"I've Never Robbed A God Before...It'll Be A Challenge"

1) Into The Maw
2) The Ice Fields
3) The Waterfall
4) The Tree
5) The Spider Lair
6) The Portal
7) The Trickster

  • Enter the Maw of Chaos
  • Replace Constantine's Eye with the Fake
  • Destroy the Portal
Loot Requirements: None
Loot Available:

Note: This mission is pretty self explanatory, since it's hard to get lost. This walkthrough will cover the main problem areas, give hints for surviving, and point out any equipment. You will need to save at least one (preferably two) of each type of element arrow to destroy the portal (fire, water, moss, gas).

Into The Maw
     Hide in the shadow right of the arch until the bugbeast and ratman pass, then work your way down the path, taking the purple side roads as often as possible, where you will find several gas arrows. Be patient and the creatures will eventually move along and you continue on in safety.

The Ice Fields
     The easiest way through the ice is to crouch and use the backpedal key a lot. In the first field there are 4 water arrows you will need to deal w/ the fire elemental's in the next section. The is one in front of and behind the crystals to the far right, one by the middle crystals, and one on the far side of the left crystals. Grab these and find a safe dark place on the ice (preferably against the left wall), before descending to the rock. There are 3 frogs here. Shoot a broadhead against a wall so they will stand still, then you can take them out. You'll cross a icy hill with 3 fire elementals at the bottom (fig. 1). There are 3 fire arrows on a ledge here that you can reach by crouching and leaning. So South to leave the fire cave. You will come to another icy hill, but stay against the right wall (fig. 2)so you can get the fire arrow and fruit from the ledges. Stay in the crevice when sliding down the hill, and use the backpedal key to avoid crashing into the crystals at the bottom.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

The Waterfall
     Jump in the water and follow the flow. If you need to get a breath, there is a window on the right in the bottom tunnel, and a window on the left in the top tunnel (fig. 3). When you emerge in the pool in the ceiling, try to aim for the center of the pipe to avoid damage (fig. 4).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

The Tree
     Go left at the tree and look for an entrance on the right (fig. 5). There are 3 ratmen patrolling here, and some spiders inside, but you can run past them, into the tree and climb the red transport/ladder to the top (fig. 6), stopping to grab a few moss arrows along the way.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

     At the top, go North up the brown/green surface (fig. 7), even though it looks too steep to climb.

Fig. 7

The Spider Lair
     The best way through here is to the left, letting the spiders chase you, then when you reach the top, jump to the red portal/ladder to escape from them (fig. 8). Beware the energy traps in the next hall- stay in the shadows to avoid triggering them. If you have the original Thief, there will be a ratman at the end of this hall, but he is absent in Thief Gold.

Fig. 8

The Portal
     On the way to the portal, you'll pass 3 ratmen, but you can run past them and jump the gap across the lava. When you reach the portal (fig. 9) , find a dark spot across the lava and take out the elements in the following order: Water Arrow on the Red sphere Moss arrow on the white sphere Gas arrow on the green sphere Fire arrow on the blue sphere

Fig. 9

The Trickster
     Climb the vines and hide in the shadows. When the Trickster has his back turned, fire a few moss arrows onto the red surface and go ‘use' the eye in your inventory (fig. 10).

Fig. 10

     It will replace his, and you will be given a new objective. The best place to watch the fireworks are hanging from a rope arrow directly above the eye, just make sure to climb before he turns around. You can also sneak to one of the ledges for a good view (fig. 11-14).

Fig. 11 Fig. 12
Fig. 13 Fig. 14

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