Q: Where is the 'incriminating evidence'?
A: Go east from the big tree in the garden to the last hall on your right. Pass a utility closet on the right and turn into the last nursury on the left. In the back corner of this room in the door to a small area containing the evidence. It is under the table in the middle of the area.

Q: Where is the *$&^%#@ key to that locked door in the garden (fig. 1)?!!
A: In Thief: TDP, you'll find the key to the right of Constantine's bed on the floor- you'll have to crouch to see it (fig. 2). In Thief Gold, it's on the table in the writing room adjacent to his bedroom.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Q: Which bedroom is Constantine's?
A: Arguably, several belong to Constantine, but the one with the key is on the East side of the second floor. You'll know it by the 'face' on the right with the two silver nuggets and the odd bathroom on the right.

Q: What is this key in the garden for?
A: No one knows. Not the fans. Not the designers. Not even God himself. You'll notice it's been removed in the Gold version.

Q: Where is the entrance to 'little big world'? (Gold version only)
A: Go north in the waterway in the garden until you reach a locked gate. Climb out and pull the 'tounge' on the column (fig. 3), then follow the waterflow.

Fig. 3

Q: Is there any loot or equipment in 'little big world'? (fig. 4) (Gold version only)
A: There is a breath potion in the 'stonehenge' structure near the waterfall, 3 water arrows in the large dish, 4 fire arrows in the matchbox on the top shelf (fig. 5), several rope arrows in the thimble on the the top shelf, a speed potion in the mousetrap, 2 rope arrows and 3 noisemakers in the crate near the bed, and 2 large coins (20 gold ttl) behind the couch cushions.

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Q: Where does the mousehole lead back to (fig. 6)? (Gold Version only)
A: The 'sideways' room in the garden (fig. 7).

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

Q: How do I get into the room above the nursury with the water in the ceiling?
A: Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden ledge (fig. 8) - the one with the triangular cut. Once you climb up, it may take you a few tries to jump out into the room- it's tricky.

Fig. 8

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