"When I Get Paid For This Job, I'm Gonna Retire In Style."

1) Entry/Getting The Eye
2) The Basement
3) Brother Murus
4) Rosary/St. Yora's
5) Holy Symbol/ St. Tenor's Factory
6) Prayer Book/St. Jenel's
7) Cemetary
8) Getting Out

  • Grab The Eye
  • Assist Brother Murus
  • Leave The Cathedral
Loot Requirements: None
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:2126

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note about Haunts: You will also be required to kill all Haunts in an objective change later in the mission, so you may want to do this as you go, rather than having to backtrack. Haunts are killed easily with a backstab, 2 or 3 holy water arrows, a mine, 2 flashbombs, or by throwing a hammer at them. There are 9 in this mission:

  • 4 patrolling the Cloister area
  • 3 in the Sanctuary
  • 1 in the Alchemists Cellar
  • 1 patrolling St. Yora's.

Entry/ Getting the Eye
      Insert the Talisman's into their respective places (fig. 1) and go inside (rumor says you can block this door with a skull and avoid the Brother Murus section later. But what fun would that be?). Go left, until you come to another door on the left. There are two gold candlesticks here (100 gold ttl). Go up the ladder to the second floor, and out the door to the right (beware the zombie). Thru the next door is a gold hammer (75 gold) in the window sill (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

     Go back into the hallway (North) and out onto the ledge. Grab the purple goblet (50 goods), and continue North across the landings until you come to a staircase. Go upstairs, grab the moss arrow in the crate (the metal door is the Armory (fig. 3), but you won't get the key until the end of the mission). It's also a good idea to throw all the boxes in this room down to the first floor (fig. 4) so you can retrieve some loot listed below.

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     Continue across the beam into the next rooms. You will find a crate w/ a ring (100 gold), a crate w/ a gold cup (25), and a crate w/ 3 water arrows in the bell tower room. There is a gem (100 gems) on the next beam, and a purple goblet (50 goods) in the next room. Grab the body of Brother Martello (fig. 5) and throw him down to the first floor (you will need to bury him later). Jump to the second floor landing from here and go thru the West door. Jump or rope across and grab the Eye (fig. 6).

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

     This should attract quite a bit of attention, so be prepared. You'll find the vial of holy water in the room to the right of the giant hammer helpful (look on the floor near the fountain). Jump to the floor, grab a box and go thru the Southeast door. Grab the jeweled cup (15 goods) on the floor, jump up on the box and mantle to the ledge where you will find a bracelet (100 gold/ 100 gems - fig. 7) in the Northeast corner (you may go thru several boxes trying this- you may want to stack two if you have trouble). Go back to the Sanctuary, grab Martello and head out the Northwest door.

Fig. 7

The Basement
     Dump Martello by the first door on the right, then go to the second door on the right and down the stairs to the basement. There is a Spirit and a zombie down here. Take a left/East down the hall and make the first/only left to the wine cellar. Grab 3 gold bottles (150 goods ttl) and the body of Brother Renault (fig. 8) whom you will also have to bury later. Take him back to the basement door and dump him. Head back down the hallway, passing the wine cellar and go right to the storeroom. Grab the candlestick (50 gold) on your left (beware the floor trap - fig. 9), and the candlestick (50 gold) in the next alcove on the left.

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

     Grab the water arrows on the floor to your right between the two barrels, and continue thru the storeroom, going West down the hall. Turn left down the long hall to a vault room with 3 stacks of silver coins (36 gold ttl), 5 stacks of copper coins (25 gold ttl), and two silver nuggets (100 gold ttl). Continue West down the hall and throw the power switch to the left in the next room (fig. 10). Head North to the stairs, grab Renault and go back up to the first floor.

Fig. 10

Brother Murus
     Go out the door on the left into the courtyard. Beware the Haunts and zombies in this area, but walk up to the apparition in red. You will be given a variety of tasks by Brother Murus (fig. 11) which will eventually consist of:

  • 1)Finding his Rosary
  • 2)Finding a holy object
  • 3)Blessing the holy object
  • 4)Finding his Prayer Book
  • 5)Finding a Candle
  • 6)Performing his Burial Ritual
  • 7)Burying Brother Martello
  • 8)Burying Brother Renault
  • 9)Killing all the Haunts

    Fig. 11

         Unfortunately, there is no way to kill Brother Murus (without re-configuring the game...), and he holds the key to the Armory, which contains an explosive device you will need to get out. We will complete these tasks according to location, rather than the order listed above.

         While Murus is talking to you, grab the two bodies and drop them past the broken staircase to the right (the Cloister). Meet Murus here for your first task. (After completing each task, make sure to return to Murus so you can trigger instructions for the the next one.)

    Rosary/ St. Yora's
         Pass Murus and go left up the stairs to St. Yora's (fig. 12). Take a right inside and upstairs to the altar room. Grab the 3 water arrows on the altar and go thru the next room into the room w/ bunk beds. Go left to the wooden door and North in the hall to the last door on the right, thru the first room, and grab a purse (100) from the crate in the second room. Back in the hall, go South to the last door on the left. The Rosary is in the crate (fig. 13).

    Fig. 12 Fig. 13

         Leave the room, take the next hall on the left and pass the broken door in the floor. Go left down the stairs and pass the first hall on the left. Go into the office on the left and grab the purple vase (100 goods) on the shelf. Go back to the hall on the right and to the dining room. There are several zombies here and a patrolling Haunt. The chamber to the immediate left has a gold plate (50 gold - where the zombie is standing), and there's a healing potion on the table in the middle of the room. Go to the kitchen in the North for a gold plate (50 gold) behind the island and a gold cup (25 gold -fig. 14) in the fireplace. Rope up to the rafters for a fire arrow. Leave the dining room to the left/East and go back to Brother Murus in the Cloister.

    Fig. 14

    Holy Symbol/ St. Tenor's Factory
         Go East into the Cloister and left to St. Tenor's (the brick building). Go thru the foyer and left in the hall. In the smith room, grab the last mold on the bottom right (the hammer - fig. 15), and place it in the slot. Pull the left lever, then the right lever. Once finished, pull the left lever again and grab the hammer (fig. 16 - instructions on the wall).

    Fig. 15 Fig. 16

         While you are in St. Tenor's you should retrieve the candle Murus will ask for later. Go North to the metal stairs and around to the three legged machine. Grab the silver nugget (50 gold) behind the far leg (fig. 17), and proceed around the corner and up the metal ramp. At the end of the walkway, jump onto the chute and go into the workyard. Rope up to the top of the shed and get a purse (100 gold) and the candle (fig. 18). Go right past the chute, climb the ladder and head right/South back to Brother Murus.

    Fig. 17 Fig. 18

    Prayer Book/ St. Jenel's
         Go East into St. Jenel's. The counting room on the left has a stack of gold coins (25 gold), the main room has a gold hammer (75 gold) in a pile of bones (fig. 19). Call up the elevator and go to the room on the left. Grab the cemetery key from the blue box (fig. 20) and the goblet (50 goods) from the table.

    Fig. 19 Fig. 20

         Take the elevator down to the confessional room. The third booth on the right has a zombie and a gold hammer (75 gold), and there are 3 moss arrows to the right of the altar. Pick the door to the left of the altar and climb the stairs to the observatory, stopping to grab the moss arrow and fire arrow on the first landing. Throw the holy symbol you made in the factory (the hammer) into the Lunar pool to bless it (fig. 21), then take it back out and head downstairs.

    Fig. 21

         Go down the Northwest ladder into the Winter tunnels. Follow the tunnels, going right at the split, and into the room with the wall monument. Stand on the steps to the right, and look into the top right corner at the last orange circle near the ceiling until it highlights (fig. 22). It opens a secret compartment on the left side of the room (fig. 23)(Renault or Martello will reveal this to you later).

    Fig. 22 Fig. 23

         The compartment should contain 2 moss arrows, a mine, 2 water arrows, and a vial of holy water. Leave the room to the East and make a left/North and use the elevator (fig. 24)to get to the library. Beware the Haunt that patrols here and grab the prayer book (fig. 25) from the East ledge.

    Fig. 24 Fig. 25

         Take the elevator back down, pass the memorial room on the right, take the next left and head South to the split. Go right/West to the Alchemist cellar on the right. There's another Haunt on patrol here. Grab the silver nugget (50 gold) on the left shelf, the gem (100 gems) on the right shelf, the holy water vial in the box, and the healing potion to it's left. Go out and turn right to the elevator. There are 3 water arrows in the pool. Go out the East door, turn left/North and go out the gate and West back to the Cloister and Murus.

         Finally time to be rid of Murus (or so you think). Go back thru the Cloister and continue North, using the key from St. Jenel's to open the cemetery gate. Go straight through the first yard and turn right. Head for the archway and you'll see Murus by his tombstone. The ritual (fig. 26) should consist of the following:

    Fig. 26

         When you're finished Murus will ask you to bury Brother Renault and Brother Martello. You should have their bodies nearby in the Cloister, so this won't take long. Before heading out, go to the headstone in the northwest corner of this yard and grab the gold hammer (75 gold fig. 27) in front of it. Bury Renault in the East yard (fig. 28).

    Fig. 27 Fig. 28

         There is another gold hammer (75 gold - fig. 29) at the stone directly South of his. Bury Martello in the North yard (fig. 30). Now if you've killed all the Haunts, you have to get out.

    Fig. 29 Fig. 30

    Getting Out
         Grab the armory key from Murus (fig. 31) and head back to the Cloister. Mantle up the broken staircase (if you have too much trouble w/ this, you can go back thru St. Yora's). There's a water arrow in the Southeast pool if you need it. Take the stairs in the Cathedral to the third floor and unlock the armory door. Grab the fire arrow and the explosive device (fig. 32), then head back Northeast thru the Cloister (to the right of the stained glass window).

    Fig. 31 Fig. 32

          Go to the gate and plant the device against the Cloister gate (fig. 33), then nail it w/ a fire arrow (fig. 34). Home free.

    Fig. 33 Fig. 34

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