Q: How do I unlock the doors on the Towers?
A: The water (blue) tower door should already be unlocked. Find the spoon shaped earth key at the top of this tower on the floating island. When you proceed to the earth tower, you'll notice an odd looking lock mechanism (fig. 1) to the left of the door. 'Use' the key on this to unlock the door. At each tower you will find the key for the next tower, so repeat this procedure, even for the main central tower.

Fig. 1

Q: Is there a way to get to the trusess overhead?
A: Yes. In the earth tower, near the stairs, there is a room with several stacks of boxes (fig. 2). Grab two of them and go out of the room using the doorway opposite the stairs, and tak a right up the ramp. You'll see a crawlspace (fig. 3). Throw the boxes through here and then open the door and stack them against the wall to get to the top of the wall (fig. 4). From here you can get to any of the towers, as well as the rooftops out front, though it does you no good unless you've already unlocked the tower doors from the inside.
Fig. 2 Fig. 3
Fig. 4

Q: I'm stuck at a dead end in the Earth Tower. Where do I go from here?
A: Look up. You'll notice that you can use a rope arrow to climb up and jump to the next level (fig. 5)

Fig. 5

Q: I can't get through the air tower without getting caught by the mages. Any suggestions?
A: When you first open the door to the second floor, there are two mages patrolling inside. The ideal moment to move is when you can see them both on the opposite side of the room. Use a few moss arrows to stop any noise you'll make on the stairs, then go counterclockwise to the lift- always staying as far opposite them as you can. The thurd floor mage can usually be avoided by going left at the top of the lift and waiting for him to leave the inner room on his clockwise patrol before entering.

Q: I keep taking alot of damage in the fire tower due to those hot plates. How can I avoid this?
A: A water arrow will cause the plate to stay cool for an extra round, but also be aware on the second floor that you can jump and mantle straight across to the stairs and avoid the long treacherous trip across those plates.

Q: The floor in the fire tower is very noisy. How can I get through it without being caught?
A: The best solution to this is not to waste moss arrows, but to simply run as fast as you can past the mages, realizing that they will very seldom chase you beyond their designated area.

Q: Which talisman is the right one?
A: Go right from the door and notice that the mages pause in front of the westernmost pedestal. It displays the true talisman (fig. 6).

Fig. 6

Q: Where are the spectacles?
A: In the library, on the 2nd floor, there is a secret room on the west end. Find the highlighted book (fig. 7) and open the door. The spectacles are on the desk (fig. 8).

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

Q: I can't find a way out of the dungeon. Where is the exit?
A: The is a hidden door between the two torture devices (fig. 9).

Fig. 9

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