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  1. Through The City
  2. Lady Van Vernon & Lord Willy
  3. Sunburst Device & The Shemenov Estate
  4. The Necromancer's Spire
  5. The Dayport Traders Bank
  6. The Greenhouse
  7. The Mechanist Tower
  8. The Ballroom
  9. The Schematics & The Escape


  • Stick to the rooftops (stay off the streets)
  • Infiltrate the Mechanists Tower
  • Steal the plans for their new machines
  • Rob the Dayport Traders Bank
  • Break into the Carlysle Armory

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: 1700
  • Available: 2735
  • Accounted For: 2725

Through The City
Start at the bell tower and head North toward the blue lights. Cross the board and grab 2 water arrows from the pool. Kill the torch near the guard and shoot a rope arrow to the leftmost ledge. There is an archer patrolling here- wait till he goes through the downstairs door, then distract the swordsman with a broad head. You should have enough time to hug the left wall, drop, and run for the shadows in the Northeast corner. When the archer passes, go through the door, stopping to grab the broad heads in the crate. The first window on the right has a crate with some copper coins (5) and a sleeping man wearing a purse (10). Outside, go across the pipe to the right and to the open window on the left. (Quick save here). Jump/mantle across. The crate at the foot of the bed has some coins (65), the one by the bed has 2 flash-bombs. DO NOT try to grab the arrow out of this guys quill. Down the ladder there's a patrolling swordsman, and through the next room at the top of the stairs is an archer. Go halfway up the stairs, turn around and rope up to grab the small jar (20). Go back out the window you came in through and take a left on the ledge. Rope up to the building on the North and go through the doorway on the right, up the stairs to a crate with healing potion. Go back out and take the ladder on the Northeast corner to the lower roof.

Lady Van Vernon & Lord Willy
Listen to the argument, then climb the tower and head quickly and jump to the right window. Grab the purse (100) on the table and exit through the opposite window. Jump to the ledge and go left. Jump to the machine, climb up to the breezeway and grab the gold cup (25) on the table. Head west till you reach another guard. Distract him and run North to mantle up to the next roof. Climb between the ramparts and head right to the front of the building. There's a swordsman with a key to the door, and an archer patrolling here. Stand outside with the door open and observe the patrol inside. The front room has a gold vase (100), the back room has 3 stacks of silver coins (36 total) behind the door. Back outside, head to the Northwest corner and eavesdrop on the two housebreakers. Then work your way to the back of the building and climb to the ramparts again. Jump to the wooden ledge.

Sunburst Device & The Shemenov Estate
Jump to the pipe and deal with the spider in the hole in the roof. His nest should have 2 hanging moss arrows, a crate with 2 rope arrows, and a ring (25). Climb out and go to the clear window in on the East of the building. There are two guards in here. You can break the glass and get some coins (150) from the box in the second room, and 5 flares from the box in the next room. Go back out to the wooden ledge and rope up. Turn right and climb the ladder in to the water system. Follow it and open the door using the turn switch. Go East, jump the catwalk, climb the boxes and take a right/East. Climb down to the deck. You can attempt jumping across East to the wall, but it's easier to use a gas arrow on the archer to your right and jump to the balcony. There is another guard in patrolling here. Head down the steps and around to the doorway for a crate with some coins (60). Outside, the last set of shutters on the right opens to a room with a ladder. At the bottom, move the boxes and crawl through to a room with a telescope. (SECRET #1) Move the telescope to open a door to the right which contains the sunburst device and a fire arrow. Go back out to the roof, take the stairs North to the chimney. Put out the fire below and climb down. There's a servant in the kitchen. Go straight across to the cubby under the stairs and open the chest in the back which contains a healing potion. (SECRET #2)Grab the box and put it under the banner next to the kitchen door. Climb up and slash the banner. Rope up and jump into the hole (you have to actually go into the hole to get credit for the secret). There's a bracelet (300) in the box. Go back through the kitchen and up the fireplace. Jump across to the circular deck and head back to the building where you emerged from the water system. Now that you have the Sunburst device you can break into the Carlysle Armory.

The Necromancer's Spire
Jump to the ledge on the building to your North and grab Rothchild's purse (100) through the open window. Go back West until you come to the Necromancer's tower. Jump across and grab the candlesticks (50 each - don't read the book!). (SECRET #3) Look for a highlighted book on the top left shelf of the bookcase to the right of the cheese. This opens a cover on the elevator which will take you to the lower level. Down here you'll find a healing potion, speed potion, and some coins (100) in the blue box. Go back up and out the window with the plant to the next building. Grab the plate (50) behind the crates, then take the ladder down the shaft. In the next room, move the boxes to uncover the hole and climb the stairs to the top floor. There's a guard patrolling here. In the top room you'll find the house burglars. Grab the coins in the box (25) and the ring on the dresser (100). If you leave the door open the guard and a burglar will fight, giving you a chance to slip out onto the 2nd story fire escape. Climb up to the roof and get to the West roof (where the remaining burglar is standing). Go through the window on the far left and through the building.

The Carlysle Armory
Continue West and go to the rightmost corner of the Armory in front of you. Climb up, douse some torches and hug the left wall to get to the stairs. Inside the Armory is a guard to the left. He turns his back periodically. Throw the sunburst device against the metal door and back into the guard area. Use a fire arrow to set the device off. Inside you'll find a bunch of goodies. Go back out and make your way to the North side of the roof. On the next building over is a pipe leading to a room with an amulet (125).

The Greenhouse
Go back East the way you came, roping up to the building on to the Northeast of the house robbers. Go across the wooden roof, jump to the tower and grab the two fire arrows on the wall. There's an archer patrolling here. Head up the stairs and go through the first door on the left. A Swordsman patrols in here. Grab the vase (100) and head out the open window to the North. Break the skylight and jump down for some coins on the table (75 total). Be ready to rope out quickly- there's a guard in the next room. Go North across the banners to the Greenhouse. Inside is a small spider, two moss arrows, and a gas arrow. Outside, rope up to the small outlook on the right. Watch for the patrol and get a candlestick (50) from the last room. The guard has a healing potion. Outside, take the catwalk up and grab some coins (30) from the box in the first room on the left. Now go back to the roof with the skylight.

Dayport Traders Bank
Mantle through the open window to the East and go out to the bank ledge on the North. Drop through the window and find a place to hide. You'll need to pickpocket the key from the patrol guard. Go to Mr. Turtleshank's office on the right/south, pick the lock on the wall safe and throw the switch for the vault. Go across the hall, North, to the vault. Grab a purse (100), 8 gems (200 total), 3 stacks of copper coins (15 total), and a stack of silver coins (12). Get past the guard outside the double doors to the East and rope up to the rampart on the left. Cross the roof going North, through Lady Louisa's apartment. Grab the vase on the fireplace (100) and her purse (100). Continue North, climb the machine up to the next roof and take the ladder on your right before the drunken guards. Cross the roof to the West and jump down to the Mechanists Tower.

The Mechanists Tower
Open the metal vent door and follow the ducts until you emerge above the fire in the kitchen. Put it out, then go through the West door and get the plate (50) from the crate. Go out the South door and East down the hall. You'll need to get a key from a patrol guard for this area. The first door on the left in storage. The second door on the left has a blue box with a worthless hammer. Continue to the adjacent room and pick the safe on the column for large jar (20) , 4 stacks of gold coins (100 total), and 1 stack of silver coins (12). Continue through the room and go North down the hall. The next room on the left has a man with a purse (5) (Presumably Lord Bafford?) (SECRET # 4)The statue's left eye lights up to reveal a secret room to the right containing a healing potion and a speed potion. Go back to the kitchen and through its North door. The dining room is through the double doors on the right and has a gold cup (25) and a gold bottle (50) on the far table. The library on the right has a guard across from the door. Stick to the shadows or blackjack him. Walk evenly between the two nobles, grab the cups (50 total) from the table, the man's purse (15), and the woman's purse (20). Beware the guard making rounds and go straight out the West door, around and up the stairs to the ballroom.

The Ballroom
Switch off the lights before going in. The head of security is wearing teal and talking with the guard in the Southwest corner . He has the key you'll need to get into the office where the schematics are kept, but leave him for later. He'll be leaving the room in a moment, at which time you can pickpocket him. For now, go right from the door, hugging the wall and grab the lone man's purse (10). Go back to the right and work you're way behind the girl standing near the fountain. Shoot some moss arrows and grab her purse (20). Wait near the corner here for the conversation to end, then follow him and get the key.

The Schematics & The Escape
Go back to the double doors in the hallway across from the library. Gas or distract the guard, open the doors with the blue key. Push the button on the right behind the desk, grab the plans and head back to the ballroom. The woman standing with the man on the far side of the fountain has a purse (20) and there's a gold bottle (50) on the table by the guard. Go out the Southwest window, turn right and duck under the shutter to get to the ladder.

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