"Little Is Known About Constantine Except That He's An Eccentric New Face In The City."

1) Breaking In/First Floor
2) Second Floor
3) Third Floor/The Sword
4) Gardens/Evidence
5) Getting Out

  • Steal Consatntine's Sword
  • Find Some Incriminating Info About Constantine
  • Get Out
  • Don't Kill Anyone
Loot Requirements: 1500
Loot Available:
2636 (Gold Edition - 2656)
Loot Accounted For:2636 (Gold Edition - 2656)

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Breaking In
     The easiest way in is the North balcony. Shoot a rope arrow up and jump onto the balcony. Grab the coins to your left (36 gold) and go down the ladder. Grab the flashbomb in the last stall and go to the door. (If you are unable to pick the lock you will need to blackjack the guard patrolling out front for his purse (100 gold) and shoot some moss arrows onto the steps. Either blackjack or sneak by the guard here to get in. Go left down the hallway to the first room on your left, pick up the flashbomb in the last stall, then climb the ladder and grab the coins on the floor (36 gold) Climb back down to the door).
     The following is a difficult, but lucrative path. Open the doorway and watch for the patrolling guard (if you've not already blackjacked him). Shoot a moss arrow onto the tile, douse the torch, then nab him when he turns to walk the other direction. Make sure to hide all the bodies on this mission. Grab his key and cross the hall to the corner room. The column at the end has a safe at the bottom (fig. 1) which contains 1 healing potion and a gold plate (50 gold). Leave the room going North down the hall to the next room on your right. Two guards patrol in here, one circling thru the hallway every pass, so be careful. Slip into the dining room, douse the torches and hide in a corner, either by the doors or by the wall behind the table. Shoot a moss arrow to cover the floor between you and the carpet where you will blackjack each guard. One has a purse (50 gold) , the other a key. Grab the candlestick on the table (50 gold).
     Go thru the North door to the kitchen and grab the gobblet (50 goods) on the counter, then go back to the dining room and cross East thru the large room with the stairs and green ceiling (you can go upstairs from here, but the guards are thick) into the bar. There's two gold bottles (100 goods ttl) on the counter behind it and 3 gold cups (75 gold ttl) in the sliding door underneath the bar itself (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Second Floor
     This floor is the best place to collect loot because the guards are scarce. However there are many traps so proceed with caution (fig. 3 - the trigger, fig. 4. - the energy bolts).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     Jump the gap into the room across the hall. There is a gold nugget (100) under the mouth of the facetrap. Listen for the patrol, then go thru the north door and douse the torches. (The door in the floor leads to the downstairs dining room). There's a gobblet (50 goods) on the table. The ceiling in the Southeast corner opens up (fig. 5)- shoot a rope arrow into it's edge and climb up. Beware the floor traps (fig. 6). This room has a mine, a gemstone (100 gems) in one and a ring (100 gold) in the other.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

     Jump back down (always try to retrieve your rope arrows if possible on this mission), and go out the door to the North. Take the first left thru the metal door. There is a water arrow to the right of the bed and one in the tub in the adjacent room. Back to the hall, go thru the bug room on your right- open the chest on the ceiling and grab the gemstone that falls (100 gems). Go out the far door and jump the gap in the hall (beware of the floor trap on the right- if you fall, just go back to the eastern staircase). Take the corner and go East to the bunk room on the right for a healing potion in the left chest (deer leg in right chest). The guard you hear is most likely downstairs, but be cautious anyway.
     Go around the corner. Beware of the energy traps shooting down the middle of the halls. The first room on the right is booby trapped so stand to the side of the chest and grab the gold nugget (100 gold). Douse the fire and climb in and mantle left for another gold nugget (100 gold - fig. 7). Leave the room going North to the next door on the right which contains a newspaper and two jeweled cups (30 gold ttl -look behind the plant). The next two doors on the left are Constantie's rooms. There's nothing in the ‘bathroom', but the picture sill to the right of the bed is booby trapped and has two silver nuggets (100 gold ttl) in it (Don't stand directly in front of it). Very important: Go to the left side of the bed and crouch down (fig. 8). Grab the blue key- you will need it later to obtain your incriminating evidence on Constantine. If you are playing the Gold version, the key is on the table in the adjacent room.

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

     The papryus in the adjacent room is not it. The next room on the right is booby trapped so open the door and stand to the side. There is a silver nugget (50 gold) on top of the facetrap (fig. 9). Back in the hall, go left/North to the end of the hallway and grab the gemstone (100 gems) in the blue chest. Beware of the energy traps here- you can pick the lock if you stand in just the right place (fig. 10). Go back to the 1st set of double doors on the East side of the hall and climb the stairs to the third floor.

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

Third Floor/ The Sword
     There are several ways to the Sword, some by way of the second floor, but the following seems to have less guards patrolling. At the top of the stairs take the next two lefts, then go into the earthen tunnel to the East. In the ‘space room' to your right there are a gold nugget (100 gold) and a gemstone (100 gems - fig. 11) on the last step of each landing. Jump across and head back out to the tile floor, taking an immediate right/North into the other earthen tunnel. Follow it until you can jump across to the vine (fig. 12), then to the other tunnel (the guards here are very sharp so be careful- this is a good place to quicksave).

Fig. 11 Fig. 12

     There is a conversation at the top of this tunnel so wait until it's over, then move slowly, extinguishing torches and shooting moss arrows onto the red and white tile. This takes a lot of patience. Once the coast is clear, find the darkest opening and shoot a rope arrow into the roof. Jump to the rope and grab the sword, getting only as close as you have to so the guards below don't notice. Bring yourself level with the doorway you jumped from (quicksave here) and jump back. Head back thru the East tunnel, across the vine to the other tunnel and follow the tile floor. Go North until you reach the stone window frames on your right (you will hear laughter).

Gardens / Evidence
      (If you're playing the Gold version, you'll notice that the 'mystery key' that used to be in the garden has disappeared. And we had such high hopes for it...)
     Quicksave and jump to the beam then to the flower bed and grab the moss arrow. There is a patrol in this area with a purse (100). Go thru the earth tunnel to the North and then take the right/South passage. There's a gold nugget (100) on the floor here before you reach the tree. Go thru the next room to the Northwest- there's a dead end here w/ a moss arrow under a plant. Leave headed West back to the gardens. Pass the tree trunk and exit this room to the West. Cross the bridge and go out the West door. You will come to a four way intersection:

The right passage: Stay right and go down the hall to the river and staircase. Jump across. There's four gold cups (100 gold ttl) on the altar. Don't worry about the pink door- you'll come to it in a later mission. (If you're playing the Gold Version, the left of the two pillars outside of this room houses a switch (fig. 13) that opens the underwater gate to your left. Follow the stream, beware the guards and have fun. When you reach the house, there are some supplies in interesting places on the shelving to your left, and two coins (20 gold) in the sofa cushions. There's a mousehole near the crate in the bedroom (fig. 14) that you can use to climb back to the 'sideways' room in the garden - the one with the candlestick on the table).

Fig. 13 Fig. 14

The middle passage: Go West past the square tile pool and straight thru one of the West passages.Take a right/North down the hall to open the door above and shoot a rope arrow into the border of the overhead stained glass window and grab the candlestick (50 gold). The next doorway up leads back to the room where the Sword was. Go back down the hall. Go thru the left doorway to an open area with a flashbomb on the left and a moss arrow on top of the structure in the West corner.

The left passage: Go past the pool, then past the huge tree and pool on the left, and the tile hallway on your right. Continue past the next circular pool, then right down the hall to the metal door on the right. There's a guard in this area with a purse (100 gold). Keep going past the next circular pool and down the next hall. Go South thru the garden room on the right into the room with water on the ceiling. Grab the gold coins in the Southeast corner (50 gold ttl - fig. 15), then shoot a rope arrow up (fig. 16) and mantle into the above room for a goblet (50 goods).

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

     Go back to the garden room, grab the gobblet in the corner (50 goods - fig. 17), and go out to the right/East, then take a left in the hall to the metal door on the left. Unlock it for two vases (200). Go out and right/South to the nursery on the left. There's a door in the Northeast corner (fig. 18). Open it with the key from Constantine's bedroom. In the middle of the next room under the table is the evidence your looking for, plus a jeweled cup (15 goods) and a gold wine bottle (50 goods).

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

     (If you decide to swim around in the garden waterways you will find a total of 6 water arrows. Don't miss the tunnel in the area where the huge tree is).

Getting Out
     From the evidence room, make your way back to the big tree/pool. Take the 2nd left into the tile hallway. Watch for the patrol- the wooden landing on the left makes a good place for an ambush. Go South down the hall, past the stairs. The next room on the left has a vase (100), the next on the right has 2 jeweled cups (30 goods ttl). Go around the corner. The next room on the left (flashbomb/blackjack the guard) has a healing potion in the chest (be aware of the window and guard outside). Go out and continue West. There's a fire arrow on the main altar to your right, and the guard outside has a purse (100 gold).

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