"For The Amount I'm Getting Paid, I'm Willing To Take Some Serious Risks."

1) Rubin Street
2) The Burrick Caves
3) Rubin Street (cont'd)
4) Deperin Street
5) The Serpentile Torc
6) Market Street/Watchman's Grave
7) The Sewers
8) Cathedral Street
9) The Grotto

  • Find the Cathedral
  • Locate and Steal the Serpentile Torc
  • Leave Coins on the Watchman's Grave
Loot Requirements: 2000
Loot Available:
2635 (2835 in Normal)
Loot Accounted For: 2635

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

1) There are several ways to the Catherdral. This walkthrough shows the easiest route in terms of collecting maximum loot.
2) Don't buy the 'tip' in the loadout. It essentially tells you to dispose of enemies by bringing them together to let them battle it out. There is one major opportunity to do this in the Market Street section, so avoid as many enemies as possible until then.
3) You will be given directions to each light station, however some areas are easier to loot with the lights out (particularly if you are playing total stealth style and don't want to deal any damage).
4) Save at least 3 fire arrows for the Keeper's Grotto at the end of the mission.

Rubin Street
     Lights are in the building on the immediate left. Around the fallen tower on the right is a gold plate (50 gold) on the ground underneath. Now let's do a lap around the immediate area to load up on loot and supplies. Head East to the black door on the right. Inside on the floor are 12 braodheads. Climb the broken wall and jump/mantle to the left for 2 flashbombs and 2 mines in the crates (this is a tough climb - Stand as shown in fig. 1 and jump/hold to mantle up). On the other side, jump out of the window and head North up the board for moss arrow on the ledge (there is typically a zombie and a spirit in this area). Go thru the doorway on the left/West, thru the room w/ the hole in the floor and take the right passage to the back room with a jeweled cup (15 goods) on the overhead beams (fig.1). Back to the room with the hole in the floor, drop thru the hole for a trip into the Burrick caves.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

The Burrick Caves
     Beware of the Ratman in this area. The first tunnel on the right leads to a brick room w/ 2 water arrows at the back. Leave thru the right /northwest passage and emerge in a room w/ a pool. Around the pool you'll find 2 moss arrows, a gold hammer (75 gold) (fig. 3) and 2 water arrows in the pool. Back to the brick room and out the left passage, take a right at the intersection and go thru the room w/ the wooden floor grabbing the gold cup (25 gold) (fig. 4).

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

     In the big cave, look in the corners to find a purse (100 gold), a jeweled cup (15 goods), a gold cup (25 gold), and a vase (100 gold). Between the pillars find a key (to the lightgrid on Cathedral street), a rope and a noisemaker arrow. Go East back to the room w/ the hole in the the ceiling and rope up.

Rubin St. (cont'd)
     Above on the beams is a gem (100 gems), and a gold cup in the West window sill (25 gold) (fig. 5). Go thru the left/South doorway and up the plank. There's a teal goblet (50 goods) under the pipe on the left and a healing potion on the ledge (fig. 6). Jump back down to Rubin street, and head North then left/West at the first ground light. Pass the fallen boards on the right and go up the ramp to the North.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

DePerin St.
     (You can run ahead North and turn the lights on if desired). At the top of the ramp take the doorway to the right just after the wagon. Rope up (fig. 7) and follow the passage for a vase (100 goods) and a noisemaker. Outside, go up the ramp to the West. There are usually a few zombies and a spirit here). Grab the healing potion behind the barrels to the North. The room to the South around the wall has a mine laying about 1 foot inside the door, so step around it. The room contains 2 noisemakers, 3 flashbombs, and in the crate 3 mines, and 3 rope arrows. Go out the door (watch that mine!) and straight across North to a small ramp leading to a room w/ 3 fire arrows in the right wall niche, and a breath potion in the blue box. Outside, go West to the wall and look between the two leaf piles for a tiarra (75 gold/ 50 gems- look close) (fig. 8).

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

     Go back out to the main street and head North from the DePerin sign. The lights are on the right, near the patrolling Burrick . At the dead end (at the waterway) turen right and jump onto the machine, then mantle to the ledge and throw the swith on the left, opening the door on the right up the ladder (fig. 9). It contains 2 fire, 2 water arrows, and a breath potion.

Fig. 9

     Although you can reach Market Street from the water here, it is more lucrative to stick to the streets. Go back past the light swith on the left and turn left/West at the fallen DePerin sign. Duck under the leaning tower at the ground lamp on the left. You'll come to an open door on the left w/ a breath potion on the second floor (fig. 10). Keep going East thru the break in the wall and thru the next door on the left. Up the ladder and on the rafters in the next building is a gold plate (100 gold) . There are usually a collection of zombie's and spirits in this area. Outside, continue South to the Rubin St. sign, then left/East. Go thru the first door on the right and up the plank for a purple vase (100 goods) and 2 water arrows on the far plank. Go out and continue right/East, taking the next right at the Cathedral St. sign. Grab the gold vase (100 gold) in the barber shop. Back at the street sign, go right/East. The next door on the right houses the light switch for this area, and an alternate entrance to the sewers/Burrick caves. Go around the leaning building heading North. Grab the purple goblet (50 goods) from the cross beams near the odd machine on your left (fig. 11) . Go thru the North doorway in the next alcove and thru the door on the left for a gem (100 gems) in the second wall niche. Go outside to the closed drawbridge.

Fig. 10 Fig. 11

The Serpentile Torc
     Shoot the lower button thru the hole and lower the bridge (fig. 12). Cross it, turn right and mantle up the half wall on the right, and up to the drawbridge wall. Cross it and jump to the doorway which leads to a mansion (fig. 13). There are two Haunts inside, the key is under the mat (fig. 14). The room to the left has a teal goblet (50 goods) and 2 moss arrows in the box. Upstairs, the box to the left has a vial of holy water, the box near the bed has the Serpentile Torc (200 gold/ 50 gems/ 100 goods). Go back to the drawbridge and up the hill. Cross the wood bridge and get ready to start a fight.

Fig. 12 Fig. 13
Fig. 14

Burricks vs. Zombies
     Get the zombies attention (there should be 6 or 7 of them) and lead them to the herd of Burricks at the other end of Market. This may take some work so quicksave. If you don't mind racking up damage stats, finish off the zombies when they're done with the Burricks. (figs. 15-16).

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

Market Street/ Watchman's Grave
     From the West end of Market St., go thru the Western most door, thru the brewery, to some rafters. There's a ratman below. Jump in the pool and swim into the tunnels, making a right at the first intersection. You'll find a moss arrow on the way to the far South grate which has a purse (100 gold) among the bones (fig. 17). Back to the pool you can mantle up and jump to the East outcropping to grab the key (fig. 18)for the Market St. light grid.

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

     Rope up and go back to Market St. The lights are in the brick building to your right. The first door on the right has a crate with a purse (100 gold). Crawl thru the fireplace. Grab the mine in the niche on the right, and take the first left up the stairs (fig. 19) to the armory tower. Rope up to the next floor and grab the fire arrow on the floor. At the Northeast window, jump across to the ledge and go thru the door to the Watchman's Grave (fig. 20).

Fig. 19 Fig. 20

     There are two spiders here, who will most likely see you if the lights are on. Shoot a rope arrow into the beam to save time later, then prepare your coins and jump down to place them in the silver tray (fig. 21) (they will disappear from your inventory). Rope back up to the beams and go back out to the ledge. You can jump down to the sign and to the street. The first floor of the Butcher/Watchman's building has a ring (100 gold) in the blue box. Rope up to the brick building directly across the street (using the wooden beams on the tower to your right) and grab the purple vase (100 goods) on the ledge (fig. 21). (Inside, go left to the ladder and down to find a rope arrow in teh Southeast corner. In Thief Gold, there is also a fire beast down here from whom you can obtain fire arrows if you douse him w/ water arrows. Make sure to do this if you haven't saved at least 2 fire arrows for the Keeper's Grotto near the end.)

Fig. 21 Fig. 22

     Head South down Market St., then right at the split. The door at the end of the cove has a breath potion. Behind the wall is a beam- rope up and then mantle to the wall, jump across the street and find 3 fire arrows and some info on the Torc.

The Sewers
     Rope down into the hole behind the wall in the cove (fig. 23). Grab a plate (50 gold) in the second torch cubby (fig. 24), then go all the way to the entrance to the Burrick caves and get the jeweled cup (15 goods) (fig. 25) in front of the last grate on the left. Go back to your rope and climb out.

Fig. 23 Fig. 24
Fig. 25

Cathedral Street
     There's a spider nest to the East. Inside the first room is a goblet (50 goods), in the second room is is a jeweled cup (15 goods) and a healing potion. Climb out and head South past the burnt wall/rafters. Cross the bridge, then turn around and rope up (fig. 26). Inside to the right is a bracelet (100 gold/ 100 gems- fig. 27. Crouch to see it).

Fig. 26 Fig. 27

     Pass the Grotto on the right (there's a holy water and healing potion on that pedestal if you need it), and go thru the small pool on the left. Past the leaning tower (fig. 28), make an immediate right and go to a chest with a ring (100 gold - fig. 29).

Fig. 28 Fig. 29

     Go back to the hole in the wall (there may still be a Burrick in this area). There is a gem (100 gems) at the bottom of the fallen tower. Go East thru the building and past the statues to the Cathedral courtyard. There is a spirit patrolling here, but also be aware of the Spirit standing watch above to the left. Douse the torches and go left/South to the end of the courtyard and grab the three fire arrows on the ledge and the gem (100 gems) on the ground (fig. 30). Go up the stairs to the Cathedral, and turn right at the doors, going all the way around to the very back. Mantle up to the open window (fig. 31) and crouch down to get instructions from the Eye. This will give you new objetives.

Fig. 30 Fig. 31

The Grotto
     Go back thru the courtyard, past the toppled tower and thru the small pool until you come to the Grotto on your left. You may want to use a rope arrow to get across to the pedestal. Using your fire arrows, light the torches flanking the statue to the South (fig. 32). Grab the healing potion on the floor to your right, and the holy water from the blue box. Go thru the opening door to the East (fig. 33) to the room with the fallen statues.

Fig. 32 Fig. 33

     Place a few pieces on the right pedestal, then jump on the left one to open the doors (fig. 34). Stay to the center of the next room to avoid the floor traps (fig. 35).

Fig. 34 Fig. 35

     Prepare your triangle lock pick and go left. The wall behind you will start to close in, but you'll have plenty of time- finish up with the square pick (you can avoid this trap by standing to the side of the door instead of on the pressure plate directly in front of it (fig. 36). Once inside, go left, grab the stone key and the gold key (fig. 37). Use the gold key to open the door across the hall (take a minute to look at the detailed map of the city on the table top) and read the red book. This will change your objectives again, but you've already got the stone key so the mission should end.

Fig. 36 Fig. 37

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