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  4. Level Extras

Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 7

1) Shutters Near Start Point
On the ledge left of the bell tower are some operable shutters (figure 1). Inside this room are a few water arrows.

Figure 1

2) Astronomer's Room
Accessible from the room with the vase, east of the fighting archers (figure 2 - climb to the rafters and break the boards there with your sword). Also accessible through window on porch of the Shemenov estate and behind the boxes (figures 3 and 4). In the room, frob the telescope (figure 5) for a Sunburst device and a fire arrow which can be used to blow open the door of the Carlysle Armory or Angelwatch Tower.
Figure 2 Figure 3
Figure 4 Figure 5

3 & 4) Necromancer's Tower
Frob the fire pit on the top floor (figure 6) to open a door (figure 7) to a torture chamber on the first floor. On the third floor, frob a secret book (figure 8) to uncover an elevator to the lower floors.

Figure 6 Figure 7
Figure 8

5) The Keeper
On the roof to the south of Lady Louisa's open window, a keeper will observe Garrett for a moment through an open window (figure 9) before fleeing down a hallway. In that same hallway, frob the torch (figure 10) to reveal a stash at the other end.

Figure 9 Figure 10

6) Alarm Controls
In the south hall closet of the fifth floor (across from the fireplace), frob the switch on the inside door frame (figure 11) to access the controls that turn off the office alarm controls (figure 12).
Figure 11 Figure 12

7) The Statue & A Secret Door
Frob the left eye of the statue in the fifth floor hall (figure 13) to open a secret door with a gas arrow, a mine, a speed potion, and a healing potion.

Figure 13


Q: I'm on a roof with a large vault door. How do I open it?
A: Look for a turn switch on the right side (figure 14). You can also access this vent from the northwest corner of the Fieldstone Estate by jumping to the wooden ledge and climbing the ladder (figure 15).
Figure 14 Figure 15

Q: I keep getting stuck on the lift in the Necromancers Spire. What do I do?
A: This is a small bug in the game. Push the button to go back to the floor you were on, step off of the lift, then try it again (there are several places on this mission where you can easily get hung up).

Q: How do I open the Dayport Trader's Bank Vault?
A: Get an office key from the patrol cop, open the office, pick the safe behind the desk and flip the switch.

Q: I keep hearing about several Keepers in this mission. Where are they?
A: See the 'Level Extras' section below.

Q: Where is the Carlysle Armory?
A: Go north through Sir Cullen's keep to the rooftop with the skylight adjacent to the Baron's Way. Cross the street via the banner pole, to the greenhouse in the north. Find the open window and use a vine arrow to climb up. You'll need the sunburst device from the Astronomer's room (secret 2 above) or the key from the fifth floor guest room of Angelwatch tower to open the door housing the stash.

Q: Who's the creepy golden kid (figure 16) and what purpose does he serve?
A: Not much is known about the golden child, other than he appears to be harmless and indestructible.

Figure 16

Q: How can I find all the voice machines?
A: There's a scroll with the locations listed in Friend Vilinia's quarters on the second floor in the northeast.

Q: Where is the key to the office?
A: On Friend Vilinia in the ballroom (figure 17).

Figure 17

Q: There are Mechanists all over the city when I leave Angelwatch. Where did they come from?
A: You failed to turn off the alarm before stealing the Cetus Project plans from the office and now everyone is looking for you. See secret 6 above for the control that disable the alarm.

Commonly Missed Loot

Lucky Coins
Be sure to get the 2 coins (40 gold) near the start point (see secret 1), and the 3 coins in the ballroom fountain (60 gold).

Thief's Stash & Rat Hole (figure 18)
Behind the table in the back room of the thief's hideout is a bunch of loot, including 3 lucky coins that are easy to miss (figure 19). Make sure to get the ring from the northwest corner of the adjacent hole in the roof outside (figure 20).
Figure 18 Figure 19
Figure 20

The Wandering Nobles
A noblewoman with a purse (100 gold) wanders around the entire tower during this mission, so you simply may not have encountered her yet. Also, on the fourth floor, 'Christopher' and an older noblewoman (his wife) are carrying on a conversation in the room near the staircase. He has a 20 gold purse, she has a 10 gold purse. Following the conversation, she will leave the room to wander around as well. Christopher stays put until you leave that floor, then he seems prone to go for a stroll as well. Best to deal with them before they leave the room.

Level Extras

Keepers Everywhere!
Near the beginning of the mission, as you cross the pipes, look to the left. In the upper right window of the far building (figure 21), a keeper stands watching you. When you get near enough, he disappears, but you can get a better look by standing in the window of the adjacent building with the archer (figure 22). In the un-patched version, a bug caused the keeper to come out onto the rooftop in rare instances (ever blackjack a keeper before?).
Figure 21 Figure 22

The other Keeper is in the window to the left of Lady Louisa's south window (figure 23). When you approach, he disappears into the hall, leaving Garrett a note, as well as a hidden stash at the end of the hall (frob the torch mount). You can almost catch this keeper using a gas arrow if you're quick enough.

Figure 23

The Book of the Dead
A tip of the hat to the cult classic movie 'Army Of Darkness' - read the book between the candles (figure 24) in the Necromancer's Tower for a surprise visit from some old friends (figure 25).
Figure 24 Figure 25

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