Abbreviation Key:

  • TDP = Thief: The Dark Project
  • TG = Thief Gold
  • T2 = Thief II: The Metal Age
  • AI = Artificial Intelligence (bad guys)

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  1. Movement & Interaction
  2. Weapons & Tools
  3. AI's
  4. Miscellaneous


Why can't I mantle this wall?
Some walls are too high for Garrett to mantle. First, make sure you are mantling at an "open" space on the wall and not too close to a wall on either side. Also, make sure that when mantling, you are holding down the "jump/mantle" key until the mantle is completed, rather than hitting it quickly and releasing it as you would when attempting a jump. If you are attempting to jump and mantle (i.e. jumping across a narrow street from one rooftop to the other), you should jump, release the jump key while airborne, and press it again when you are near enough to 'grab' the next surface- make sure to hold down the mantle key once you have made contact, just as you would if mantling from the ground.

Why can't I climb this rope?
The ropes are a bit buggy in Thief at times, though this seems to be better in TG and T2. Make sure you are aligned with the rope, and that it doesn't hang too close to a wall or torch, which could be blocking your jump to the rope.

How do I use the lock picks?
Some doors will open only by way of Garrett's lock picks. Each door is different. Some take the square toothed pick first, others the triangle toothed. Make sure you are close to the door and it is in "use" mode (highlighted), then "use" the lock pick- making sure to hold down the "use" key until the doorknob stops moving. Switch picks if the door is still locked. When the lock is finally picked, you will hear a distinct sound indicating this. Some doors take longer to pick than others, and may require you to switch picks several times. Lock picks also work on chests, crates, prison locks, and safes. Some wooden doors are able to be broken open with Garrett's sword, or knocked down with wooden crates if necessary.

How do I drop an item quietly?
Sometimes you can't. It's best not to pick up anything noisy that can't be dropped on carpet or another quiet surface. This is difficult in T2 since much of the loot is disguised as "junk" from TDP and TG. Sometimes you can drop an object more quietly by using the "R" key (release) instead of the "use" key on the mouse, but often it makes no difference. Be aware of carpeted areas and surrounding AI's when picking up potential "junk."


What are all these different arrows for?

  • Broad heads: These are an offensive arrow, most effective when the AI is unaware of your presence. One shot can usually kill an AI if he/she is unalerted (discussed in the AI section). Once an AI is alerted it can take up to 15 shots to kill him/her, depending on their hit points at a raised awareness level. Also use broad heads to distract AI's by firing them across rooms into noisy surfaces. They are cheaper than noisemaker arrows, and are just as effective in TDP and TG.
  • Water arrows: Put out torches to create more shadowed areas for sneaking. Also use these to douse fireplaces in which you will often find loot, weapons, or hidden doors. In T2, use water arrows to disable robots by shooting them into the boilers in the robots back. Two for the Mamas, one for the Babies. When used in conjunction with holy water, these are lethal against the undead.
  • Fire arrows: Use to relight torches, or for offense, though the rules for AI awareness apply here as well. An alerted AI may succumb to two fire arrows, but will fall to one if unaware of your presence. One fire arrow to the mid-section of a zombie will put it down for good. A well placed fire arrow will also take out a camera in T2, though they don't seem to work against the turrets. Don't fire them too close to yourself.
  • Moss arrows: Very convenient in missions like T2's "Casing" where no confrontations are allowed. Shoot these onto noisy surfaces to sneak across. These are a must have for those playing "Lytha style" or "full stealth."
  • Gas arrows: These are convenient for knocking out AI's without causing damage. Since they are so expensive, it often pays to hit several targets at once with the same arrow. Fire it into the ground between to conversing guards, or when two or three Burricks converge. Make sure not to fire them too close to yourself.
  • Rope arrows: Fire them into any wooden surface for climbing, or hiding. Don't forget to use them to climb down from high places as well. Especially useful for finding those last bits of loot.
  • Vine arrows (T2 Only): Attaches to any wooden or metal grated surface. These don't really come in handy until T2's mission 15 "Sabotage At Soulforge," when they are vital to finishing the mission.
  • Noisemaker arrows: These arrows appear to be useless, but they come in handy many times throughout T2. In TDP and TG, you won't find much use for them, since they are most effective on the guards (and there aren't too many levels with nothing but guards). Once shot, these arrows produce a sound, which causes nearby AI's to follow the arrow (thus making it possible to either blackjack, kill, or sneak by them). Shoot too many of these in a row, however, and the guards will wise up to what's going on.

What about the tools?
Be sure to 'bind' your tool inventory (in the Option 'controls' menu) to keys that are quick and easy to find. When Garrett needs a flash-bomb or a mine, he usually needs it quickly. Better to have your tools bound to your mouse wheel or possibly the Page up/down keys for quick access, rather than fumbling in the dark for the Tab or 'F' keys.

  • Flash-bombs: Momentarily blinds opponents (and Garrett in T2 only), making them susceptible to the blackjack, regardless of alertness level. Make sure they land in front of the AI, not behind them.
  • Explosive Mines: Place in patrol paths, but do not attempt to retrieve them once they are set. These will destroy even the Mama robots in T2 if they are at a low alert level. They can also be used creatively by placing them in front of doors that are to be opened, or by shooting them with a broad head from a safe distance.
  • Gas mines: Cause no damage, and are expensive- try to nail several opponents at once with these. Gas mines are Garrett's best bet for taking out AI's with no damage, and little noise.
  • Flash mines (T2 Only): Works like a flash-bomb. Comes in handy when you run out of flash-bombs to blind guards.
  • Flares (T2 Only): Use to scope out loot and secret passages in dark areas, or to relight torches.
  • Frogbeast Eggs (T2 Only): Releases an explosive 'frog' that will attack it's victim in given time. Good for distractions, or to clear out crowed rooms. These take a little time to work until you download the patch.
  • Scouting Orb (T2 Only): (T2 only) Use to peer around corners, observe patrol patterns, and throw over walls in various places to see 'Easter Eggs.' One of the best tools available - period.
  • Healing Potion: Restores some of your health points.
  • Speed Potion: Gives you a momentary burst of speed. Also good for climbing stacked crates.
  • Breath Potion: Gives you extra air when swimming underwater.
  • Invisibility Potion (T2 Only): Good for about 20 seconds, these potions make you invisible. Keep in mind that you can still be heard, so use them when in a bind or when you need to get by a tricky area. These are very expensive (600 gold), so use them sparingly.
  • Slow-fall Potion (T2 Only): Allows long drops with no damage, but also slows Garrett down once on the ground, until the potion wears off. These are very useful potions.

Why does Garrett always die in swordfights?
Garrett is a thief, and therefore works best when sneaking around, not doing head to head combat. If you find yourself in a swordfight, the best tactic is to go for overhead swings (hold down the 'attack' button until he raises his arm) - then dart in for a quick swing and back away again. Sword fights are noisy and often attract other AI's. If you do enough damage to your opponent, chances are he will run for help before you can finish him off.


Are there levels of awareness?
Yes. This single fact sets Thief apart from all other first person shooters. The AI are able to detect you by sight, as well as sound, meaning that if you are quiet, and stay in the dark - they don't know you're there. There are generally three different levels of awareness for all AI's - at which point they cannot be blackjacked (or blackjacking becomes very difficult). Note, however, that peasants, servants, and non-aggressive AI's can be blackjacked at any awareness level, from the front or back.

  • Level 1: At Ease - At this level, AI's may be standing guard, patrolling, or resting and are easily blackjacked or killed. The only exception is in T2. Some guards in T2 have full shoulder length metal helmets that prevent them from being blackjacked, and all robots must be disabled using water arrows or mines, regardless of awareness level. If an AI is at level 1 awareness, you can usually kill them with one well placed arrow, or a backstab with the sword. Although they may say things such as "What'd I hear there?" or "Did that shadow move?" - as long as they do not suddenly change direction, or go into a crouched 'search' posture, they are most likely still at level 1. There are exceptions to this rule, and guards who are watching over quest items, such as Bafford's scepter, may have too many hit points to kill with one arrow, thus you will alert them if one shot doesn't do the trick. Use discernment - it is always better to avoid killing if necessary.
  • Level 2: Aware - If an enemy hears a faint noise, or only barely sees you, they will become aware. If you remain hidden and quiet while they are aware then they will revert back to at ease within seconds.
  • Level 3: Suspicious - The AI's change over to level 3 after hearing a loud noise, or a repeated noise (lock picking, dropping items, shoes on tile, etc.), or passing your hiding place, if it's not dark enough. Slashed banners, missing treasure in conspicuous places, or finding a body will also trigger this, as do open doors on some levels. Typical level 2 phrases are "I'll find you...just you wait," or "Come on out then!" accompanied by a break in patrol route, or the sword/hammer/mace raised in 'searching' posture. AI's tend to walk slowly when in search mode, so take the opportunity to climb or scurry to another area while they search.
  • Level 4: Alarmed - The AI's shift to level 4 upon a confirmed sighting, accompanied by threats such as "You're dead pal," or "Thou art the nail!" They will give chase, call for help, sound alarms, and most likely, attack. When this happens, you should either find a dark quiet corner and hide until the commotion dies down, or reload the game and proceed with more caution. Eventually the alerted guards will go back down to level 1 or 2 awareness, but in some missions, once you are sighted or an alarm is set off, the guards in that area remain at level 3 for the duration of the mission. While this is challenging in some respects, it is very difficult to complete objectives with too many AI's at this awareness level. Also be aware that if an alarm is set off, in some missions, gates or doors will close and lock, blocking entry to areas and items that are necessary for completing the objectives.

How do I kill the undead?

  • Zombies: Two 'holy water' arrows. Arm your water arrows, then 'use' a holy water from your tools inventory. This makes the arrows 'holy' for 30 seconds. Use a holy water fountain if there is one available in the area so you can conserve your portable holy water. A fire arrow to the mid-section, or a mine also does the trick.
  • Apparitions: These are the transparent dead hammers in red outfits. If they are at level 1 awareness, two holy water arrows should do the trick. Flash-bombs and fire arrows are also effective, but in a pinch, you can attack them as you would a human - just be patient. T2 features some non-AI apparitions which are scripted events. Watch what they do and listen to what they say, and don't worry about them seeing you.
  • Haunts: These are the skeleton guards. A backstab works nicely in most cases at level 1 awareness, though sometimes it doesn't - be careful. Two flash-bombs or a mine also work, but they can also be treated as humans - again, just be patient.

How do I kill Burricks?
Burricks are harmless if you consider that Garrett can usually outrun them. Nevertheless, they can be blackjacked if at level 1 awareness, or attacked as a human, though they seem to have more hit points. Gas arrows work well on groups of Burricks if you can get them in a herd. If zombies are present in the mission, they will often attack a Burrick, a spider, or another human, if you lead them to their target.

How do I destroy these cameras in T2?
Begin to think like a Thief. Destroying enemies is a noisy and messy business and you don't want to attract unwanted attention. You can destroy a camera with a single fire arrow, but it would be better to find the 'off' switch, which is accessible in most missions. You may have to sneak past one or two cameras to find it, but that may be easier than letting the enemy know you're there. In the Thief series, there is almost always an alternative to fighting.

How do I destroy the robots in T2?
Two water arrows in the back boiler for the Mamas, one for the Babies. A mine works as well, but tends to be noisy, thereby alerting the other droids to your presence. The 'servants' in blue with the yellow masks should be treated as peasants and blackjacked accordingly.

How do I destroy the robot spiders in "Sabotage at Soulforge"?
These are some of the toughest enemies you will encounter. When they have been attacked, they run incredibly fast. So fast, in fact, that you could not catch them by chasing them. They are vulnerable, however. They have a boiler on the back of them - you need to look closely, it's not very visible - and two water arrows will disable them. Mines and fire arrows are also possibilities, although these tend to make the other robots come searching for you (since there's so much noise). If you're really clever, you can lead them to small pools of water - in which case they will be disabled.


What is "Lytha Style?"
Lytha is a beloved member and moderator of the TTLG forums. She pioneered a new style of playing in which Garrett must complete his objectives in each mission without causing any damage whatsoever to his opponents. In other words, no offensive action is allowed. The mission must be played by sneaking, hiding, and if necessary fleeing, rather than fighting, blackjacking, or backstabbing. In extreme Lytha style play, Garrett buys no gear in the load out, and attempts to reduce his health points to 1 or 2 in the first few minutes of the mission, thereby causing the game to be more 'lifelike.' All available loot must be found, all pockets must be picked, and with the advent of T2, she will probably advocate all secrets being found. Some missions are impossible to play in this style, particularly in T2 where certain missions require the player to blackjack a given number of AI's, but nevertheless, Lytha style is for experienced Thieves who want to play beyond the expert difficulty settings. For more info, check out

What is DromEd?
DromEd is the Thief level editor released by Through the Looking Glass studios, to enable Thief fans to create their own 'fan missions.' The original DromEd program is available at the Thief Editor's Guild, along with the patch you will need. The new DromEd 2 is included on the T2 CD. DromEd is an unsupported program with a lot of quirks and peculiarities, so if you decide to delve in, check out the Thief Editor's Guild for FAQ, hints, tips, and to get to know other DromEder's. It is also a good idea to download the Thief Loader, available at the Guild. Be warned that DromEd is a complicated program, but the resources at the Guild are invaluable. You will find tutorials, stripped missions, example levels, and many fan made programs to make things easier for you.

How do I play fan missions?

  1. Download the Thief Loader from the Thief Editor's Guild.
  2. Download a fan mission from The Circle of Stone And Shadow (i.e. this site).
  3. Go to the Thief folder on your hard drive. Find the folder marked 'missions.'
  4. Copy or Cut and paste the fan mission icon into the Thief 'missions' folder
  5. Start 'Thief Loader'
  6. Highlight the name of the fan mission. Click 'Play' on the bottom toolbar
  7. In the Load screen, click 'New Game' and then the name of the fan mission
  8. To return to the original Thief missions, highlight 'Originals' in the window and proceed as normal

What is a 'Patch'
After a game is released, the designers may wish to 'tweak' or add various elements. Small bugs or inconsistencies are fixed, AI behavior modified, and new textures or skins applied in some places. There is a patch available for TDP and T2, and they can be found at in the download link. While the store-bought versions are great, a patch often gives the designers to correct or change things which are brought to their attention after the games release. Installing the patch often improves the overall game play and atmosphere.

What is 'frobbing?'
'Frobbing' is the action of 'using' or highlighting an object in the game. Doors, windows, or other objects will often by referred to as 'frobbable.'

How do I find all the loot & secrets?
Loot and secret lists are forthcoming at Keepers' Chapel, but presently, you can find lists for TDP and TG at, and for TDP at Ghost's Walkthroughs.

How do I complete this objective?
Go to Keepers' Chapel Main and select the game you are playing, then click the walkthrough link and select the mission you are playing.

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