Why a walkthrough for the training level you ask? Surely experts don't need to repeat the training exercises? Only if you want to shoot a few hoops. After sparring with the knight, run quickly to the table and grab the key (fig. 1). Follow the knight (quickly!- the gate closes behind him fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

     Go down the hallway until you see a door- unlock it. Play a little b-ball (fig. 3) then check out the quotescroll in the corner. It contains clever and pithy comments from the LGS creative team during the making of Thief.

Fig. 3

     You may also want to spend a little time practicing your mantling and jumping, since you will be doing a lot of it while searching for loot on the expert levels. The best treasure is often found in hard to reach places, and repeating jumps and mantles can have adverse effects on your time (if you care).

     Make sure to run to the end of the hall before going to your room to grab the goblet (50 goods) on the table (fig. 4)

Fig. 4

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