Q: Where is the Serpentile Torc?
A: At the south end of Market Street is a steep hill and a draw bridge (you can approach it from the north side of DePerin as well). Mantle to the top of the drawbridge wall and walk across to the door (fig. 1). Eventually you'll come to a large, well kept house- the key is under the doormat (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Q: How do I kill those spirit things?
A: A good thief never kills anyone! But if you must - they can be dispatched with 3 or 4 flashbombs, or 5 to 8 holy water arrows.

Q: I've found the Cathedral but can't get in (?).
A: Go east (right) around to the back of the cathedral. Climb the ledges to the top window (fig. 3) and listen to the eye. It essentially tells you what to do to "learn the secret of the talisman's" (and subsequently open the Cathedral doors). You must:
1) Go to the Keeper's Grotto
2) Stand on the Pedestal (the metal key shaped pedestal in the middle - use a rope arrow to get across if necessary)
3) Illuminate the Statue with fire (fig. 4) - use two fire arrows to light the torches flanking the statue. This will open a door which leads to a room with a locked gate. See the next question for further details.

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

Q:How do I open the gate near these broken statues?
A: Put a few pieces of the broken statue on one of the pedestals to open the door, then jump onto the other to open the gate (fig. 5). You'll need to let the gate open all the way- it's timed to close very quickly, so once it's open- run through it- but not so quickly that you stumble down the stairs and into the floor traps (fig. 6).

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Q: Where is the Keeper's Grave?
A: On Market Street, you can look through the gate into the grave at the back of a green stone building (across from the red brick building) - Look up for a wooden beam to shoot a rope arrow into, then climb up and jump across to the door (fig. 7). When you put the coins in the cup on the headstone, nothing happens- they simply disappear from your inventory (fig. 8).

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

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