Q: Is there a quick way to get to the eye?
A: Yes. Simply go to the east side of the santuary, shoot a rope arrow into the overhead beam and unlock the north door on the second landing. Jump across to the eye from this room, but be prepared to attract the attention of everyone in the place

Q: Is there a way to avoid Brother Murus?
A: Depends. In the original version, it was possible to block the front doors with a skull, grab the eye, and exit quickly, but in the Gold edition, that won't work, and it's more time consuming to avoid him than to deal with him. He can still be avoided by using skeleton parts to climb the outside wall of the Cathedral and going north into the Cloister.

Q: Where is the candle?
A: On top of the shed behind St. Tennor's. Use the chute to get to the yard (figs. 1-2)

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Q: How many Haunts are there, and where are they?
A: There are 9 Haunts. There are 3 in the cathedral, 4 patrolling the lower Cloister areas, 1 in the Alchemists Cellar, and 1 patrolling the upstairs of St. Yora and the Garden. You can kill them with 2 flash bombs, a slew of holy water arrows, or a backstab. If you're playing '0 damage' you can throw a hammer at them when they are not alerted to kill them, or hit them with it several times after they are alerted.

Q: Where is Brother Martello and Brother Renault?
A: Brother Martello is in the 3rd floor Northeast room (fig. 3). Brother Renault is in the basement wine cellar (fig. 4)

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

Q: I've buried Brother Martello and Brother Renault, but nothing happens. What's wrong?
A: Make sure you've buried them in their respective graves. You can highligh the tombstones to read the names. Martello should be buried in the east yard (fig. 5) and Renault in the north west yard (fig. 6).

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Q: Where is the prayer book?
A: On the southeast ledge of St. Vale's library (fig. 7)

Fig. 7

Q: Where is Murus' rosary?
A: In the southeast corner of the 2nd floor of St. Yora's, in a crate in the bedroom overlooking the gardern (fig. 8)

Fig. 8

Q: How do I get to the rooftops?
A: The easiest way is to mantle onto the porch of St. Vale's, then jump across to the gate column. From here, drink a speed potion and jump across to the roof of St. Vale's (fig. 9). You can't go far, but far enough to get a great view of the Cloister area. Another place to climb up is in the corner of the bathhouse courtyard using boxes (fig. 10).

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

Q: Where is the armory?
A: At the top of the cathedral stairs in the northwest corner (fig. 11)

Fig. 11

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