"They Say The Best Place To Hide A Letter Is On The Mantlepiece...With That In Mind, I'll Be Going In Through The Front Door..."

1) Entry/ The Wallbuilder's Prayer
2) Downstairs
3) Catacombs
4) Basement
5) Remaining Switches
6) The Talisman(s)
7) Getting Out

  • Find & Steal Earth and Air Talismans (Air Talisman only for Gold edition)
  • Steal First Hammer from Reliquary
  • Don't Kill Anyone
  • Return to the City
Loot Requirements: 2000
Loot Available:
Loot Accounted For:2758

For Complete Loot Locations, go to the Loot Map.
For Hints and FAQ's, go to the Secrets Page.

Note:To avoid raising suspicion before grabbing the talisman's, some of the more well guarded loot will have to be obtained during your escape, most notably the gold hammer in the foyer, and the gold hammer on the main altar.

Entry/ the Wallbuilder's Prayer
     Present your scroll at the gate and continue North thru the foyer (note the gold hammer), and through the North door into the causeway. Take the first door on your right and grab the Wallbuilder's Prayer papyrus from the table (fig. 1). Go out the East door of this room and around to the reliquary. Note the switch behind St. Yora's skull, and the First Hammer on the middle pedestal (fig. 2 - don't do anything with these yet).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

      Leave the reliquary thru the West door and cross thru the main chapel (there is a gold hammer on the altar to your right that you can grab after getting the Talisman's). Continue West to the Library and pick the lock on the wooden door. Inside are two gold bottles (100 goods ttl). The crate has the locations for the switches but you'll have to have a key to open it. The five switches are located:
1)On this level: Behind St. Yora's skull in the Reliquary (fig. 3).

Fig. 3

2)Downstairs: 1 in the garden (fig. 4), and 1 in the graveyard (fig. 5).

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

3)Basement: 1 in the old kitchen (fig. 6), and 1 in the Inquisitor's chambers (fig. 7).

Fig. 6 Fig. 7

     All five switches must be thrown within five minutes of one another. First go back to the causeway and down the main staircase and collect your loot.

     At the foot of the large staircase (fig. 8) go South down the hall to the High Priest's room on the right (there is a Hammer mosaic and a small window - fig. 9).

Fig. 8 Fig. 9

      Hit him w/ a gas arrow, or sneak thru the room and grab the gold bottle (50), the hammer on the pedestal (fig. 10), and the gem (100). In the back room you'll find another gold bottle (50), a key and a gold hammer (75). You should be able to get into the other rooms w/ the key.

Fig. 10

Start In The Northeast Corner

       Head back toward the dining room and take the East stairs down to the storeroom.

The Catacombs
     Go north to the sparring room, west down the stairs and around the hall. Go right at the bottom of the ramp and go right at the next four way intersection. You'll come around to a hammerite that you can gas (fig. 11). Grab the vase (100 gold) behind him - pass him and get the vase (100 gold) to the north. Double back and take a right/west and grab the vase (100 gold) in front of the hammerite. Continue west, then south in the hall. Take the next left, grab the vase (100 gold) fallen behind the coffin (fig. 12) and get the vase (100 gold) at the on the east ahead. Turn around and go north up the hall to the first right, then to the stairway on the left (fig. 13) and up to the Basement storeroom.

Fig. 11 Fig. 12
Fig. 13

The Basement
     Beware the guard patrol in this hallway. The Inquisitor's room (fig. 14) is on the South side of the hallway. He's sleeping on the bed- grab the silver coins (12 gold) on the table to the left, then thru to the Inquisitor's room and flip the switch to the right behind the rack (see fig. 7 above). Go back thru the Priest's room and to the Northeast corner of the hallway. Pick the lock on the kitchen door and grab 2 purses (200 gold total) and a gem (100 gems) from the crates and all the coins from the floor (371 gold ttl). In the back room, flip the switch above the fireplace (see fig. 6 above) and head back to the Northeast storeroom. Go up the stone stairs.

Fig. 14

Remaining Switches
     Go west to the red posts, then turn North down the hall to the wooden sparring area. Head right into the garden and go left to the overhang, under the portion of the brick wall that sticks out, and throw the 3rd switch (see fig. 4 above). Back thru the sparring area and West into the graveyard, there are a total of 4 vases (500 gold ttl) and the 4th switch in top of the next to the last memorial (fig. 15- for switch, see fig. 5 above). At this point the Hammers will notice the missing vases and sound the alarm, so move quickly. Go back up the main staircase and North to the Reliquary on the right (to the East of the main chapel). Throw the 5th switch (see fig. 3 above) and grab the First Hammer (fig. 16). Rather than running back down the stairs, you may want to leave the Reliquary via the South door and jump the balcony to the garden.

Fig. 15 Fig. 16

The Talisman(s)
     Downstairs, go to the Southernmost point of the hallway to a room with two cells on the far side. If you have the Hammer from the Priest's room on this floor, the bridge will extend (fig. 17). Cross over and throw the switch on the left to open the cell on the right. Prepare the Wallbuilder's Prayer and step inside the cell with the Talisman's (fig. 18). Read the Prayer and grab the Talisman's. (Air Talisman only if playing Thief Gold; you obtained the Earth Talisman in the last mission).

Fig. 17 Fig. 18

Getting Out
     Jump down and head left into the Basement. Pass the prison cells and turn left in the Inquisitor's chamber. Go thru the Priest's room and then left in the hall to the Northwest storeroom. Around the corner in the second room, take the stone stairs (fig. 19) up and head East to the red posts.

Fig. 19

     Go North down the hall and up the main stairs, and leave heading South thru the main entrance, but don't forget the gold hammer on the altar in the main chapel, and the one in the foyer (150 gold ttl) on your way out. This would be the best time since the Hammer's are already alerted to your presence, and you've completed the other objectives.

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