left/East door and all the way down to the Basement (fig. 22).

Fig. 22

The Basement/Sewers/Getting Out
     There are two patrols down here, and you will need to pick pocket a blue key from one of them to access the sewer. Go left to the center hallway. The door on the left (accessed w/ the silver key) contains a gold nugget (100 gold), a purse (100 gold) on the top shelf, and some info regarding the sewer passage. The room on the right contains a water arrow,10 broadheads, a purse (100 gold), a silver coin stack (12 gold), and a silver nugget (50 gold) on the top shelf. Turn right/East in the hallway, then right/South in the circular hall. Note the odd texture on the left past the torch (fig. 23). Inside, find a gem (100 gems), some water arrows, 2 silver coin stacks (24 gold), and a silver nugget (50 gold) on the top shelf. The ladder across from the boxes leads up to a secret passage to the Water Tower courtyard (fig. 24).

Fig. 23 Fig. 24

     Leave this room to the right and go to the stairs in the North that lead to the sewer (use the blue key). Go thru the torture chamber and look for the highlighted secret door on the West wall by the torch (fig. 25). There are two patrols beyond. Jump in the water heading South (fig. 26)to the gate until the misson ends.

Fig. 25 Fig. 26

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