Q: How do I get the talisman?
A: There are several steps. In the locked crate (fig. 1) in the locked room adjacent to the library on the west upper floor, you will find a scroll explaining the procedure.

Fig. 1

     The key to this crate is in the high priest's quarters (see below). To obtain the talisman, you will need to take the following steps:

1) Obtain the stone hammer (fig. 2) from the High priests quarters (fig. 3) on the east lower floor.

Fig. 2 Fig. 3

2) Obtain the wallbuilder's prayer from the east room adjacent to the main staircase (fig. 4).

Fig. 4

3) Flip all five switches to open the cell with the switch to the talisman. The five switches are located: Basement: 1 behind the torture device (fig. 5), 1 in the old kitchen (fig. 6)

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Lower Floor: 1 in the top of Brother Mason's memorial (fig. 7), 1 under garden ledge (fig. 8)

Fig. 7 Fig. 8

Upper Floor: 1 behind St. Yora's skull in Reliquary (fig. 9)

Fig. 9

You need to turn all five switches off within 5 minutes of each other, and make it to the talisman room at the sounth end of the lower floor. If you have the priest's stone hammer, the bridge will extend (fig. 10).

Fig. 10

Flip the switch in the left cell, pull out the wallbuider's prayer and read it - this should turn off the energy field surrounding the talisman. Grab it, jump down, and run for your life.

Q: What are the red hammers for?
A: As stated in your novice papers, the areas marked with red hammers are off limits to novices such as yourself - violating this rule will automatically blow your cover.

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